Blogger Appreciation Day- March 2010

Joining my friend Kelli over at 3 Boys and a Dog for some blogger love!

Below is a recap of the top 6 sites that sent traffic my way during the month of March. I thank you! The statistics were complied using Google Analytics!

1) Org Junkie (where I post my monthly meal plan) 96 visits

2) Dining with Debbie (crockpot recipes and crock pot meal plan submissions) 45 visits

3) 3 Boys and a Dog (awesome blogging tips and giveaways!) 29 visits

4) Custom Blog Design (the designer of my new blog look) 29 visits

5) Mamas Laundry Talk (everything about laundry) 28 visits

6) Eat at Home (awesome recipes with easy on hand ingredients) 18 visits

Other recap info:

Direct visits (means people type my blog name directly into their browser) 285 visits

Facebook (yes, social networking is so important… join my fan page!) 93 visits

Twitter (still new here) 28 visits

=======>>> For the month we had a total of 1,985 page views on the blog. Still growing, but very happy with these numbers!

If you have not visited the above sites, take some time today or this weekend to do so. They are blogs I frequent and love! You will too!

Have a site you want me to know about? Leave me a comment and I will check them out!


  1. Mama Laundry says


    Thank you for including me, you sweet thing!

    Glad things are going so well for you in Blog Land! :)

    (Did I leave a comment about your new blog design?? I can't remember if I did or not. LOVE it! I esp. love the toilet paper!)


  2. Debbie says

    Thanks so much for the sweet comments and for including me here. I love your blog design! It's awesome. Thanks for participating in Crock Pot Wednesday. Keep coming back! I would be happy to post the I Was Featured button, but I can't find it:( Happy Easter.

  3. Kelli says

    WOw, that is impressive! :-) I like the social media recap… I might have to add that too. LOL! I hope others play along… we are up to 2. :-)

  4. Crystal and Co says


    Thank you so much for stopping by and again thank you for all the great linkups and posts you offer in the blogging world! It makes networking possible!

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