27 Books for Kids About Winter

Are you on the hunt for some amazing books you can ready with your kids that are all about winter?

Here is a collection of twenty seven books for kids that are all about the season of winter.

These are perfect for reading with your little one or preschooler and many of them can be read independent by your grader schooler.

Take this list to the library with you and check them out.

If you want to learn more about the author, click through the link to read more or to order on Amazon.

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twenty seven awesome childrens books about winter


Twenty Seven Books for Kids About Winter 

  1. The Snowy Day
  2. The First Day of Winter  
  3. Animals in Winter (Let’s-Read-and-Find-Out Science)
  4. Winter is Here!
  5. Let It Snow
  6. Winter
  7. Snowballs
  8. The Mitten
  9. Frosty the Snowman
  10. George Learns to Prepare for Winter
  11. 12 Snow Days of Winter
  12. Sneezy the Snowman
  13. Snowmen All Year Board Book
  14. Biscuit’s Snowy Day
  15. Snowman’s Story
  16. There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow!
  17. Snow
  18. The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder
  19. Snowmen at Night
  20. 100 Snowmen
  21. Snowzilla
  22. Snow Dog, Go Dog
  23. The Snowman
  24. The Shortest Day: Celebrating the Winter Solstice
  25. Wonderful Gifts of Winter
  26. Lights of Winter: Winter Celebrations around the World
  27. It’s Winter!

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Shape Activities for Kids

Do you have a little one you’re teaching shapes to? Are you on the hunt for shape activities for kids to make learning fun?

Have you ever heard of a book called Mouse Shapes? It is by Ellen Stoll Walsh and is the precious story of three clever little mice who use shapes to create things.

They use a triangle and a square to make a house.

They use a rectangle and two circles to make a wagon.

Guess what they use to make a fish?


shape activities for kids


Shapes are a great way to create things and encourage a child to use their imagination.

While you enjoy this story encourage your kids to create things.

Here are seven pages of shapes in many sizes and many colors.

Print them out and let your little ones practice their scissor skills cutting out each shape.

Think of all the things they can create!

Print all seven pages of the printable shapes here.  <<—— click to print 

There are blue circles.


shape 1

There are orange diamonds.

shape 2


There are yellow squares.

shape 3

There are blue triangles.

shape 4

There are orange triangles.

shape 6


There are purple hexagons.

shape 7

And there are green ovals.

Think of all the things you can create.

shape 8Let your little ones have fun arranging and creating.

mouse shapes

And while you’re here, check out all of the amazing books by Ellen Stoll Walsh. She has books that are perfect for kids learning colors, shapes and numbers!

I have partnered with over 10 other bloggers who are sharing their fun activities you can share with your kiddos as you read all of Ellen Stoll Walsh’s books!

More Books By Ellen Stoll Walsh

Check out all Mouse Paint, Mouse Shapes and Mouse Count activities.

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Virtual Book Club for Kids - 3Dinosaurs.com

I hope that you enjoy these activities!



10 Good Parenting Resources

Are you looking for good parenting resources for your preschooler? We have so many educational and parenting solutions here for families.

Just so happens, many of our top posts this past year were our preschool and parenting articles.

good parenting resources

Each of these can help you homeschool your little one, do supplemental learning at home, or simply make learning fun while making memories together! Make sure you check out all of our activities for kids while you’re here.

10 Good Parenting Resources

  1. Letter of the Week Craft for Preschoolers this is a collection of crafts from A to Z. Something different for every letter. Templates and supply lists included!
  2. Activities for 2 Year Olds in the Car traveling soon? Here are 10 awesome activities for 2 year olds to do in the car while on a road trip!
  3. A is for Alligator Craft perfect as your preschooler learns the letter A.
  4. How to Make Silly Putty  my boys love science. We had so much fun exploring as we learned how to make silly putty from scratch!
  5. Preschool Do a Dot Printables a printable worksheet for each letter of the alphabet that uses do a dot markers to find each letter.
  6. B is for Butterfly Craft this is a butterfly craft even boys will love!
  7. Free Printable Handwriting Worksheets simply enter your child’s name and a customized traceable worksheet will generate!
  8. J is for Jellyfish Craft this craft has been a huge hit at my house and on this site!
  9. How to Make an Alphabet Flip Book struggling to teach your preschooler their alphabet. THIS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO START!
  10. Elf on the Shelf Printables 26 printables and 150+ ideas. I know Elf on the Shelf is just at Christmas time, but these posts go wild on my site!

What are your learning goals for your preschooler this year? This is a great resource list to start with for free activities!

ten parenting resources


Make sure you check out all of our activities for kids while you’re here. We have hundreds!

over 100 activities for kids

And don’t miss our 10 Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids! Perfect for right now! 

10 winter activities for kids

P is for Penguin Crafts and Activities for Kids

Colder weather is here and this is the perfect time to do a penguin unit study with your preschooler and kids.

