5 Easy Valentine Crafts

Have you been to the stores over the last few days and noticed they are out with the organizing promotions and in with the Valentine goodies? My friend, it is that time again.

I want to share with you five easy Valentine crafts you can do  with your kids. Many of them come with free printables to make for perfect Valentine giving.

easy valentine crafts

  1. Recycled Heart Crayons– these are perfect for the kids to help you make and they create adorable and useful Valentine gifts for their sweet friends. I have a step by step tutorial that shows you how to re-purose old broken crayons to convert them into heart shaped creations. There is also a free printable in boy colors and girl colors that allow you to make goodie bags for giving.
  2. Valentine Bark– melt chocolate and top with your favorite Valentine candies and you have bark. There is a precious free printable that goes with this.
  3. Mod Podge Vase– do you like to give your kids’ teacher flowers for special occasions like Valentines? Take scrapbook paper, mod podge and an old spaghetti jar to create this vase. Click the link for a step by step tutorial.
  4. Valentine Soap Printable these are super cute and fun! I show you how to make your own soap and include a fun treat inside (like a bouncy ball). There is a free printable for treat bags.
  5. Cupcake Spa Socks– find some spa socks in the dollar bins at Target or your favorite craft store and convert them into cupcakes. I show you how these make the perfect teacher’s gift.

I hope you enjoy these fun and thrifty Valentine crafts. I have some other ideas with printables that will be coming soon.

Also, if you were trying to get to my site this weekend and had trouble, here is what happened and why I almost went into cardiac arrest.



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