Olaf From Frozen Christmas Craft

We are in love with Olaf from Frozen. He is just the cutest little snowman.

I am going to show you how you can make this fun Olaf craft that is perfect for Christmas. It can go on your mantle, on a shelf, or work it into any of your Christmas decor.

You will not believe what I made this out of.

Wait for it….

It is a re-purposed coffee creamer container!

Let me show you how I did this.

olaf christmas craft

Right now you likely have an almost empty container of International Delight’s Frosted Sugar Cookie coffee creamer.

Oh my word, have you tried this in your coffee?


Get some! Perfect for your breakfast coffee.

Now for he craft….

Do you want to build a snowman? (Sorry, I could not help it,)

Let’s watch it transform!

international delight sugar cookie coffee creamer



    • 1 empty International Delight Coffee Creamer container




    • scissors


    • orange, white and black felt


    • 2 black pipe cleaners


    • 2 small sticks from your yard




Remove the wrapper from the coffee creamer.

Spray paint the entire container white, including the lid.

Once dry, add a coat of the glitter blast spray over the white spray paint.

Let it dry 100%. You will have a sparkly snowman!

Meanwhile, take a sheet of orange felt.

Cut a triangle with the felt.

Follow the images below to create a nose for Olaf.

Notice in picture one, the bottom of the triangle is cut flat.

Use hot glue to seal the cone shape and stuff with Poli-Fil.

Set it aside.

how to make a nose for olaf from frozen

Use black felt and cut out two circles that are one and a half inches in diameter.

Next, cut out two white circles that are one and a forth inches in diameter.

Then cut out five more black circles that are three fourths of an inch in diameter. Two will be for eyes and three of them will be for the snowman buttons.

Cut out two arched eyebrows out of the black felt. Super easy.

felt to make an olaf craft

Hot glue the eyes in layers to the dry coffee creamer container.

Glue on the nose and eyebrows.

Glue on the black circles that are buttons.

One at a time, glue on the sticks for arms. You will have to hold them in place while the hot glue dries.

olaf from frozen

Use the two pipe cleaners and cut them down to make three pieces of Olaf hair.

One hair is taller than the other two.

Hot glue them on the back of the coffee creamer cap.

olaf frozen christmas craft

And there you have it. Olaf from Frozen as a Christmas decoration.

Perfect decor for your cookie party too!

olaf from frozen craft

How have you re-purposed a coffee creamer container and made it into something awesome?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

No Sew Teenage Ninja Turtle Costume

I am going to show you how to make this super simple, no sew, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume in less than half an hour.

Who knew that you can take an aluminum roasting pan and turn it into a turtle costume?!

Let me show you how quickly this comes together.

I am serious when I tell you that you can create anything with felt and a hot glue gun!

While you’re here make sure you check out my 31 days of easy DIY Halloween costumes from other bloggers all over the internet.

teenage ninja turtle costume


Take green and brown spray paint and paint the outside of the roasting pan.

Interchange the colors to make it look camo-like if you want. That is what we did.

Let it dry 100%.

use a roasting pan to make a teenage turtle costume

Once it is dry, use a couple of pieces of felt and hot glue to make a holder on the back of the pan for a sword.

how to make a turtle costume with a roasting pan

Use an xacto knife to cut slits in the side of the pan to run the ribbon through as shown below.

roasting pan


Now you will be able to place the pan on the child’s back and tie the ribbon in the front.

Use velcro and to connect the shirt and the frying pan just for extra hold.


teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

Cut out the piece of yellow felt in an rectangle-oval shape.

Place it on top of the shirt and start to hot glue the felt edges down into place on the shirt.

This will serve as the belly of the turtle.

Leave one small section open so you can fill this felt area up with Poli-Fil, which is like pillow stuffing.

Then use the hot glue gun to seal the felt up.

Use the marker to draw lines on the felt that resemble the belly of the turtle. You can see how we did this below.

