Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

We are really digging kid color pages  lately  and I am so happy to share them with you!

I recently shared a boy version of Earth Day color pages and I think you will enjoy this girl version as well.

Creating these color pages promoted me to find out some history and fun facts about Earth Day. The information is fun and I thought it would be helpful for us to share with our kids. While we naturally teach our kids not to litter, not to be wasteful and  recycle what we can, sometimes I think we forget other ways that we can be Earth friendly in our every day life.

kid color pages earth day for girls

You can print the six page Earth Day kid color pages for girls. Grab some crayons, markers or paints and create something gorgeous.


Earth Day started in the United States.

It was recognized worldwide by 1990.


Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

More than 1/3 of all energy is used by people at home. 

Turn off the lights when you leave a room. It really does make a difference.

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

The average American uses more than 750,000 gallons of water per year.

Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth.

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

Did you know that 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped into the ocean every year?

Never liter and be an example to your friends. 

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

We each use about 12,000 gallons of water every year. Wow, that is a lot! 

Collect rainwater and use it to water plants!

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

It takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminum cans than to make new ones. Recycle! 

Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Girls

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Kid Color Pages: Earth Day for Boys

We are in love with kid color pages at our house!

These were so fun to make as we celebrate Earth Day.

Here is a collection of six pages kids can color that all focus on Earth Day which is around the corner!

These are great for just any day of the week as we are reminded about doing our part to keep our planet clean. They are also nice additions to your homeschool day!

kid color pages  Earth Day for boys

You can print the 6 page Earth Day color pages for kids here. Enjoy discussing these Earth Day facts together as a family as you color.

Earth Day is April 22nd each year. It started forty-four years ago in 1970.

Did you know it takes 100 to 400 years for plastics to break down in a landfill?

kid color pages  Earth Day for boys


How much plastic does your family throw away?

Did you know that most families throw away about 88 pounds of plastic every year?


kid color pages  Earth Day for boys


Did you know that the average American produces four pounds of trash per day?

And, recycling one glass bottle can power a computer for 30 minutes!


kid color pages  Earth Day for boys


Did you know that over 80% of all household waste can be recycled?

Think before you toss!

kid color pages  Earth Day for boys


Did you know that recycling a stack of newspaper that is about 3 feet in height saves one tree?

Reading about the news online is an option too that saves paper.

kid color pages  Earth Day for boys

Have you ever thought about growing your own garden as a family? You can start now and even create your own compost!

Don’t want to commit to a garden? Plant some flowers!

kid color pages  Earth Day for boys

How will you celebrate Earth Day with your family this year?

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Kid Color Pages for Easter

We love Easter and I am looking forward to church as a family, delicious dinner and an egg hunt.

I love our new tradition of telling the story Easter by way of Resurrection eggs.

Essentially these are 12 plastic eggs that have a treat inside to help tell the story of Jesus’ journey to the cross. There is scripture that goes with each egg as you tell the story.

This year I wanted to create some kid color pages for Easter that parents can use along with the Resurrection eggs. You can do one a day or you can do them all at one time.

kid color pages for easter


Each page also includes scripture so you could use these color pages to guide you as you create your own DIY Resurrection eggs.

color pages for kids easter theme


Here we opened the second egg in the carton which holds silver coins inside.

As you see, the scripture tells about how someone was paid thirty silver coins to hand Jesus over.

kids color pages for easter


Here is a peek at what is inside the 12 eggs.

resurrection eggs

Print your kid color pages for Easter here.

This color page signifies the donkey that Jesus rode into the city.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


Here is the color page about the coins that were paid in trade for Jesus.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


This cup signifies the special dinner Jesus had with his disciples.

Kid Color Pages for Easter


After the dinner they prayed in the garden.



Kid Color Pages for Easter


The men who wanted to kill Jesus then whipped him.



The soliders then made a crown from thorns and shoved it on Jesus’ head.

crown of thorns


The soldiers then made Jesus carry a heavy wooden cross to the top of the hill.




They soldiers then played a game and took all of Jesus’ clothes.



After Jesus died on the cross one of the soldiers stabbed Him with a spear to make sure he was dead.



