There Are No Faint Hearts in Fort Worth Texas

I shared with you a few weeks back that my mother has worked for RadioShack in their corporate office since the late 80′s.

Until recently, I really did not know a lot about the history of this company. I am pretty amazed- they date back to 1921 and have done an amazing job changing with change, yet staying true to their principals.

the radio shack 1921

RadioShack has these new stores called Concept Stores. There are 21 of them in the US and one of them is right here in the DFW area, downtown Fort Worth to be exact. The store is like a museum.

Not only is the store gorgeous, but the entire concept (sorry, I couldn’t help it) really is a way of the future and a sign of the times.  The store is designed for you to try things before you buy them and tell the history of the company.

For example, want to try out some speakers? Maybe compare the quality and usability of two different brands? No problem.

(Hi Janet from the downtown Fort Worth store. She was so sweet to us and very patient answering all of our questions.)

interactive music

Choose a song.

radio shack concept store play it

Choose your speaker.

And boom, you get to listen right there before you buy.

downtown fort worth radio shack location

Thinking about buying your kids or your husband an RC toy?

Just ask to try it out.

toys at radio shack fort worth commerce street store

Want to hook your phone or music device up to a pair of Beats before you buy them?

Go right ahead.

beats by dr dre

Worried about your kids being bored while you’re checking stuff out?

No worries. They will be checking stuff out too.

radio shack concept store downtown fort worth

It is like a museum in this place. A museum you can play with.

“Mom, what is THAT?”

“Baby, that is what cell phones looked like when I was a kid.”

1986 cellular mobile phone radio shack

 The history of our community and generation is collected in this store.

We were there for an hour.


Asking questions about things old and new.

Things for sale and things not for sale.

It was like a fun history lesson.

1983 tandy computer

They have speciality services I have never seen before.

Take your phone, tablet, etc., into their store and they can make a custom sized screen protector for you.

How cool is that?

custom screen protector


And the interactive fun does not end there.

When you walk outside there is a TV. When you pass the TV it engages the sound.

There is a 10+ minute history lesson about our city and how Radio Shack came to be.

Just blocks from where this downtown store location is where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (you’ve heard of them, right?) took this very picture.

 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid

And this is what the streets of downtown Fort Worth looked like in the 1800′s.

(Food Network Chef, Tim Love, known for his western cuisine, has roots here too! It really is an amazing city!)

fort worth texas in 1800's

 And did you know in 1963 President JFK gave his last public speech to a crowd of thousands here in Fort Worth, Texas, not far from where this Radio Shack store stands?

 jfk in fort worth texas

There are no faint hearts in Fort Worth, Texas. This gave me chills.

It was an honor to visit this store. Such an amazing concept Radio Shack has developed.

The next time you visit the DFW area, you need to put visiting this store on your list. For the experience, for the history, for the love of this city and community.

And while you’re here, there are tons of Christmas gift ideas you can mark off your shopping list. Who knew they have Kindles? I thought only Amazon carried Kindles! And those Beats by Dr. Dre, I have my eye on those for a gift for a special young man who loves music on my shopping list. Here is a great list of gift ideas for men and boys if you need more inspiration or ideas.


While this is our story, please know I participating in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip as a thank you. You can read my disclosure here.


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    This is SO awesome! I had no idea this existed, and it looks like tons of fun. Radio Shack is going a good job of changing with the times…I would absolutely go into this store, even if just to check out all the fun “old” stuff. Also, I had no idea they’ve been around since 1921. Crazy! Thanks for sharing, will add this to my list of things to do in Fort Worth!
    Carrie recently posted..Kidoodle.TV Provides Unlimited Streaming of Kid-Safe ContentMy Profile

    • says

      Carrie- it is such a neat store. There are so many nostalgic things from our electronic history. And, I am still so impressed by the story they tell about the city of Fort Worth.

      And yeah, 1921… who knew? It says a lot about a company that can change with the times.

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