Next. cut a 2 inch circle out of black felt.

Hot glue it onto the yellow felt.

Use white felt to cut out the first initial of your child’s name.

Hot glue the letter onto the black circle.

Outline it with puffy paint if you want. This is totally optional.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costumes

Grab the foam mask.

Spray paint it whatever color you want it. We did green.

Whatever color you spray paint it, hot glue felt strips to the sides of it so you can give the mask the tied look for the costume.

Gran your shreds of fabric, we cut up green fabric squares from the craft store, and cut them into strips. These can be tied on the pant legs of your child.

teenage mutant ninja turtle costume

And now your little Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is ready to trick or treat!

how to make a homemade teenage turtle costume

When was the last time you made a homemade Halloween costume? We had so much fun this week making costumes. I have more to share over the next few days!

While you’re here, make sure you check out my Olaf costume that you can make for $10 and my Homemade Lego costume you can make for free!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Check out our video below to see all 8 of the awesome costumes that were all created for $20 or less!

Easy Olaf Costume on a Budget

The Dinsey movie Frozen is one that  kids love right now. If you’re looking for easy DIY Halloween costumes this year, I have a tutorial that can make this idea come together in a flash for you.

It is so fun to make your own, but it defeats the purpose if you over-spend.

Let me show you how to make an Olaf costume on a budget. This tutorial will cost about $10!

This is a great dress up costume for any time of year, once Halloween is over. My kids love to use their imagination and do dramatic play all year long!

how to make an olaf costume on a budget


Check your local craft store for these supplies. The hat and felt will be much cheaper there than ordering it online.

This time of year you can usually find felt on sale for 5 sheets for $1.

The hat is the main part of the costume and it is super easy to assemble.

For the eyes, cut out two, 2 inch, circles from the black felt.

Then, cut out two, 1 and 3/4 inch, circles from the white felt.

Finally, cut out two, 1 1/2 inch, circles from the black felt.

Using hot glue, glue the larger black circles onto the hat for the eyes. On top of that, glue the white circles and then on top of the white circles glue the smaller black circles.

Using the black felt, cut out two thick, arched eyebrows. Glue the eyebrows above the eyes.

Take some orange felt and cut out a large triangle. The larger the triangle the larger the Olaf nose will be.

Roll the felt to make a cone. Seal the edge with hot glue.

Stuff the inside of the cone with Poli-Fil. Use hot glue to attach it to the hat.

Finally, take three stems of black or brown pipe cleaners. Cut a small slit in the top of the hat. Feed the pipe cleaners up through the slit. Hot glue the ends to the inside of the hat. Shape the three pipe cleaners to look like sprigs of Olaf hair that are coming out the top of the hat. I left the middle pipe cleaner longer in length and cut the two end pipe cleaners to be a bit shorter.

Finally, cut  a 3 and 1/2 inch piece of white felt into a rectangle for the teeth. Cut a vertical slit in the middle of the rectangle so the felt will resemble teeth. Hot glue this to the brim of the hat.

homemade olaf costume

Cut out three more 2 inch circles from the black felt.

Hot glue them to the white shirt as shown below.

Pair this with some black sweatpants or jeans and you have a DIY Olaf costume on a budget!

use felt to make a homemade olaf costume

My little Matthew had so much fun with this costume earlier this week when we were invited to Good Morning Texas to share easy DIY Halloween costumes on a budget in a fun segment.

This is such an affordable way to create a trendy costume that all of the kids will love.

DIY Olaf Costume for Kids

And remember, this is something they can dress up in all year long as they pretend play and use their imagination!

This is super simple and literally takes about 15-20 minutes to makes!

olaf halloween costume

Make sure you check out my Homemade Lego Costume that you can make for next to nothing. All you need is a big box.

Are you making homemade Halloween costumes this year? I would love to know what you’re creating!

8 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes on a Budget

Oh, and check out our fun segment on the local morning show. We shared 8 easy costumes you can make for no more than $20 each (some for free)!