Josheph wrapped Jesus’ body in cloth so he could bury him.

linen cloth


Jesus was placed in a tomb and a large stone was placed in front of the tomb to keep bad people away.


When two women came to the tomb of Jesus the heavy stone was moved and the tomb was empty. Jesus has risen!


And this is the story of Easter.

You can print all of the pages here.

You can also learn more about where to get Resurrection eggs.

Happy Easter and enjoy with your kids, family and church friends.

How to Make Silly Putty

I have wanted to make silly putty with my kids for a while now.

My mother always had silly putty on-hand when we were kids. All three of my brothers had tubes in their ears and back in the 80′s you were advised to put silly putty in the ears of kids with tubes when they would bathe. This would prevent water getting in their ear.

Remember the red egg the putty would come in? My mom always kept it in the fridge- until today I never knew why.

Last weekend I came across what seemed to be a very easy recipe. I knew I wanted to make silly putty with Borax, because I already have that on hand. 

I made the first batch of silly putty today, using clear glittery glue. Epic fail.

I searched and searched for another recipe online.

I made a second batch of silly putty using glittery glue following different measurements on another site. Another epic fail.

I knew I needed to research this further. Super frustrating when you have your kids excited to create something.

Here is how we ended up making it.

Third time was a charm. And I now have blue hands.

Silly Putty with Borax



I know there is a recipe out there that must work with the clear glitter glue, but I could not find one. So, for this recipe we are going to stick to the white school glue.

Grab some plastic Easter eggs if you want to give this silly putty as gifts for school or church friends. Great idea, hua?

Did you know that silly putty was actually developed in the 1940′s when the government was looking for a way to create synthetic rubber? Pretty cool, right?

While this invention did not work for the purpose the creator intended, it did go on to be a toy, of sorts, that children all over the world would grow to love.

This not only is a great activity for kids to help you create, but the Science behind it is pretty cool and intriguing.

How to Make Silly Putty with Borax

Get started by mixing the 1/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of glue in a bowl.

Mix until well combined.

Essentially you now have watered down glue.

silly putty with borax science

Add in a few drops of food coloring.

We added blue- I think I did 4 drops.

Stir to combine well.

Set aside.

add food coloring to the silly putty with borax


Add the 1/8 cup of water to a measuring cup (it does not need to be warm or hot, straight from the tap is fine).

Add in the 1 T of Borax.

Stir as the Borax dissolves.

You will notice that all of the Borax does not dissolve and there is some left on the bottom of your measuring cup. This is normal.

borax silly putty recipe

Use a clean spoon to kind of ladle 1 tsp at a time, just the water from the Borax/water mixture.

You do NOT want to add the undissolved granules. We are going to ladle the water mixture into the glue mixture one tsp at a time to prevent those granules transferring over into our putty. 

AND, you do not want to add too much of the Borax/water mixture or your silly putty will turn to gel mush. I learned this the hard way from my two epic fails and further research.

So when you add the first tsp of Borax/water-  stir, stir, stir. You will immediately notice that some of the glue mixture will start to stick together. This is the chemical reaction from the Borax.

silly putty borax recipe

Add another tsp of the Borax water and stir some more. 

You will notice the glue mixture will lump together even more and get even thicker. Continue to stir.

I ended up adding 3 tsps total of the Borax/water to my glue mixture.

The silly putty was still a bit gooey and slimy- this is normal.

Remove it from the bowl and fold it and knead it like you’re making bread. At first it will be sticky.

You will see within a few seconds of doing this that it will take on the silly putty consistency.

how to make silly putty with borax at home


Super easy, fun and educational.

Your kids will love it!

silly putty with borax crystalandcomp

Use the silly putty as something to play with during your homeschool time, encourage kids to be create with it when they are bored, or use it as a gift for friends at church or school.

Do store it in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge so it will last longer.


Fun Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

I have packed many of lunches in my day.

When our older boys went to public school I packed their lunch daily for a couple of years.

When my twins went to Mothers Day Out I packed their lunch for three school years.

