70 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner and you know what that means?  Your Elf on the Shelf will be back to his silly antics.  These silly elves all around the world are  up to no good and here at Crystal & Co., we have composed a list of our favorite Elf on the Shelf ideas.

Take a look at all of the antics we have found and let us know which are your favorite.

My kiddos cannot wait for their Elfy to come back.  Ours arrives soon after Thanksgiving Day.  When does your elf arrive?

70 elf on the shelf ideas

70 Elf on the Shelf Ideas

  1. Elf on The Shelf Breakfast- Love the big breakfasts that the elves have.You make them as fancy as you want or as simple.
  2. North pole Breakfast- This breakfast idea is more centered around the North Pole.  You can find many different printables and banners to help with your breakfast party.
  3. Naughty or Nice Breakfast- This is by far one of my favorites.  You can make all of your printables based on naughty or nice.  Hopefully those little ones have been nice.
  4. Elf Celebrates Birthdays- Yes even your Elf can celebrate a birthday!!  Let him be in charge and make a card or write a nice letter to the birthday boy or girl!!
  5. Riding The Train- A simple idea is putting Elf on your train.  He loves trains.
  6. Free Letter Delivery- Have your elf deliver a letter from Santa… for Free!!
  7. Hot Chocolate and a Movie- Our Elf loves to give gifts and what better gifts than hot chocolate and a movie all about Elves!!
  8. Elf and Cinderella- Having your elf play with babies or other toys is an easy and fun idea.
  9. Elf Had a Bad Fall- Sometimes with all of the crazy stuff your Elf may be doing he can get sick or hurt himself.  All Elf’s need a day of rest too.
  10. Elf Getting a Sun Tan- I found several ideas over at Home Stories A to Z, but my favorite is of Elf sun bathing.  Super cute and fun idea.
  11. Elf Hanging Undies- I thought this idea I found over at Rae Of Light Photography was really cute.  Its simple, just hang some of those undies on some hooks in your home.  Head over to check out some of their other ideas.
  12. Elf Pampering- All those little girls will love seeing their elf getting pampered.  I am loving the towel around her hair.  Super cute!! I found this idea over at Pinkle Toes Photography.
  13. Elf Leaves a Note- A simple note from your Elf is perfect.  Kids love to see what Elf has to say in a note.
  14. Elf Sized Photo Shoot- Having a cute little elf-sized photo shoot is always fun.  Simple use some barbie clothes and accessories.
  15. Elf Has A Photoshoot- This idea is also very simple.  Elf simple takes mom’s camera and takes his own picture.  What a cute Elf.
  16. Winter in the Freezer- Elf loves cold and misses it here in Texas.  See how he figures out to find the cold in Texas.
  17. Elf Goes Potty- Elves have to go potty to.  This is such a cute and easy idea.
  18. Elf Snow Angel- Elves love everything snow and what better to make a homemade snow angel…. out of baking powder. Yup you heard me right.  So fun!
  19. Tic-Tac-Toe- Elf loves to play with marshmallows.  How fun would it be for him to play this fun game using these yummy treats.
  20. Elf Gets Stuck- These elf ideas are too cute.  Madame Deals has some great ideas on not only how to make your elf moveable but also, how your elf can get stuck in some pretty tight places.  Check it out!!
  21. Being Good Pays Off- When your kiddos are good and doing what they are suppose to your Elf can bring a treat!!  In this case they are chocolate coins.
  22. Snowball Fight- Buzz Light Year and Elf love to have snowball fights.  You could use any action figure or even have several for a team snowball fight.
  23. Elf Uses All of the Toilet Paper- Sometimes Elf’s can be up to no good.  Have your toilet paper your Christmas tree or your living room.
  24. Cookie Monster and His Cookies- With this idea Elf simply steals Cookie Monsters cookies and Elf is not sharing.
  25. North Pole Makes Elf Hungry- All of those trips to the North Pole make Elf hungry.  Have a note to go along with it and those kiddos will know he is not bathing in cereal.
  26. Date Night- Elves seem to love barbies so whats better than seeing Elf go on a date.  Candles and dinner are a must!
  27. Welcome Note- Elf is coming soon!! Let your Elf leave your kiddos a welcome note.
  28. Bad Sharpie Elf- I love the ideas of drawing on pictures with a sharpie and making funny faces.  This is something our elf would do for sure!
  29. Gone Fishing- This idea is simple.  If you have a fish at home your elf can do some fishing.  Or you make your own fish using Gold Fish.
  30. Elf gets Taken Hostage-  If your house is like mine, Lego men are everywhere.  What better to use these little guys to tie your elf up.
  31. Elf Hangs Out in Hammock- This is super cute and all you need is some toilet paper… if your Elf didn’t sue it all by now.
  32. Mustache on a Stick- Having a mustache is in these days so our little elf needs one too right?