Homemade Lego Costume

Are you making Halloween costumes at home this year? Don’t you miss doing this as a kid? I remember my mother making ours for many years of our childhood.

I have the simplest tutorial  for making a homemade Lego costume.  This literally can be made in about 30 minutes and costs next to nothing.

I am not sure if you remember or not, but last year we shared 31 days of easy DIY Halloween costumes from other bloggers all over the internet. It was such a fun way to share simple costume ideas with other moms. Ever since then I have wanted to make a Lego costume for my boys.

Let me show you how simple this was.

homemade lego costume

(I do not have pictures of us making this during the process because we did it in a hurry after getting an invite to a local morning show segment to talk about DIY Halloween costumes. But this is an easy one. )


Take a regular large box (we used one that large air conditioning filters come on) and stand it up in a vertical position.

Cut the back off of the box with scissors  or an xacto knife.

Then cut a half moon shaped opening out of the top and bottom of the box as shown below so that the child has a place to step into the box.

diy lego costumes


Cut arm holes out of the box.

how to make a lego costume for halloween



At this point we applied a layer of red spray paint evenly over the box.

We (ok, my husband)  also lined up 8 clear disposable drinking cups. Spray paint them as well.

Once they are dry, cut them down to about 1/2 the size salvaging the bottom portion of each cup to glue onto the box.

Line the cups up and hot glue them, bottom end of the cup facing out, to the box. Do this in four rows of two cups.

Now, spray another even layer of paint onto the box and the cups for an even look.

diy lego costume

Let it dry 100% before letting a child use it.

lego costume

Your kiddo can easily step into the box and place his or her arms through the arm holes.

I had our son wear a red thermal shirt, since the Lego is red.

Black jeans and regular play shoes went along perfectly.


lego halloween costumes


This is how the costume looks from the back when the child is in the box.

make a lego halloween costume

This literally costs nothing to make.

It is super light and easy for your kiddo to wear.

how to make a lego costume


Did you see our DIY Olaf costume that you can make in 15-20 minutes for $10?

When was the last time you made a homemade Halloween costume? We had so much fun this week making costumes. I have more to share over the next few days!

Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Check out our video below to see all 8 of the awesome costumes that were all created for $20 or less!

Free Halloween Silhouette Printables

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dollar Tree via Burst Media. The opinions and text are mine.

Are you planning a Halloween party or a Fall Festival of some sort?

Do you need budget friendly decoration and party ideas? Dollar Tree’s Value Seekers Club and I have the perfect solution for you! on for you!

I am going to show you two ways to use the Value Seekers Club’s free silhouette printable. We are going to make spooky picture frames with them and we are going to decorate your Halloween party cups. (Perfect for classroom school parties too!)

free silhouette printables for halloween

Have you been to Dollar Tree lately? They have stocked up on Halloween decor and remember everything there is just $1.

For $2 you can make a picture frame AND 12 party cups. Let me show you how.


    • Value Seekers Club Scary Halloween Silhouette Printable
    • black picture frame ($1 each at Dollar Tree)
    • 12 pack of white party cups ($1 at Dollar Tree)
    • copy paper and printer
    • scissors
    • glue

Print out your favorite silhouette. The Value Seekers Club gives you three printable options – step one is to print out your favorite silhouette! You will see a witch, a spooky tree and a monster. We love the witch. My boys said it was super scary!

If you want to print all three grab three frames at Dollar Tree.

(Have you checked out The Value Seekers Club online? They have tons of cute projects and delicious recipes. All of them use supplies from Dollar Tree.)

dollar tree free printable for halloween

These make awesome mantle and tabletop decorations for you party or your holiday decor.

See that black crow? Another $1 decor idea at Dollar Tree. Go get one!

Scary Silhouettes Printables

Another fun party decor item…. the glittery skull.

It lights up and the eyes turn colors.