I tried to hard try things outside of the boring sandwich. Do you kids every get tired of sandwiches?

Now that we are home all day I still like to give them a filling and fun lunch. And it’s really cool when lunch can be educational.

Fun lunch box ideas like this can be done when you’re preparing it for kids who will have lunch at school and even for kids who will have lunch at home. We love to think outside the lunchbox.

fun lunch box ideas for kids using cheese

Lunch Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

Have you ever thought about how much fun you can have with cheese?

Matthew  is learning how to spell his name. I thought it would be fun to take cheese slices and let him spell his name with alphabet food cutters.

spell your name with your lunch Fun Lunch Box Ideas

 This is a great educational activity for preschoolers who are learning to spell their name.

We also used some animal stamps to cut shapes with the cheese. (Have you ever tried Alpine Cheese? We are loving these Swiss slices. Even the dog stole a few!)

Fun Lunch Box Ideas make the alphabet

I used a fun bento box to pack Matthew a lunch. This is really fun for him because he likes for his food to be separated out.

Bento lunches are great for those who have lunch at school or even at home. I just make it up and pop it in the fridge until he is ready to eat it.

I also love that bento boxes allow for portion control. My kids always want a little of this and a little of that so it works out perfectly. 

After I packed the bento box, I took the cheese cut-outs of Matthew’s name and hid them throughout his lunch. He loved hunting for them! It was like a lunchbox scavenger hunt!

Fun Lunch Box Ideas

Cheese Puzzle

For the bigger kids I used our sectioned lunch trays. My boys love these and I have had them for over a decade.

I let them use the alphabet cutters to spell out their names on the top of their tray.

Then we made a puzzle with the cheese slices. The boys loved filling the cheese slice back in with their animal cut outs! So much fun- even for 8 year olds!

We also made some salami and cheese crackers and added some fruit to their lunch tray.

Fun Lunch Box Ideas with Cheese

My kids said over and over again how much they love lunches like this. You have no idea how happy this makes me!

I love that Alpine Cheese encouraged us to get creative with our lunch and explore the possibilities with cheese.

Hop over to the Alpine Cheese website for more fun and healthy lunch box ideas and never pack a boring lunch again!



All opinions shared are my own. This post is sponsored by Alpine Cheese.

Easy Dinosaur Lunch for Kids

If you are a parent of little ones, you are preparing lunch at some point in the day.

Maybe you pack lunches for kids who school outside of the home. Maybe you make lunches for kids who are home during the day.

Either way, we are all looking for healthy lunch options, and if they are fun that is an added bonus.

Have you ever made a dinosaur sandwich? Let me show you how fun and easy this is. The best part, the kids can help you create this.

easy bento lunch idea for kids


You Will Need:

  • 2 slices of bread
  • 2 slices of cheese
  • deli meat, we used turkey
  • mustard, or whatever topping
  • fruit, like strawberries
  • handful of lettuce
  • pretzel rods
  • fruit strip
  • boiled egg
  • dinosaur sandwich cutter
  • flower bento cutter
  • knife
  • straw

Gather up all of your supplies.

how to make a dinosaur lunch

Assemble your sandwich as you would.

I do mustard, a slice of cheese and turkey meat. Oh, on two pieces of bread of course.

easy dino lunch


Use the sandwich cutter to create two dinosaurs.

dinosaur sandwich cutter


Cut a strawberry in to slices.

Use the flower cutter to make flower shapes.

strawberry flowers for bento


Use the second slice of cheese to cut out little circles to place on the dinosaur.

I used a straw to cut these circles because that is all I had on hand.

With that same slice of cheese, cut little triangles to place on the back of the dinosaur.

dino sandwich


Use the pretzel rods to create a tree trunk. Use lettuce to create the tree top.

Add your strawberry flowers to the scene.

Place a small bed of lettuce down and add the peeled, hard-boiled egg on top of it.

Use the fruit strip to create a sun shape. I just used the knife to cut a circle and some small triangles.

dinosaur bento sandwich


We served this with juice- called Fruit Shoots. Have you heard of it?

I just learned about them and my kids really thought they were cool.