Here is an amazing collection of P is for penguin craft ideas you can do this winter. These are so much fun.

Some are really, really basic and some are a little more involved, but all of them will be crowd pleasers. Oh, there are delicious snacks too!

These are perfect for homeschool families and mom’s and dad’s looking to supplement their child’s learning at home. (Make sure you check out all of our activities for kids while you’re here. We have tons of them!)

26 P is for Penguin Crafts for Preschoolers


P is for Penguin Craft Ideas for Kids

  1. P is for Penguin Letter of the Week Craft from Crystal & Co.
  2. Penguin Craft Game from The Imagination Tree
  3. Penguin Circle Craft from Reading Confetti
  4. Paper Heart Penguin from Crafty Morning
  5. Penguin Pumpkin from Artsy Momma
  6. Penguin Counting Game from Pre K Pages
  7. Ice Cream Penguin by True Aim Education
  8. Penguin Hand Print Art by Crystal & Co.
  9. Macaroni Penguin by Parenting Chaos
  10. Penguin Cracker Snack by Fantastic Fun and Learning
  11. Paper Plate Penguin from Learn with Play at Home
  12. Nutter Butter Penguins by Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
  13. Penguin Homeschool for Preschoolers by 3 Boys and a Dog
  14. Simple Penguin Craft for Toddlers by No Time for Flashcards
  15. Juice Box Penguin from PLAYTIVITIES
  16. Cracker Box Penguin Craft from The Educators Spin on It
  17. P is for Penguin Do a Dot Printable by Crystal & Co.
  18. Penguin Printable Worksheets Pack from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom
  19. Edible Penguin Snack from See Vanessa Craft
  20. Torn Paper Penguin Craft from JDaniels4sMom
  21. Potato Print Penguin from Artsy Craftsy Mom
  22. Be My Valentine Penguin from Kids Activities Blog
  23. Penguin Finger Print Thank You Cards from Red Ted Art
  24. Foot Print Penguins from Come Together Kids
  25. Ink Blot Penguin from Artsy Momma
  26. Penguin Felt Footprint Ornament by True Aim Education

Which penguin activities are you most excited to do with your little one?

over 25 penguin crafts for kids (perfect for a unit study)

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Printable Santa Letter For Little Kids and Big Kids

Santa is coming to town! Are your kiddos excited? Everyone at my house is!

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you bake Christmas cookies? Do you leave Santa a note or a surprise?

Here is a printable Santa letter that your kids can leave for ol’ St. Nick.

One version of the letter is in manuscript and one version of the letter in in cursive.

There are blank lines so that your child can fill in his own meaningful words.

a printable santa letter that you in manuscript with traceable lines

When you go to print the letter, you can choose both pages or just one.

Go here for the free printable Santa letter. <<———– Click this link!

a printable santa letter in cursive

Wait, I have lots of other things you might like to leave for Santa.

reindeer cookies made from gingerbread (perfect for santa)

Cookies for Santa:

Make Santa some WARM to drink! You can make this crockpot hot chocolate and have it waiting for him when he arrives! He’ll love it.

You can have a glass too!

how to make crockpot hot chocolate

Have Santa give his elves this little treat from you too! ELF POO!

elf poo printable


And here is a fun Christmas tradition to add to your milk and cookies this year. Make it a little sweeter in one easy step!

milk and cookies for santa using coffee creamer

What are your Christmas traditions? Do you leave a letter for Santa, leave milk and cookies, read the story of baby Jesus together?

I would love to know!


Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Candle Light Smores

Are you on the hunt for more Elf on the Shelf ideas? I love this one!

Use a candle (you do NOT have to light it) and make smores for your kiddos!

Since we have a boy elf and a girl elf I  incorporated both of them and made it double the fun.

elf on the shelf can make candle light smores

Here is how I did it.

I put the boy elf on a large marson jar that had the lid on it. This way he was up high and his marshmallows could reach the candle.

I used a wire hanger and took the curved hanging part and wrapped it around his middle. This helps to hold him in place without weighing him down.

how to make smores with elf on the shelf

The hanger reaches over to the candle where his sweet little elf wife is admiring his work.

I used a candle I just received the other day that is from the folks at our local Big D NYE celebration. (The biggest New Years Eve celebration here in  Dallas!)

I put two mini marshmallows on the end of the hanger and I toasted them a bit before setting everything up.

One of the marshmallows is resting on the rim of the candle to help bring more support.

I lit the candle just for the photo. If you are going to light it I would not light it until the kids were waking up and hunting for Elf. OR, you could use a non-flame candle if you have safety concerns.

make smores with a candle

See those candies? They are the perfect milk chocolate candy for your smore! (I found mine at Target.)

They are even wrapped in foil wrappers that are mini Elf on the Shelf boys and girls.

