Fall Leaves Printables and Activities for Kids

Down here in Southern Alabama, we don’t really have all the pretty colors when our leaves start falling.  We either have green or dead and nothing in between. LOL!  So, I want my kids to understand what happens in other parts of our country.  These Fall Leaves printables are perfect for teaching our Children all about the Autumn Season!  Personally, Fall is one of my favorite seasons and has an awesome learning potential: from leaves, to colors, to how animals prepare for Winter, to the great Holidays coming!

Fall Leaves Printables and Activities for Kids

Fall Leaves Printables and Activities for Kids:

I hope you and yours enjoy these printables & crafts as much as Tank and I do!

  1. Love this Alphabet Leaf Activity to help our preschool children match upper & lower case letters.
  2. This Fall Leaf Unit Study from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom is a perfect companion to your homeschool plan for all ages!
  3. This Leaf Garland craft is just too adorable!  I would love to string it on my banister!
  4. You and your kids can learn All About Leaves with this free printable pack from 3 Dinosaurs!
  5. This L is for Leaf craft is a fun way to introduce Fall to your Preschoolers!
  6. Crafty Morning curated a ton of Fall Leaves Crafts for your kids to make.
  7. Not enough leaves?  Check out this list of over 20 leaf activities for kids!

More Fall Crafts:

Fall isn’t just about leaves!  You can learn even more about fall with any of the following projects and printables!

Do you have any favorite fall leaves printables that you use in your homeschooling?  Please share them in the comments below!

26 Activities When Kids Are Sick

You’ve been there, I am sure.

You have a child who has been sick and they are getting better but still not well enough to attend school or outside of the home activities.

They have been home for a couple of days and they’re now stir crazy.

Now, you’re on the hunt for activities for kids when they’re sick.

I have a plan for you!

26 activities when kids are sick

Hop over to Parents.com where I am writing today. I have shared a list of 26 boredom busters for sick kids. i think you will love them!

These are all activities that can be done on the couch, nothing is physical or exhausting. They are all things that will help relieve cabin fever when you’ve been stuck inside for days.

Numbers 14 is my favorite! Just requires their imagination!

Come back and let me know which one’s you’re most excited to use the next time you’re in this situation.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dr. Cocoa. The opinions and text are all mine.

Kid Color Pages: Room on the Broom

Have you heard of the children’s book Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson? What a fun book this is and perfect as we approach Halloween.

I thought it would be fun to make some kid color pages to go with this book.

Color pages are very good for children to use. Coloring helps build fine motor skills, develops grip, enhances hand and eye coordination, and more!

I have put these printables in order to go with the storybook, so this will help with comprehension and sequencing too!

And I have included handwriting practice for kids on these pages too!


kid color pages room on the broom

You Will Need:

The first page is just the witch on her broom.

Kids can trace the words Room on the Broom.

Add a bow to her hair if you want.

room on the broom color pages

Next we have the cat. I know it is not the same exact cat as shown in the book.

You could have your little one draw lines to make it a calico cat.

Trace the sentence below the cat.

Notice the sentence starts with a capital letter.

the witch had a cat handwriting practice

Then there is the sweet little dog.

Is there room on the broom for a dog?

How many spots are on the dog?


coloring pages

And that crazy bird.

Color him green to match the bird in the book.

Notice the punctuation at the end of the sentence.

coloring pages for room on the broom

And the clean little frog.

He is so silly on that broom.

Bring notice to the other shapes- the half moon and star on his hat.

coloring pages halloween frog

And then they run into a mean dragon who captures the witch!

room on the broom dragon coloring sheet

And the dragon is scared away by creatures with big eyes in the dark and he lets the witch go!

room on the broom coloring sheet


The witch is so happy to makes up a potion in her cauldron!

cauldronm coloring sheet

The broom is fixed and now there is room on the broom for everyone!

full moon coloring sheet for room on the broom


Super fun story and the coloring pages just bring it to life.

Want more super fun activities you can do with your kiddos as you read this book and other Julia Donaldson books to your kids?