I tasted the green on, apple, and it was very good.

I found four different flavors- grape, orange, apple and strawberry.

I love the sports spout top that is close-able. The boys really liked that too. Makes it super easy to tote the on the go!

fruit shoot juice

What is your favorite way to create your kiddo’s lunch to prevent them from growing tired of the same old sandwich?

Hop over and check out more lunchbox ideas from Fruit Shoot.

Oh, with each bottle you can unlock an online Angry Bird Adventure for your kids! There is a code on every bottle.


This article is supported by Fruit Shoot. All opinions are my own.

Tons of Good April Fools Day Pranks

Do you have any good April Fools Day pranks up your sleeve? It will be here before you know it!

This year I am excited to play a couple of these pranks on my kids. (I am totally freezing their bowls of cereal the night before. Any probably fill their shoes with Legos, or something along those lines.)

I have pulled together some of my favorite ideas that I’ve seen online. These are pretty funny and I think my kids will remember them for years.

Have you ever done anything like this before? Just for fun.

good april fools day pranks

Good April Fools Day Pranks

Which one is your favorite? How do you plan to prank your kids for April Fools Day?

Letter of the Week Snacks: T is for Tree

When you do letter of the week crafts with your preschooler, don’t you love to do a snack with them?

We love fun snacks that encourage learning and the kids can help create.

Weeks back we shared with you a craft for the letter Tt. Do you remember it?

Our letter of the week preschool craft for this letter was a tree.

What better craft that to create a tree out of bananas and grapes for our snack!

This is super easy. I am going to show you how you and your preschooler can create one of these as well.

letter of the week snacks t is for tree

 You Will Need:

  • 1 banana
  • a handful of green grapes
  • 1/4 of a cup of your favorite yogurt
  • a ziplock bag so you can pipe the yogurt onto the plate
  • scissors for cutting the ziplock bag
  • a knife (use your discretion here)

Here are all of the supplies together.

I used a blue sectional plate that we have from years ago when my oldest was a preschooler.

how to make a tree snack out of fruit


Slice the grapes in half long-wise.

This helps them lay flat when creating your tree leaves.

use grapes to make a preschool snack

Slice the banana in half, also long-wise.

use a banana to make a preschool snack that looks like a tree


Place the banana flat side down as demonstrated below.

Assemble the grapes flat side down to represent the leaves.

a tree made out of a banana and grapes

 Put about 1/4th of a cup of your favorite flavored yogurt in a ziplock back.

Cut the bottom corner off of one of the ends of the bag so you can pipe the yogurt onto the plate.

We made a sun, grass, flowers and birds with the yogurt.

using yogurt to make a fun snack for preschoolers

And there you have it. A create way to learn.

Enjoy your tree snack.

preschool tree snack

Your kids will love when learning is fun!

Check out our T is for Tree letter of the week craft while you’re here.

More Letter of the Week Snacks

27 Letter A Crafts for Preschool

Are you doing letter of the week crafts with your preschooler? This is a great way to learn the alphabet together and make memories.

Since starting the weekly ABC’s series on my site over a year ago, I get regular searches for more crafts and activities to do with your kids that focus on the alphabet. The letter Aa is a popular search.

I have pulled together 27 fun and engaging letter a crafts for preschool. Many of these ideas are from other bloggers who have done preschool at home with their kids!

You can do all of these at home using items you have on hand. There are even book lists for your next trip to the library! You’re going to love this!