  33. Marshmellow Night- All elves love marshmallows and roasting them are even better.  Hopefully he does not catch the house on fire.
  34. Elf Brings Breakfast- Your little elf can bring breakfast any morning until Christmas.  His favorite are donuts and orange juice.
  35. Elf Plays Cards- Elf loves games and he is really good at cards.  Let him and a baby doll play and see who wins.  I bet its your little Elf.
  36. Chimneys are Much Easier-  Not everyone has a chimney so let your little elf show just how hard it is to fly through the front door.
  37. Elf Gets Captured- Your army men have taken over Elf.  How is he going to escape all of those army men?
  38. Lunchbox Notes- Elf misses his friends when they are gown away at school.  Simply have him leave a note in your kiddos lunch boxes!!  Plus there is a free printable.
  39. Relaxing in the Tub- This idea is so silly your kids will love it.  Make sure he doesn’t get to wet though!
  40. Happy Birthday Jesus- Elf likes to celebrate Jesus’ birthday also so he is going to make cupcakes for him.  Your kiddos will think these are yummo!!
  41. Super Hero- Elf can’t show the kids he can fly but he can pretend to be a super hero!!  Cape included!
  42. Good Behavior- Telling your kids that their good behavior is not overlooked is important.  Since elf is doing all of the bad behavior.
  43. Sipping Syrup- Anything sweet, Elf loves it so Barbie and Elf are sharing some syrup!! Silly Elf.
  44. Toliet Paper and Stairs- There is something about toilet paper and that elf.  This is simple and fast!!
  45. Caught Playing- You can have your elf play with any type of toys and get caught in action!!
  46. Leaving a Ransom Note- If your kiddos are not being nice, Elf can leave a ransom note and give them his rules!
  47. Using Marshmellows- There are so many fun ideas you can do with marshmallows and your Elf.  Check this one out!! He can make a snow man!
  48. Bubble Bath- This is simple and cute.  Fill a play bath tub full of marshmallows or your bathroom sink is perfect too.
  49. Elf Goes Shopping- If you are someone who is allowed to touch your elf like me… taking him with you to the mall or shopping.  It just might keep those kiddos on their best behavior.
  50. Caught Red Handed-  Your Elf loves cookies.  What better idea to have your little ones catch his hand in the cookie jar.  That silly elf.
  51. What Happens at Grandma’s- This silly little elf got caught playing slot machines.  If you have one this is a great idea.  Or they could also play a good game of bingo.
  52. Paper Snowflake Chains- Have your little elf make snow flake chains.  Then they can always decorate with them later.
  53. Tissue Box Bed- Elf has to sleep sometime.  A tissue box is the perfect place for him to get some sleep.
  54. An Elf’s Favorite Music- They do listen to music right?  Of course they do.  Check this idea out.  Plus it has a free printable.
  55. Snowball Fight (Round Two)- I just love the snowball fight ideas.  This one uses Legos for shields and a Gingerbread man.
  56. Elf Poo-  This is a super cute idea called Elf Poo using M&M’s.  Free printable as well.
  57. Santa Says Hi- A note out of M&M’s from Santa is always a yummy idea.
  58. The Zerox Machine- Making a silly picture of your elf’s back side is always a funny idea.  You could also do his face!!
  59. Big Daddy’s Boots- Elf sure does wish he could be a cowboy.  To bad he is a little bit small for Daddy’s real boots!
  60. Making Cookies with Elf-  Making Christmas cookies with you Elf is simple.  He brings you all of the supplies.
  61. Part Monkey Elf- Your Elf loves doing anything crazy!!  I bet you never thought he would hang from a tree, high in the air?
  62. Playing Some Basketball-  It is basketball season so what better idea to play basketball with the Wise Men.  So cute!!
  63. Cutting Down the Tree-  Elf is cutting down the tree…. OH NO!!  Silly little elf.  Doesn’t he know these tree’s are for decoration?
  64. Elf Kissing Booth- Kissing booths are too cute.  This one uses chocolate kisses to.  Right up that little elves alley.
  65. Coloring Little Elf- Have your Elf color a picture for your kiddos.  I mean what Adult (shhhhhh) does not like to color?
  66.  Elf Likes To Travel- Elf likes to go out of town too.  Simply put him in your suite case and let your little ones find him there.
  67. Cookies and Pizza Party- On Christmas Eve my husbands family and our family started a tradition to cook pizza, cookies and watch a movie.  This year our little Elf was there to party down with us!
  68. Hide and Seek- My kiddos love to get up in the morning and try to find their little Elf.  Hide and seek is always a fun game, not matter your age or size!
  69. Zip Lining-  Elf is one daring little guy.  Show your kiddos how he can zip line from one side of the house to the other.
  70. Elf Shaving-  How cute is seeing a little Elf shaving?  Check this site out to see!

Whew, this list should keep your Elf on the Shelf super busy!

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