More Julia Donaldson Activities:

Room on the Broom

Room on the Broom

The Gruffalo

The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson a book for kids

Stick Man

Stick Man book for kids

Books and Activities featured at the Virtual Book Club for Kids

We’d love to see the Mo Willems inspired activities that you do with your child or class!   Come share your activity Idea and photos on our VBC Facebook Page or in the Comment Section.

Printable Book List for upcoming Authors and Books for #vbcforkids 


Fall Activities for Preschoolers: Our Fall Bucket List

Fall is at its peak here in Northern Ontario, Canada. The leaves have already changed their colours and have started forming a thick blanket on the floor. The squirrels are busy collecting their acorns for colder weather and we are loving the cooler weather. To celebrate this colourful season, I will be sharing our Fall Activities for Preschoolers Bucket List. This is simply a list of activities that J, my preschooler and I would love to do this fall.

Fall Activities for Preschoolers- our bucket list


Fall Activities For Preschoolers Bucket List

1. Create A Fall Sensory Bin

This activity was inspired my preschooler J. She saw the over abundance of acorns and loved looking at the scampering squirrels from a safe distance. She would pick up an acorn, and then excitedly say, “Look Mommy, an acorn! I can’t eat it. J not a squirrel.” (Let me state that my preschooler is almost 3, so proper grammar or complete sentences is not a huge emphasis right now.) Courtesy of her interest in acorns, I created an acorn sensory bin.
fall activities for preschoolers-fall sensory bins

2. Play in the Leaves

What preschooler , or adult for that matter, does not love playing in a huge pile of dry leaves? I will admit, this is one of the things that I love about living in a colder country. Sure in Jamaica the leaves would fall off but they were always a yucky brown.

3. Apple Bobbing

This is a fall activity for preschoolers that I am sure J would love as we do our own little version of apple bobbing at home. The real thing is generally better than the knock off version of an activity.

4. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Just recently I found out from a friend that there is a pumpkin patch near by in the town we live in. They also have gourds as well as a donkey rides and hay rides. I am looking forward to J picking out the pumpkin she likes and decorating it. Which leads us to number 5 on the list.

5. Decorate a Pumpkin

6. Corn Maze

I am not sure if this is the Jamaican in me speaking but I have NEVER heard of corn mazes. Why would I want to go in a maze of corn? Well even though I am not too happy about this idea, I am sure J and the rest of our family would love to experience it. Why should I ruin the fall party?

7. Bonfire

We did our first bonfire with J this spring in the fire pit hubby created and I am sure she would love to experience it again. It should be even better without all those lovely spring bugs. We might even do some marshmallows seeing that J is certain that she loves them even though she has never had them.

8. Have a Picnic with a Twist

J loves having picnics as well as the idea of a picnic. Luckily we can cross this one off. Our family went on a hike and had a picnic lunch on the top of a cliff with close fiends. Seeing all the colours from that view was nothing short of AMAZING.
fall activities for preschoolers- have a picnic on a cliff with friends

9. Read Books About Fall

There are so many books that exist about fall. Our favourite so far is The Pumpkin Patch Parable.

10. Make Apple Butter and Apple Sauce

11. Nature Walk

Here is a great nature walk list courtesy of Raising Boys Homeschool.

Well there you have it, our fall activities for preschoolers bucket list. What plans do you have for fall with your preschooler?

Alphabet Leaf Matching for Kids

Are you looking for some frugal and fun leaf activities for kids this Fall?

I love the opportunity to make a game educational. And this can be done on an extreme budget when shopping at Dollar Tree! All of the supplies can be purchased for $5, but you may already have some of these items on hand.

Sorting is a basic skill needed for reading and math. Activities like this are not only something kids enjoy because you’re making them a game, but they are learning… painlessly!

leaf activities for kids from dollar treeItems Needed:

  • 2 packages of Fall Leaves (they are located in the decor and craft area of Dollar Tree)
  • permanent marker
  • 2 baskets or containers (also in the decor and craft area at Dollar Tree)

Each packet of leaves contained 50. I purchased two packages.

