Test Drive a Chevy Traverse and You Get a $40 Spa Giftcard- No Strings Attached

Oh, I miss the Traverse.

So do my kids.

There was so much about this vehicle that I loved and that was perfect for my family. This vehicle is a mommy solution!

Would you like to experience this car as well?

You have nothing to lose.

Visit any of these North Texas Chevy Dealers, test drive a Traverse or a Malibu (great car too!) and you get a $40 giftcard to SpaFinder.

For real.

No strings attached.

Hurry, you only have until November 23rd, 2011! Here are all the details.

In the meantime, take a tour of the Traverse with Crystal & Co.

And don’t miss the video of my favorite Traverse feature. It beeps!

Does Your Car Beep?

Facts about my family and this video:

  1. It takes us 30 minutes to get buckled up in the car. No wonder we are late everywhere we go.
  2. I did not ask any of my children to make weird faces while filming this video. They did it on their own free will.
  3. This video required about 75 takes. Seriously.
  4. Random neighbor kid in my front yard- gotta love it.
  5. Chicken noises by a toddler- so funny!

The Chevy Traverse is a mommy solution!

My 90’s Music Playlist

I am a music junkie. There is no way around it.

I love many genres. Even some of the crazy 80’s country my mother made me listen to in our station wagon as a child.

Music takes me back to times in my life. I can almost re-live them. In detail.

So you know I am driving this Chevy Traverse for 2 weeks. One thing I love about this car (and I loved in the Malibu) is XM Radio. There is a station that plays music just for kids, a doctor/medical station, and then there are stations that play just Elvis music, or all 90’s music.

Yes, I said all 90’s music.

Um, I may listen to 90’s on 9 often.

Here is a taste of what they played the other morning when I was out running kids to school.

I was jammin’.

Yes, I said jammin’.What is Love– oh my goodness gracious. The year is 1993- do you remember Haddaway? I was a freshman in hike high school. Could not wait until the day I could drive a car. All by myself.

All 4 Love– do you remember Color Me Badd? I always liked that they spelled their name with two b’s. I think I was in middle school… By the way, where are they now?

Whats My Age Again? Blink 182!! I dream of being a drummer every time I hear their music. It was late 90’s when this song came out- I was technically an adult, but I could listen to Blink until I am 50. Maybe 80?

She’s My Cherry Pie– this one is from the early 90’s.   Remember Warrant? Or was it Poison?  Hair bands- oh my.

Dangerous– by Roxette. Oh my goodness- this is a song that defines the early 90’s. A time when MTV and VH1 really played music videos. I may have choreographed my very own dance to this song in my bedroom. Maybe. I would hot roll my hair, put on my stone washed jeans, and… ok I’ll stop there. Hold on tight you know she’s a little bit dangerous, she’s got what it takes to make ends meet….

Total Eclipse of the Heart– yes, this song existed before Glee. Love her voice. I always thought this sounds like a song Meatloaf would sing. You agree?

500 Miles– remember this? The movie was… Benny and June? Right? I was going into my sophomore year in high school. Dating my high school sweetheart. You know high school sweethearts are really just fairy tale dreams, right?

Closer to Free- hello, the Party of 5 theme song. Oh my heavens, Scott Wolf. Was he not the cutest dimple smiling hunk in the mid 90’s. Where is he now? Music to live by. In the mid 90’s all I could focus on was growing up too fast. I wish I could go back and talk to my 17 year old self. You too?

3 AM- Matchbox 20. Wow, this brings back some memories. Late 90’s. I was not a mother yet. Had a great job and focused entirely too much on what life would be like when I was 30. Needless to say, we’re divorced now. Man, this album could bring back a million memories. I should have listened to the lyrics…

Closing Time– I have always loved this song. I hear it is a common song played these days at local bars at 2 am. Late 90’s. I have a 5 speed Ford Probe. It was Maroon. Do you remember the Ford Probe? I thought I was way cool.


What’s on your playlist?

Crystal & Co. is Driving a Chevy Traverse for 2 Weeks

The North Texas Chevy Dealers are partnering with Bloggers here in the DFW area again…. and Crystal & Co gets to be a part of it!

35 local bloggers were chosen to drive and review this beautiful crossover vehicle for two weeks.

We met at the State Fair of Texas to pick up our Chevy Traverse.

The excitement was running through our veins.

Isn’t this a beautiful vehicle?