What a special treat that your elf can bring and it’s perfect for this set up!

elf on the shelf chocolate candies are perfect for smores


And this is how you make Elf on the Shelf smores by candle light.

Oh, the things you do for love!

elf on the shelf candle light smores


Check out more of our ideas while you’re here! We’ve been having Elf on the Shelf fun for years!

elf on the shelf ideas


More Elf on the Shelf Ideas:




Elf on the Shelf The Workout

Does your Elf on the Shelf workout? That is exactly what we caught ours doing today!

Our girl Elf, Diane, was stretching. Our boy Elf, Jack, was lifting weights.

Yes, lifting weights! With a dumbbell made of a paper straw and cookies.


elf on the shelf ideas workout

I simply used a hot glue gun to secure the pre-packaged shortbread cookies to a festive paper straw that I cut down.

I bent his legs and just manipulated his positioning until he stayed and did not move. Luck, really. lol

I used a thumbtack to pin girl Elf on the Shelf’s hands to her legs to post her as stretching.

So much fun!

cookie and straw dumbbell workout elf on the shelf


They need the workout with all of the cookies and goodies we’ve left them!

Check out more of our ideas while you’re here! We’ve been having Elf on the Shelf fun for years!

elf on the shelf ideas


More Elf on the Shelf Ideas:



Girl Elf on the Shelf Marshmallow Bubble Bath

I love fun and easy Elf on the Shelf ideas like this one!

What girl does not love a bubble bath? Well our girl elf has been dreaming of a bubble bath!

All you need is a fancy coffee cup and some marshmallows.

Let me show you how awesome this is!

girl elf on the shelf ideas marshmallow bubble bath

Just sit your elf in the cup and pour miniature marshmallows inside.

The cup serves as the tub and the marshmallows are the bubbles.

I put on her black fur boots that came with her paid skirt that I shared with you in the date night post.

girl elf on the shelf pictures


Super easy and this one works great when you’re in a pinch for a quick idea.

You can let the kiddos enjoy the marshmallows too! First count them and make it a little educational!

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

Elf on the Shelf Pizza Date Night

Our elves had a date night. Fun, right?

Jack and Diane are so madly in love. Look at how coy and sweet she is when she’s around him?

An Elf on the Shelf date night is super easy to do.

elf on the shelf ideas date night

We have this fraction pizza learning kit that we use in our homeschool curriculum. It is from Learning Resources. Turn the pizza slices over and there is a fraction on the back. Makes learning super fun.

We had cousins over this weekend to play and I had not put them pizzas back up on our homeschool shelf. Why not incorporate them into our Elf on the Shelf antics?

Just incorporate whatever you have around the house. Go through your kids toys and such and find items that would make for a fun date night.

pizza date night for elf on the shelf

They are eating black olive and cheese pizza.

The slices are the perfect size for an Elf on the Shelf date night.

(Diane is still wearing her adorable plaid skirt with green tulle underneath. She is styling!)

elf on the shelf date night using learning resources fraction pizza play kit

Can you tell she is just smitten over Jack?

And he feels the same way about her.

elf on the shelf ideas girl elf and boy elf in love


What has your Elf on the Shelf been up to?

We’re having so much fun with ours! I am so glad we have a boy and and girl elf this year. It’s made for some fun ideas.

More Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

How to Make a Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Is your yard filled with pine cones?

Right before Thanksgiving a friend gave me a bag of pine cones. She had collected too many for a project at her son’s school and she wondered if I could use them.


There are so many different pine cone crafts you can create. They are fun to decorate with this time of year.

Today I am going to show you how to make a pine cone Christmas tree. This is so easy and your kiddos will enjoy helping too! Let me show you how to make them.

(Have you seen all of our activities for kids? We have tons you’ll want to check out while you’re here! )
activities for kids: how to make a pine cone Christmas tree




Gather up your supplies.

Take the green spray paint and evenly coat the pine cone. This is a job for an older child, with supervision, or for the adult.

If you’re using acrylic paint and a paint brush, evenly apply a coat of the green paint all over the pine cone using the brush.

It is best to do this work over a sheet of newspaper or paper you’re recycling.

use a pine cone to make a Christmas tree ornament


If you’re using spray paint, wait for the green paint to dry and then spray it with the diamond dust spray to add a layer of snow.

If you’re using glitter instead, sprinkle glitter over the wet green paint before it dries.

Now, let it dry 100%.

spray painted pine cones


Once it is dry add the pom poms using hot glue.

I used a bit yellow pom pom on the top of the pine cone to represent a star.

I used smaller pom poms in different colors to represent lights and decorations on the tree.



how to make a pine cone Christmas tree with kids


Super easy and a keepsake you will cherish forever!

We love these.

You could even tie a loop  of bakers twine to the top of the pine cone and hang it on your own Christmas tree as an ornament.

Mine are sitting on a shelf in my living room.

Either way they are precious (and fun) as can be!

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