I sorted the colors into stacks.

dollar tree frugal fun

Grab your marker and choose one color of leaves to dedicate to lower case letters. I did lowercase letters on the brown leaves.

Use another color to dedicate to capital letters. I chose red leaves for this.

Then I used the orange leaves for the vowels. I did both capital and lowercase vowels on orange leaves. This way we could have a discussion about vowels and why they are different than all of the other letters of the alphabet.

leaf activities for kids

I wrote the letters on the back of the leaves since the front of each leaf has lines on it.

Lay all of the leaves out on a flat service where students can see the letters on the leaves.

fall activities for kids

Alphabet Matching Game

Identify a basket for capital letters and a basket for lowercase letters. I purchased baskets in two different colors- one a bit darker than the other.

Have children sort the letters starting with the letter A and working their way through to the letter Z.

Basic Sorting Game

If your child does not know the order of the alphabet but can identify the difference in capital and lowercase letters, this is an excellent exercise for them as well. In this case they need not go in order, but simply focus on sorting capital and lowercase letters.

Spelling Game

If students are more advanced ask them to spell words using the leaves. Maybe they spell their spelling words, vocabulary words, their name, etc.

As you can see there are many different ways to utilize alphabet leaves for learning!

leaf activity for kids

Everything stores nicely in the baskets and stays organized and tidy.

alphabet activities for kids


What are some of your favorite activities for kids?

Have you made a fun game for your kids recently on a budget? I would love to hear about it!



Make sure you check out my collection of over 20 leaf activities for kids that is perfect for the Fall season! Enjoy!

Books Children Must Read: Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Here is a story  you have to add to your list of books children must read. We are in love!!

Have you heard of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!? Such a fun, fun story.

We are joining some other bloggers who write about activities for kids in their Virtual Book Blu for Kids.I am so stoked about this month’s author, Mo Willems!

don't let the pigeon drive the bus activity for kids


I was totally inspired by a play dough activity that Crayons and Coffee Cups shared for this book (link at the end of this post). We thought why not make a clay pigeon?!

Our initial intentions were to make a 3D standing pigeon and make a claymation video replicating the story book. We tried hard but just could not pull it off.

So instead we used homemade clay that hardens and made a pigeon and a bus as well as a printable with all the hilarious sayings the pigeon says when he is mad that no one will let him ride the bus!

Check out how we did this and the awesome ideas that other  bloggers shared for this same book!

You Will Need:

Print out the pigeon conversation bubbles sheet.

don't let the pigeon drive the bus printables


Cut each conversation bubble out.

Glue each bubble to it’s own craft stick.

Let them dry.

conversation bubbles for don't let the pigeon drive the bus


Make the clay.

We did a batch of blue, yellow white and black.

Follow the direction in our tutorial for how to make homemade clay.

homemade clay you can bake

Have your kids mold a bus and a pigeon.

They can also mold anything else from the book they like.

Mom and Dad can help too.

Then pop it in the oven on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper at 250 degrees for 30 minutes.

Once it is done let your creation cool 100%!

mo willems book activity for kids


Now you are ready to have fun.

Read the story to your children and have fun with the conversation bubbles on a stick.

Come on?! Just once around the block!

don't let the pigeon drive the bus

This is such a fun activity for kids as you read this hilarious story about a relentless pigeon who begs to drive a bus.


don't let the pigeon drive the bus clay activity for kids

Want more super fun activities you can do with your kiddos as you read this book and other Mo Willems books?

Mo Willems Activities

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus Activities 

Knuffle Bunny Activities 

The Duckling Gets a Cookie Activities 

See all the books by Mo Willems

Books and Activities featured at the Virtual Book Club for Kids

We’d love to see the Mo Willems inspired activities that you do with your child or class!   Come share your activity Idea and photos on our VBC Facebook Page or in the Comment Section.

Printable Book List for upcoming Authors and Books for #vbcforkids 

How to Make Homemade Clay for Kids

Yesterday we decided to get the kitchen messy and create something fun.