We are all driving the Diamond Edition.

I am so excited to share our journey with you guys.

In the meantime, hop over to the Chevy website to learn more about this crossover.

And my boys officially worship me. This is me and my sister-in-law in the Transformer Camaro known to boys all over the world as Bumble Bee.

(Lynn is participating in the Chevy Traverse program too. You can follow her two week journey as well over at Pink Umbrella Photography.)

You can follow all of the DFW Chevy Girls on the Go over on Facebook and Twitter.

This is going to be so much fun!

Feel free to read my disclosure statement.

Texas Rangers

This past weekend Chevy gave me tickets to the Ranger game.

Chevy has sent me to cool things like the Rodeo and the Ranger’s game. And they have let me drive a cool car for a month.

If you ever come to the DFW area, you’ve gotta go to a Ranger game.

Their stadium is in Arlington, Texas. About 15-20 miles from Dallas.


I remember when the new Ranger stadium was built. I was in high school when it opened and the first game was played on the new grounds.

And here is an interesting tidbit. The brick on the outside of the stadium is called Ranger Red. It was made for the stadium by Acme Brick. The color was such a hit, Acme Brick soon started making it not just for commercial buildings but also for residential homes. I know this because I worked for Acme Brick from 1995-1998. (Commercial brick and residential brick are two different sizes.)

Am I full of useless information or what?

Back to the ballpark.

I totally dig this trolley and bike cart that were toting people to and fro.

Way cool.

But I would not want to be the one peddling.

I have no inside scoop about the trolley or the bike.

If you ever want a tour of the stadium, they offer them.

I’ve been on one. Lots of great info and history about the organization.

There is an underground roadway for semi’s to make deliveries to the ballpark.

For real.

Learned it on the tour.

You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that, won’t you?

Are you a Ranger fan?

Who is your favorite player?

My friend likes Murphy.

Mostly because her maiden name is Murphy and she believes there is a slim chance she could be related to him.

And his shirt was on sale.


She paid full price for the shirt.

My friend and her husband are high school sweethearts.

Sweet, hua?

He is pretty much certain she is NOT related to the Ranger’s player Murphy.

I think a girl can dream, right?

Did I mention Garrett and Anthony played baseball with their son?

My husband has known her husband since they were teenagers.

Everything is connected in Texas.

Isn’t the grass perfect?

Even though it is September here, it was blistering hot.

(See, my yellow shoes? They take me everywhere and go with every outfit I own. Except yoga pants.)

We were melting out there.

See that fenced in balcony across the way?

There is an air conditioned restaurant over there.

About half way through the game, we sat in the air conditioning.

Red and blue.

Texas Ranger fans.

I love the feeling of people on the street.

The smell of hot dogs.

The red and blue.

Here is more useless information for ya.

See this building below? That is the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Make sense?

It is right across the street from the Ranger stadium.

It is the stadium the Super Bowl was held in this past year.

The Black Eyed Peas performed. I took a narcissism test after watching the Black Eyed Peas perform.

Troy Aikman used to play for the Cowboys.

Troy Aikman used to be an endorser of Acme Brick back in the 90’s.

Jason Garrett is the new head coach for the Cowboys.

Jason Garrett was Aikman’s backup quarterback in the 90’s.

I have a son named Garrett and a son with the middle name Jason.

The six degrees of Crystal & Co.

You should visit DFW sometime.

You’d like it.

I know I do.

Crystal & Co Gets a Massage

Gotta Love Chevy sent me and my friend Kim on a Mom’s Time Out at Massage Envy (who has an awesome introductory rate of $39 for your first hour session).

We totally needed it.

Time away.

Time to relax.

Time to recoup.

And then, life is quickly back to normal.

Crystal & Co. Goes to Massage Envy from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.

Need a Phone Number?

Don’t spend money on directory assistance when you have OnStar.

I needed a phone number asap! And OnStar delivered, as children  devoured  fought over a chocolate chip cookie in the backseat. Guess which child scored the cookie? You’ll be surprised.

Use OnStar Instead of Directory Assistance from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.

Busy Mom Running Errands?

OnStar helped us find the closest camera shop. Watch as they send turn by turn directs directly to our car.

Get off track? No problem. Easy interface for communicating to get you back on route in seconds!

Check out the video…

OnStar Helps Us Find the Nearest Camera Shop! from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.