Weekly Meal Plan 160: Displaying Your Menu

After you make your meal plan and grocery list how do you display your menu each week?

Displaying your menu is an important part of meal planning. It helps to keep you on task and accountable. It also helps everyone in your family know what to expect for the week.

I have displayed my menu a number of ways, but the most consistent way for me is by sharing my weekly meal plans via this blog each Monday and also by putting a list on the refrigerator. Generally you can buy inexpensive magnetic menu tablets in the dollar bins at the craft store and places like Walmart and Target and sometimes even the dollar store.

In my eBook that teaches you how to meal plan in five simple steps, I share with you 12 different ways to display your menu. There are crafty ideas, simple ideas and printable ideas- something for everyone!

Here are the easy recipes I am feeding my family this week.


vodka chicken pasta


Raspberry Vinaigrette Chicken- similar to the Honey Catalina Chicken using salad dressing, but instead I will use a Raspberry Vinaigrette over the chicken.   Served with a steamed veggie and bread.

Hoisin Salmon- served with broccoli and steamed brown rice. This salmon recipe is amazing!

Bean and Cheese Tostadas- served with rice.

Vodka Chicken Pasta- served with salad and french baked bread.

Homemade Personal Pizzas- served with salad and fruit. The kids love to help make this!

Leftover Buffet- use ‘em up!

More Easy Recipes:

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For more meal planning ideas check out Org Junkie where hundreds of bloggers share their menus each week.

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