Did you know it is so super easy to make homemade molding clay? Allowing kids to create something out of clay or play dough or other materials while they are learning really allows things to stick in their mind. We ended up using this clay to go along with a story we read which made for an excellent comprehension activity!

Wondering how to make homemade clay? I am going to show you. Super easy and fun. It only uses two ingredients- unless you want to dye it which just adds one more ingredient.

How to Make Homemade ClaySupplies:

homemade clay recipe

Put the cornstarch in a mixing bowl.

I did one cup cornstarch.

Then, had half of that amount in glue. So, since I did one cup of cornstarch I did half a cup of glue.

homemade hardening clay


If you want to dye or tint the clay, you need to add the coloring to the glue.

Add a few drops of dye into the glue and stir.

use food coloring or gel tint to color the clay

Pour the glue into the bowl with the cornstarch and stir.

Once it is well mix and clumpy, use your hands to form it all together.

recipe for homemade clay


We made four different batches. We did turquoise blue, a bright yellow, some black and then one batch that was no coloring at all, just white.

Any idea what we’re going to use these colors to create? It is a fun activity for kids that involves a classic story book.

clay made from corn starch and glue

I like to give the kids cutting boards to create on.

You can leave it out a room temperature and it will dry.

For best results pop it in a 250 degree oven on a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper for 30 minutes.

If the clay starts to dry to fast while you’re creating, just wet your hands a little and don’t dry them off well. The clay will become pliable again!

This white and yellow clay of abstract art that Matthew created is not baked. We just let it sit out to dry.

molding clay that dries easily

Luke made this blue school bus. We baked it and it is very, very hard. Can you guess what

how to make things out of homemade clay

Can you guess what storybook this goes with?

Watch for a fun interactive idea later this week!

More Homemade Activities for Kids:

I was inspired by this recipe over at Creative Playhouse.


Over 20 Leaf Activities for Kids

Fall is here and what better way to celebrate than to enjoy some fun leaf activities for kids!?

We are so excited for crisp weather, changing colors of the leaves and walks outside. We’ve already started reading books about Fall.

I have made this list of activities that I can do with my boys over the next few weeks while we homeschool, but I thought you would love them too! We can’t wait to do the leaf rubbing (I just found some flat crayon blocks for this) and the leaf identification cards. You will find us at the walking trails here in our town going on a leaf hunt!

We are going to have such a great time learning and exploring together.

(Also, at the end of this post I am giving away $500! Times four! Deposited right into your PayPal. I’ve teamed up with a group of amazing Kid Activity bloggers to offer this! Check it out as you scroll down!)

more than 20 leaf activities for kids


Over 20 Leaf Activities for Kids

  1. Leaf Threading  from Picklebums
  2. Leaf Rubbing from RedTedArt 
  3. Leaf Maze by Happy Hooligans 
  4. Leaf Identification Cards from Wild Flower Ramblings 
  5. Leaf Window Garland by Hands on as We Grow 
  6. Play Dough Leaf Prints from Learning 4 Kids 
  7. Leaf Printable Learning Pack from 3 Dinosaurs 
  8. Fall Leaf Baby Tunnel by Kids Activities Blog
  9. Leaf Tree by I Can Teach My Child  
  10. Create a Leaf Man (and enjoy the book) by Inspiration Laboratories 
  11. Build Speech and Language About Leaves from Playing with Words 
  12. Leaf Sensory Bin  (goes perfect with Red Leaf Yellow Leaf) from Stir the Wonder 
  13. Graphing Leaves in Preschool by Teach Preschool 
  14. Leaf Lantern by Teaching Mama 
  15. Negative Leaf Impressions from TinkerLab 
  16. Leaf Sun Catchers from Fun at Home with Kids 
  17. Where is the Leaf Printable from Pre K Pages 
  18. Color Blending with Leaves from Enchanted Homeschooling Mom 
  19. Leaf Match from 3 Boys and a Dog 
  20. Leaf Number Movement Game by Toddler Approved 
  21. Leaf Unit Study from Living Montessori Now 

How are you celebrating Fall? I would love to hear about any fun crafts or activities you have planned.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway


More Activities for Kids 

Kid Color Pages: Pirates

Are you on the hunt for pirate activities for kids? If so you will enjoy these free coloring pages!

