Blogger Appreciation- February 2011


February was a great month here at Crystal & Co, bringing our second highest  number of pageviews (over 15,000) for any given month. Now, I want to share with you where some of my traffic came from and who the top referring sites were (meaning which sites sent the most visitors to Crystal & Co.). I use Google Analytics to track my statistics.

Top 10 Referring Sites for February

  1. We Are That Family sent 894 visitors to my site. Each Wednesday I link up to her Works For Me Wednesday party and share something that works for me (craft, tip, party idea, etc.).
  2. Skip to my Lou sent 833 visitors my way last month.  I really like this site a lot- super crafty. Each Monday I linkup and share any new craft or tutorial I have on my site.
  3. Tip Junkie sent 559 visitors during February. This is a rockin’ site to check out when you’re planning a celebration or party or looking for a solution to a mommy issue. Each Tuesday I participate in her Tip Me Tuesday linkup.
  4. Org Junkie sent 504 visitors. Every Monday I share my weekly meal plan at her site.
  5. Some What Simple sent 249 visitors to Crystal & Co. Each Thursday she offers a craft/tutorial link up on her site. Cute site she has over there by the way. Check it out! 
  6. I Heart Naptime sent 211 readers my way last month. She has a cute linkup she does each Sunday called Sundae Scoop where you share your craft, recipe, tip, meal plan, cool idea, etc.
  7. Hope Studios sent 209 visitors over. Each Tuesday I share any new craft, tutorial or pointer that I have over on her site.
  8. Blue Cricket Design sent 205 people to my site last month. Again, a weekly linkup for sharing ideas each Wednesday.
  9. Creative Party Place sent 176 readers my way. The name says it all- a great site for searching for party ideas. They have an on going entry collection of crafty ideas used for parties.  I have not submitted anything in a while. This goes to show that what you do submit is being viewed even weeks and months later.  
  10. Craftomaniac sent sent 174 visitors over. As the name indicates, it’s all about crafts. Each Monday she offers a linkup to share your latest creation!

Lots of linking up, hua? If I do a craft, tutorial, birthday party celebration, meal planning tip, etc., I share that post on these sites. If you are new to blogging, or really looking to get your blog out there more, I can say from experience that a way to increase your pageviews and bring awareness to your site is to go out an share your relevant posts with linky parties in your niche.

Back in November my pageviews were reaching between 5,000-6,000 per month. I was very happy with that, but decided to start sharing my crafts and such on more sites. So, after compiling a good list of weekly craft linkup parties, I started sharing away. In December I almost reached 10,000 pageviews. In January I had over 24,000 pageviews. In February, a few less than January, but it was a shorter month and I am still steady. Get your link on! It works. I am proof.

There are some more stats I would like to share as well.  When I first became serious about blogging a little over a year ago, I wondered where to invest my time. Facebook? Twitter? I heard all of this rage about Twitter, and don’t get me wrong it’s great, but I feel I have been able to build a more personal community on Facebook. And my numbers show that….

Social Media Statistics for February 

  1. Facebook sent 251 visitors my way.
  2. Twitter sent 153 visitors to Crystal & Co.
  3. Stumble Upon sent 36 visitors to my site.

Where are your readers coming from? What is working and what is not? Do you pay attention to your stats and what program do you use to track them? Put a post together with your top 10 referring sites and then hop over to 3 Boys and a Dog and share your post.


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