Again, just $1 at Dollar Tree.

dollar tree halloween decorations

Now let’s make the cups.

Just use the Value Seekers Club printable silhouettes and minimize them. You can do that by opening the link.

printable Silhouettes from dollar tree

How adorable is this?

Perfect for a spooky Halloween party!

DIY party cups for halloween

Look at how cool these are! I love that I can make 12 of them for $1!!

free printable Silhouette party cups

$50 Dollar Tree Gift Card Giveaway

Are you hosting a Halloween party or looking for affordable decorations?

Hop over and check out all of the Value Seekers Club ideas over on the Dollar Tree website.

Come back and leave a comment telling me what your favorite Halloween decor,recipe or craft idea is. Leave your email address in the comment too so I can get in touch with you if you win. This will enter you to win the contest. This contest will end Friday, October 24th at 11:59pm.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Dollar Tree via Burst Media. The opinions and text are mine.

DIY Chalk Paint Pencil Holder

If you are a coffee drinker what do you do with the creamer containers when you’re done with them? I have a couple of these containers in my refrigerator right now.

Instead of tossing them, have you ever considered repurposing them?

This Fall as you enjoy a homemade pumpkin spice coffee, save that container and let’s turn it into a pencil holder! And don’t be limited to just storing pencils in it. Make a couple. One for markers, one for map pencils, one for pens and on and on.

Being a homeschool family we have tons of supplies we can store in them! Let me show you how easy this is to create.

diy pencil holder


  • empty International Delight coffee creamer container
  • spray chalkboard paint
  • scissors
  • chalk

repurpose coffee cream container

Cut the top off the plastic coffee creamer container leaving about 3/4th of the container for storing items in.

plastic coffee creamer container

Grab your spray paint and evenly coat the plastic container with the paint.

Let it dry 100%.

If you need to speed up the drying process, you can use a hair dryer.

use chalkboard spray paint to paint the coffee creamer container

Once it is dry it will look like this.

I love the flat surface on the front of the container. It is perfect for writing on with chalk.

Unless, of course, you mess up when you’re writing and need to take a picture…. not that this is exactly what happened to me.

chalkboard spray paint

Add the markers or pens or pencils to the container.

diy pencil cup

Use your chalk to label the front.

We labeled this one for markers.

(Again, I would write on the other side where the container flattens out a bit. Just make sure your container is 100% dry before you write on it with chalk.)

diy marker storage

Look at how precious this is. And super easy to create.

Makes a perfect teacher’s gift, perfect for mom’s desk, homeschool table tops and more!

chalkboard paint

Have you ever repurposed a coffee creamer container?

What did you create?

chalk paint pencil holder

Have you tried the Pumpkin Pie Spice coffee creamer from International Delight?

It is perfect for crisp Fall mornings which have finally arrived in the Dallas area!

from this to this

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of International Delight. The opinions and text are all mine.

Repainting Our Homeschool Nook

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

We are entering our third year of homeschooling.Since day one we have done all schooling in our kitchen.

The three little kids do their work at the kitchen table which is placed in a breakfast nook area.

Anthony does his school work at our kitchen counter area, which is in the middle of the kitchen. There are bar stools that he sits on and he has direct view of my instruction but lots of space to spread out too.

 photo ourhomeschoolnook_zps04aea5a1.jpg


Before we started homeschooling I textured the walls of this area.

The bottom section of the wall is beadboard and then above that is all texture. I just used compound mud and did a basic stucco look.

The intention was to paint it. That never happened. Life gets busy.

 photo texturedwall_zpsf1758058.jpg


Over time the walls have become very dingy.

Kids has accidentally marked the wall with dry erase marker while writing on the board.

It is projects like this that help you realize that things have been spilled and not cleaned up very well. Since we also eat our meals in this area it is a very high traffic spot.

 photo painttexturedwalls_zpsf9a19141.jpg

Frog Tape® sent me some of their products, like Textured Surface by FrogTape.