Both boys and girls will love these for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It is a fun eight page packet. Let me show you all of the pages!

Kid Color Pages PiratesYou can print the pirate coloring pages here. <<——- click the link

The first page is a fun pirate boy with a patch over his eye. Do you know why pirate wore patches on one eye?

It is said that because pirates would move from one deck that had light to another deck that was darkness, they kept a patch on one eye to make it easier for their eyes to adapt.

Have you ever noticed how your eye sight takes a minute to adjust when you go from bright lights to darkness?

kid color pages pirate boyDid you know there were girl pirates too?

Anne Bonny is a famous female pirate who lived in the 1700’s.

free pirate coloring pages

A pirates sword was called a cutless. They curved up (cupped) at the end, like the one below.

coloring pages

Parrots were often used as pets on the ships with pirates. They were easier to care for than wild animals.

And, when the pirate returned to shore he could sell the bird for money.

pirate treasure chest


Do you know what the name of the pirate flag is called? A Jolly Roger.

pirate ship color page

While it is believed that pirates really did not bury treasure. Maps have become part of the fictional stories we hear about pirates.

Have you ever heard anyone say “x marks the spot”?

pirate map color page

Skulls like this were used as a warning of sorts on pirate flags.

free coloring pages pirate skeleton


Have fun coloring these pages as you talk like a pirate!

More Pirate Activities for Kids



Preschool: Ocean Crafts and Activities

Over at 3 Boys and a Dog, we have spent all Summer creating content for an Ocean Animals Unit Study.  As we are teaching our kids all about the ocean, we find quickly that the littlest ones do best with some hands on fun.  So, I have compiled a list of preschool ocean crafts and activities  for those littlies to really grasp the ocean animal learning!  The following crafts and activities are great for prewriting skills and fine motor skills.  Plus, they are in a fun ocean theme.  What kids don’t like the ocean and all the animals in it?

ocean animals crafts and activities

Preschool: Ocean Animals Theme Unit Activities

These ocean cutting practice worksheets are great for increasing fine motor skills and scissor skills in our kids.

Help your preschoolers master handwriting with these free printable handwriting worksheets in a fun ocean theme!

These pre-writing worksheets are great for fine motor with their straight lines, wavy lines, and more to help your children get comfortable with writing!

Get your kids up and active with this fun ocean animals movement game from Toddler Approved!

If your kids like to color (mine doesn’t right now!), these ocean animal color pages are sure to be a hit!  Tank used to like to color, but he is going through a phase.  ANyway, when he did like to color, I would give him coloring sheets while reading to him.  It kept his hands busy and allowed his ears to listen. :-)

Don’t forget to grow the love of reading in your children!  These ocean themed picture books are perfect for our preschool kids to help them learn book skills and have fun with books!

How about 28 pages of ocean animals do-a-dot printables?

When learning the alphabet, it really helps kids to learn to recognize certain letters among many other ones.  These find a letter worksheets will help your kids do just that!

Preschool: Ocean Crafts

preschool ocean animals unit study

Kids love crafts – period!  This sandy ocean and cool breezes craft is the perfect messy play craft to help kids recognize ocean animals!

Gather your supplies to make these ocean animals playdough imprints!

What animals can you and your children find swimming in the deep blue sea?

Create your own beach sand cloud dough with this homemade cloud dough recipe!

Let’s take a swim craft can be super fun (and educational) for kids.  This craft uses homemade potato stampers!

This kids ocean craft is awesome to display!  DO it early in your ocean animals theme unit so you can look at it for weeks to come!

You can find all of the Ocean Animals Theme Unit printables, book lists, and activities over on my site, 3 boys and a dog!