Happy Saturday!

Join in the fun as I cohost the Pinterest Round up with SusieQTpies Scraps of Life. We want you to link up your favorite Pinterest items, blog post and Pinterest name. We would love for you to Pin our post to spread the news as well as a few of the the other linked up post to Pinterest. Here are a few of mine & other blog favorites that I gave a Pin to this week.

  1. Lady With the Red Rocker shared this two ingredient cake. Stop licking your screen.
  2. Real Food Forager shared some excellent information about diet drinks being linked to significant increase in stroke.
  3. 12 St. Patrick’s Day Crafts and Activities- so fun and a lot of resources
  4. The Queen of Iwasgonna shared how she re-purposed a door into a book shelf. Love stuff like this! And love the name of her blog.
  5. Always Learning shared encouragement to remind us to always enjoy our husband. She links up here every week. She has 30+ years of marriage under her belt. I find her incredibly inspiring.
  6. Getting Through The Day shared how they feed a family of 6 for a week on $12 in chicken. Talk about budget cooking. Check out their plan- you’ll be inspired.
  7. Lent Fish Friday! Link up Seafood Recipes-check out the yummy recipes!
In the spirit of Pinterest, please pin this post and a few of the links posted. In turn your post will all get a pin from me and others who link up. Feel free to use the linky to post your pin address, blog post or some of your favorite links, including your own!
Make sure you leave your pin name so I can follow you. Follow me, Crystal and Company as well as my cohost, SusieQTpies Scraps of Life and  3 Boys and a Dog, too!
If you aren’t on Pinterest and want an invite, leave your email address and I will send you an invite.Very simple! Happy Pinterest Saturday!

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