Frog Tape® is treated with patented PaintBlock®, a super absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed.

Want some home makeover DIY inspiration? Follow the FrogTape Textured Surface board on Pinterest

 photo frogtape_zps62ddba52.jpg


I ended up having some surprise help the other day when this paint project started. One of my sister-in-laws came by to pick up the vintage window panes I offered her. Yes, this is the same window pane one of my children put his arm through last week and the event ended with 13 stitches. She had mentioned that she loved the window panes about a month ago and she could use them for a picture project she was doing. I should have just given them to her then but I really thought I could find a way to incorporate them into my decor.

Needless to say, when she arrived to pickup the windows I had a great helper! We taped the area and got started.

 photo usefrogtapeforyournextproject_zps88b4b6a1.jpg

We painted the lower part of the wall (which is the bead board) a grey blue color called Sea Port.

We painted the upper wall and the ceiling a creamy color called vintage.

 photo frogtapepainterstape_zpsf407a2d2.jpg

The lines were very clean.

 photo cleanlineswithpainterstape_zps4dd46f5e.jpg

We also tapped at the floor where the baseboard and floor comes together.

Clean lines again.

 photo painterstape_zps591ee537.jpg

We hung new curtains.

We rehung the dry erase board.

 photo paintedhomeschoolnook_zps93e339c6.jpg

And our homeschool work area is ready for the next school year.

This year Matthew (5) is focuses on Preschool. Nick and Luke (8) are focuses on 2nd grade. And Anthony (13) is working on 7th grade.

And now I am inspired to repaint our entire kitchen, dining room and living area.

 photo backtoschoolmakeover_zpsf933b62a.jpg


What projects do you have coming up that Frog Tape® would be perfect for? I would love to hear about it!

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36 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas for Dad

Have you made plans for Sunday?

If you’ve not nailed down the exact gift you’re giving Dad or Grandpa for Father’s Day, no worries. I’ve got you covered.

Here are 36 last minute gift ideas for Dad that you and the kids can MAKE TOGETHER using things you already have on hand!

I am in love with each of these.  Which one if your favorite?

