Anti Aging Skin Care by Muvazi (Giveaway and Discount Code)

I have hyper-sensitive skin. As a matter of fact, it is so sensitive that when I introduce a new skin care product to my daily routine, which is rarely, I have a span of mild to moderate reactions.

Here is how I would describe my skin

  • My face is excessively oily in spots and extremely dry in spots. It is so needy and complicated.
  • Cleansers and moisturizers always make my eyes water the first few weeks I use them. (And no, I am not getting it in my eye.)
  • My face will sting, sometimes burn, until I get acclimated to a cleanser.
  • I often breakout when a new product is introduced. Even if it is foundation. Did I mention I have very blotchy skin and I feel like I’ve fought acne more in my adult years than I ever did in high school?
  • If the moisturizer has any fragrance in it at all, forget about it!

I had come to terms with the fact that this was just the way my skin would be forever no matter if I use over the counter skin care products or fancy stuff with a high price tag.   I also figured most people with sensitive skin are dealing with the same issues.

My experience with Muvazi has changed my mind 100%. I could just share the facts with you about their products, but I want you to know this is a product I will be using ongoing.

Muvazi’s Skin Care System

Muvazi wants you to renew the skin you’re in. They have a 100% guarantee. You have nothing to lose and beautiful skin to gain.

Muvazi Ingredients:

  • A natural polymer, Oat Beta Glucan stimulates the immune system, fibroblast growth, and collagen synthesis.
  • Oat Beta Glucan also features the ability to induce cellular activities which lead to accelerated restructuring and smoothing of the skin, resulting in a reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and discoloration.
  • We started with product efficacy, safety, and quality first.   We were not looking to limit the ingredients of a true Luxury Product based on price! We wanted the same thing you look for, we wanted results.
  • We also wanted NO PARABENS of any kind, which meant that we had to formulate from the ground up, eliminating PARABENS.    There is no other product in the world like it.

My Experience

  1. The foaming cleaner was new to me. I have never seen anything like it before. Initially I had apprehensions- will this work? It does. I do cleanse twice, like I shampoo twice out of habit. It has never once stung my face or dried me out and I am going on three weeks of using this daily.
  2. The aloe vera based hydration serum is really nice. Aloe Versa. Who knew? You use it right after you cleanse. The bottle says two-three pumps, but one is plenty for me every time and that even covers my neck.
  3. The eye cream is awesome! Back in my 20’s I paid $45 for an itty bitty container of eye cream from a fancy skin care counter at the mall. First, I did not need it. Second, it burned the heck out of my eyes. But it cost $45 so it must be good, right? Muvazi’s eye cream has not caused a reaction to my eyes at all. Not once have my eyes watered. I am not kidding. Their line of products are as non-invasive as water.
  4. The anti aging face cream is silky smooth. My face looks and feels soft.

Within a week the redness was evening out and my pimples were significantly fewer. (I mostly break out on my cheek bones. What about you?)

My face has not felt tight and dry at all. This time of year my skin usually hurts. Instead, the anti wrinkle face cream leaves my skin glowing and smooth.

I can clearly understand the ingredient lists on each bottle.

My husband commented that my skin looks good. Out of the blue.

Generally when I do not exfoliate, my skin is left feeling rough and bumpy. It is really strange to me that so far using just these four steps have been enough. And I am a religious exfoliater.

Muvazi is a mommy solution!

Buy It and Discount Code

You can buy the four piece anti aging skin care set for $119.95. Use the discount code crystalandcomp and receive $50 off your order.

Giveaway Details

  1. Muvazi is offering one lucky Crystal & Co., reader a FREE four piece skin care set.
  2. Enter once or enter all 13 ways- you choose.
  3. Leave a comment for each entry.
  4. Have all of your entries in by 2/1/12 by 11:59 pm, central time.
  5. Winner will be chosen using

Ways to Enter

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  1. says

    I watched the video and thought it was interesting that Tia’s husband has formulated many different products, from stain pens to laundry detergents. I also liked that they’re starting at the grassroots level so that all women can feel that they’ve had a part in the success of Muvazi.


  2. Natalie U says

    The oxygenic eye cream for the wrinkles that are starting to show
    pedidentalasst t yahoo dot com

  3. Marlene V says

    When I watched the video I found out that they have created an affordable skin care for all and the name means balance

  4. Marge says

    I created a Muvazi account and really like the cleanser and toner. I have such sensitive skin and acne, so I would love to try these products. Thanks much.

  5. Sahara Rao says

    I love to try Muvazi and found them very interesting to know that Muvazi helps in having balance and be comfortable in my own skin

  6. Mary Baker says

    I tweeted: marybaker112 Mary Baker
    RT @crystalandcomp has an anti aging #skincare system #giveaway from @Muvazi! ($119.95 value) Enter:
    Favorite Reply Delete

  7. Debbie C says

    @chrisdeglen tweeted:!/chrisdeglen/status/164210187010457600


  8. Debra G says

    Watched MUVAZI anti aging skin care video. Really like that they are a small family business…large corporations can be so impersonal.

  9. Lean S says

    I liked that their business is personal and there is a real passion about the products and concern that the costumer reaps the benefits of the products.

  10. kathy pease says

    Visited MUVAZI\”˜S website and contacted with my favorite product


  11. Charlene Kuser says

    I visited MUVAZI\”˜S website and told them I was interested in the Intra-Cellular Moisturizer and the Oxygenic Eye Cream


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