27 Letter A Crafts for Preschool

27 Letter A Crafts for Preschool

  1. A is for Alligator- this preschool letter of the week craft is from Crystal & Co. Make your alligator out of construction paper and let him eat the letter Aa while you’re at it!
  2. All New Romping Roaring ABC Pack- if you are looking for a collection of printables to use as you learn the letter Aa, this awesome pack from 3 Dinosaurs is perfect!
  3. A is for Alligator Tot School- love how The Educators Spin on it shares fun ways to learn the letter Aa with your tot by incorporating lots of alligator activities.
  4. Animal Charades for Kids (Free Printable)- playing games can be the perfect way for kids to remember what they learn. This printable from Buggy and Buddy is a real hoot!
  5. Tissue Paper Art Apple Tree Craft- love this adorable apple tree craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning using items you have on hand!
  6. Learn Your ABCs on an Architecture Scavenger Hunt- make learning your alphabet fun. KC Adventures suggests taking a walk and discovering all of your letter with architecture!
  7. Exploring Animal Tracks- focus on the letter Aa as you search for animal tracks! Another fun, get out of the house, activities from KC Adventures.
  8. Apple Pie Sensory Play for Preschool- sensory play is perfect for preschoolers. Fun-a-Day shows us how to make an apple pie inspired sensory bucket. Love this!
  9. Free Apple Activities Pack- this collection is perfect for kiddos ages 2-8. All things apples from 3 Dinosaurs
  10. Workboxes and Activities for the Letter A- love these workbox ideas from The Chaos and the Clutter. There are printables and hands on activities!
  11. DIY Airplane Crayons- recycle those old crayons and make them into airplane crayons! Follow the easy tutorial from Nothing if Not Intentional.
  12. Spicey Apple Playdough- my kids love scented playdough! This recipes for apple flavored from Fun-a-Day is awesome!
  13. Books for Teaching the Letter A- love this collection of 14 books from The Measured Mom that teaches and/or focuses on the letter Aa.
  14. Stuffed Paper Apple Craft- this craft is ridiculously adorable. Make apples out of paper and stuff them. I love this fine motor skill craft from Buggy and Buddy.
  15. It’s Apple Picking Time – Yarn Apples- make apples out of yard with 3 Dinosaurs.
  16. Apple Playdough- this is a no cook recipe and involves adding apple scented shampoo for the smell! Love this from Fantastic Fun and Learning.
  17. Airplane Snack- this yummy snack from Crystal & Co., is healthy and the perfect treat for learning.
  18. Hands on Learning Fun with an Ant Egg Carton- I love this craft from The Educators Spin on it. My twins made something similar years ago when they went to Mothers Day Out. 
  19. Fingerprint Apples- so simple and a keepsake from 3 Dinosaurs.
  20. A is for Alien- I love this and my boys would too! Make a handprint alien from Red Ted Art.
  21. FREE Letter A Printable: A is for Apple- a fun printable from The Measured Mom that uses stickers or Do a Dots to complete.
  22. Prayer Flag Craft: Apple Stamps- use sliced apples to make stamps like The Nurture Store did.
  23. Apple Calendar Cards- create a calendar with the kids using this free apple themed printable from 3 Dinosaurs.
  24. Apple Emergent Readers for Playschool- I love these printable books from Fun-a-Day!
  25. Life Cycle of an Apple Tree – Torn Paper Apple Trees- this is great for older preschoolers. Love this life-cycle study from 3 Dinosaurs.
  26. 9 Preschool Letter A Crafts- these crafts all focus on our letter. The Measured Mom is so creative.
  27. Arctic Small World Sensory Play- I love when learning is fun and allows my boys to use their imagination. This sensory bucket idea from Fun-a-Day is awesome!

Which one is your favorite?

Kid Color Pages for St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s Day is coming and my boys are so excited.

Here are some kid color pages to celebrate. Matthew and Nick had so much fun with these earlier this week.

There are six pages. One is a leprechaun, a four leaf clover, a rainbow,  a pot of gold, a hat and horseshoe.

Matthew colored his page all green.

Kid Color Pages for St. Patrick's Day

You Will Need:

I colored the rainbow and then Matthew wanted to finish it up.

Kid Color Pages for St. Patrick's Day rainbow

 Download the entire packet of six pages.

st patricks day kid color pages


The four leaf clover is fun to color too. You can incorporate counting by counting the leaves.


four leaf clover


Talk about colors when you do the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue indigo and violet.

Your kids will notice how similar the last three colors are.




Color the pot of gold that is at the end of the rainbow.

pot of gold


Use markers or crayons to color. You can even add some glitter for the gold if you want.


The horseshoe is for good luck.


Which page is your favorite? Your kiddos will have so much fun with this!

More St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: