Are You A Smartphone Guru? Motorola PHOTON Q Giveaway #flirtywithqwerty ($549.99 value)

Do you own a smartphone? They really are a seamless way to have access to the online world at all times. For me, my smartphone allows me to check emails from anywhere, search the internet for a phone number while I am out and about and get navigation directions while I am driving.

Meet the new Motorola PHOTON Q. With this phone, you get a pullout QWERTY keyboard and your touchscreen as well. We’re getting #flirtywithqwerty, baby!


About the Motorola Photon Q:

Fast Keyboard. Big Screen. World Smart.

  • PC-like keyboard; LED edge lighting
  • 4.3″ ColorBoostâ„¢ display with more vibrant colors, sharper images
  • Worldphone-capable for secure, international access to email, calendar, contacts, and more
  • Scratch-resistant glass and splash guard coating inside and out

I am pretty sure they had moms in mind when they created this new beauty!


The Motorola PHOTON Q retails for $549.99, but with a 2 year Sprint contract agreement you can get it for $199.99!

Do you live in Dallas and want to test drive this phone?

Join us for a live demo of this phone with the great folks of Motorola!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Veritas Wine Bar

2323 North Henderson Avenue,  Dallas, TX 75206

7-9PM to demo this phone yourself and have a glass of wine

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Check out the phone on YouTube:

And I have one phone to giveaway to a lucky Crystal & Co., reader! How awesome is that? The perfect mommy solution for every busy mom!

Giveaway Details

  1. One lucky winner will win a Motorola PHOTON Q that works with Sprint plans. You DO NOT get a Sprint line with the giveaway.
  2. Enter once or enter all 9 ways- you choose. All entries will be verified before a winner is chosen.
  3. Leave a comment for each entry as well as your email address so I can notify you if you win.
  4. Have all of your entries in by 10/05/12 by 11:59 pm, central time.
  5. Winner will be chosen using

Ways to Enter

  1. Visit Motorola online and tell me what you love most about this phone.
  2. Watch the YouTube video above about the Photon Q and tell me something you learned.
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  1. D Schmidt says

    My favorite feature is : 4.3-inch ColorBoostâ„¢ display with scratch resistant glass since I love bright screens and need something that does not get all scratched up in my bag.

  2. Pamela Halligan says

    I like that the phone has a camera and can even take videos. I do not have a smart phone – I have a very old, outdated phone – so this would be really neat. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. Kathy Cervantes says

    This phone is perfect for moms. I love that pull out keyboard. I am a total mess when I try to text using the screen only.

  4. Richard Morris says

    So many phones are only touch screens nowadays. I love all the features this has especially the sliding qwerty keyboard

  5. Fiona N says

    I love everything about Motorola Photon Q, especially the faster and easier typing keyboard, big screen world smart, big 4.3” colorboost display screen, and the sliding qwerty keyboard. I think it is easier to use than Iphone!

  6. ana georgievska says

    mostly the design and camera. but given my 10 year experience with motorola, like the durability too,yhx for the great giveaway

  7. Marcus says

    I don’t have a smart phone, or an iphone, or a cell phone…but I do have a cordless phone (that doesn’t work that good). Poor me. [Do you hear the violins playing in the background?]

  8. Ann Nelson says

    Honestly, I love the QWERTY Keyboard. It can be rather frustrating when I am trying to press one button but the screen wants to push another lol.

  9. Jessica says

    I learned it has a scratch-resistant glass and coating — that is pretty awesome, wish my current phone had this

  10. Laura Miller says

    From the video I learned that it has a water repellent to protect against everyday spills! Much needed with 3 kiddos!

  11. Nataly Carbonell says


    taty_bonell [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

  12. Ciara B. says

    i love that it has a full keyboard, that’s the only thing that has kept me from upgrading my current phone. i can’t type on the on screen keyboards

  13. Janice Whitaker says

    Featuring a slide-out, PC-like QWERTY keyboard for double thumb efficiency and accuracy..EXCELLENT cause I have fat thumbs!!

  14. Leslie G. says

    Watch the YouTube video above about the Photon Q and tell me something you learned.

    It has a water repellent nanocoating.

  15. Michelle H. says

    I love that it has 7.5 hours Talk Time….my current phone sucks battery life and I find myself dragging my charger with me wherever I go

  16. shaunie wyatt says

    I learned it has a lot of great features with one being it has nonrepellent nanocoating for everyday spills

  17. says

    I have a Motorola Atrix now, but would love to have the Photon. It looks so sleek and I love the slide out keyboard. I also like that it water resistant!

    I have like Motorola and Crystal and Co on Facebook.