How to Make Your Own Portion Control Snack Bags for Kids

How many times have you heard me say moms are guilty of over-complicating things?

I’ve said it here in this blog at least 100 times.

If you attend one of my meal planning classes, I say it there.

If you’ve read my eBook I tell you there.

We do. We make things so much harder than they need to be. I am the guiltiest one of all. I am!

Week before last I was teaching a meal planning class with a local mom group. The topic quickly went to snacks and I shared with them how I make snacks easily available for kids at my house with these snacks for kids and my snack bucket and snack crisper drawer.

During the class other moms started sharing their ideas too- the things that work for them.

One mom brought up a very good point about potion control and buying mass quantities and keeping your kids from over eating all the snacks.

Another mom was quick to share her solution and I tell ya, a big light bulb went off in my head. Why had I never thought to do this?


snacks for kids make your own snack bags

Her solution was to make your own snack bags. And this would fit perfectly in the refrigerator snack drawer for fresh fruits and veggies and in your snack basket for the non-perishable snacks as well. (Put those grapes, baby carrots and apple slices in snack bags too!)

How easy and awesome is that?! What a valuable time saver and money saver. No over snacking, no sorting it out while you’re trying to move on to the next task. It is all pre-done.

Here is how you do it!

This is perfect for those who buy in bulk and just in general for portion control.

I purchased the mega pack of Goldfish at Sams. What I dislike about buying in bulk is storage and the big bags do not fit in my snack bucket.

Here is how I made snack bags for the Goldfish and added them to our snack container in the cabinet.

snacks for kids portion control

I read the package to see what the suggested portion size is. This is exactly what the attendee from my meal planning class suggested we do.

One serving of Goldfish is 55 pieces- which is about 1/2 a cup.

I measured out one serving size.

portion control snacking

Pour one serving into a snack size ziplock bag.

This is cheaper than buying Goldfish in the already snack size packages and my mass quantity that I purchased is now stored and sealed and will not go bad.

Repeat until you’ve portioned out all of the snack.

how to make your own snack bags

Toss them in your snack container and now you have portion controlled snacks on hand for after school snacks, for lunchboxes, during homeschool time, when you’re headed out the door to sport practice or church, etc.

how to make your own snack bags to save money

This saves you so much time and snacks are ready to go and you’ve saved money!

Do you have snacking tips you want to share? I would love to hear them in the comments!


  1. says

    I used to do this in college – so easy and money saver!! =) Thanks for linking up at the Pinterest Power Party!! Hope you have a great Wednesday!


  2. says

    Goldfish taste so much better with all their friends too! I like this idea of making your own portions. This should help too for those of us on limited food budgets keep the costs down while still enjoying the snacks we like. Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

  3. says

    This is a great idea. An easy way to pack a lunch too. I can see having an area in the kitchen with containers like this out on the counter and letting your kids create their own lunch! Great money saving tip!

    Thanks for linking this great post to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party. I am so glad you stopped by!

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