easy homemade gift ideas for dad

 36 Easy Handmade Gift Ideas for Dad

  1. Kids Layered Hand Print - super easy. You already have thievery you need on hand to make this! And, it is a memento your husband will keep forever!
  2. Etched Glass Mug for Dad- etching class is so much easier than you think. You can easily get the supplies at the craft store.
  3. Personalized Sharpie Mug - all you need is sharpies and a blank mug and you can create something dad will drink out of at work every day!
  4. T-Shirt for the Pun Lovin’ Dad- this is my kind of shirt. Super punny, rather your puns are intended or not. I love creative creations.
  5. I’m Hooked on Daddy Canvas Gift - I love letting my kids create art on canvas. This one uses their hand print to make a fish. Love!
  6. Father’s Day Chalkboard Printables- if you love chalkboard art you will love these ideas.
  7. Cowboy Toothpick Holder- super easy, super adorable toothpick container!
  8. Father’s Day Poem Printable- grab a frame, print this and you’re good to go! Add a picture to it if you want.
  9. Make Your Own Magnet Father’s Day Gift- I love these magnets that Dad can use in his office.
  10. Monogrammed Necktie Coffee Cuff- take an old necktie to the next level and use it as a coffee cuff. Love!
  11. Father’s Day Gift Idea – Free Printable Necktie Bottle Tags and Cupcake Topper- concert glass soda bottles to a gift with these printables! Adorable and easy.
  12. Father’s Day Bookmark- the kids will love making these. Include hand-drawn picture from them!
  13. 5 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids- five easy crafts. Pick one!
  14. Dad Rocks Business Card Holder- convert an old cassette tape case to a business card holder! Brilliant.
  15. Homemade Root Beer Barbecue Sauce and Printable- homemade BBQ sauce is so easy! Did you know rootbeer BBQ sauce tastes amazing? Make this and bottle it with this cool printable!
  16. King of Pops Father’s Day Gift Idea and Free Printable- use these printables to make a sucker that much cuter!
  17. Father’s Day Grilling Apron- easy apron the kids can help make!
  18. Photo Love for Father’s Day- is Daddy an Elvis fan? He’ll love this!
  19. Turn an Old Tie into a Bookmark- this would be perfect for his Bible!
  20. 3 Sports Themed Father’s Day Crafts for kids- if Daddy is into sports he will love these!
  21. Father’s Day Coloring Page- who doesn’t love a fun color page!?
  22. Beer Cap Tray- perfect for his man cave. 
  23. Father’s Day Card made with Homemade Stampers- we love making homemade cards. This one is a keeper!
  24. Framed Moustache Art- fun way to use paint swatch cards!
  25. Manly Lemon Hand Scrub- oh, you know I love stuff like this!
  26. Man Bouquet for Dad- who said Dad doesn’t love a bouquet. Use CANDY!
  27. Nailed It Homemade Gift for Dad- super cute and you can keep it forever!
  28. Toddler DIY Practical Gifts for Dad- a sweet way to decorate the tool bag!
  29.  Father’s Day DIY Love Lock- a fun and manly key chain for Dad.
  30. Celebrate Dad Printables- a fun printable for Dad. Super cute.
  31. Father’s Day Love Book- LOVE THIS! 40 reasons why we love you!
  32. Handmade Father’s Day Cards- I am a sucker for a homemade card idea.
  33. Father’s Day Printable Gift Idea from Preschooler to Dad- precious keepsake that is fill in the blank!
  34. Father’s Day Tie Bookmarks-another way to make a bookmark. Cute!
  35. Father’s Day Printables- fun!
  36. Inexpensive Gift Ideas for Dad- I love affordable!

Which ones are you going to make?

Don’t forget to enter to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card for Dad while you’re here! Celebrate him all month long!

win $100 home depot gift card for dad!  #springmadesimple


Super Easy and Meaningful Gift for Dad {plus $100 Home Depot Giveaway}

I am so excited to share with you a super easy {and very meaningful} gift idea for Dad.

This is perfect for Father’s Day or for any day of the week.

We made this yesterday for my husband and sat it on the end table in the living room. It was the first thing he noticed when he came home from work and he could not stop talking about.

It uses supplies you likely have on hand. It is so easy and he will love it!

And you know what pairs with it perfectly? A Home Depot gift card!

Dad’s wear many hats. My husband works so hard for our family. A pair of socks just isn’t going to cut it this year! (You can even give Home Depot gift cards online!)

Let me show you how to make this craft and then I will show you some amazing gift card ideas!

super simple gift for dad #springmadesimpleSupplies:

  • card stock
  • finger paints or acrylic paints
  • paper plate for holding the paint
  • hair dryer, for quick drying
  • picture frame
  • a Home Depot gift card to pair with it

Add one color of paint to a paper plate.

Let the child with the largest hands go first.

Coat one of his hands with paint.

Press the hand down in the center of the card stock.

Use the hair dryer to dry the paint. It takes maybe 2 minutes of running the hair dryer over the hand print to get it to dry.

handprint craft for kids

Get the next color ready on a clean paper plate.

Have the child with the next largest hand go next. There is a big difference in a 13 year olds hand and an 8 year olds hand.

Repeat this hand print and drying process ending with the smallest hand last.

super easy gift for dad

Once you’ve dried each hand print you can frame it right away.

hand print gift

Now, let’s check out the Home Depot gift card that you can out with this! I know what my husband will use his gift card for. He wants a new generator!

home depot gift card

  • You can buy the gift card online if you want.
  • You can also buy it from a group (as in all the adult kids can go in together to buy Dad a gift even if some live near or far).
  • Dad can always go online to check his gift card balance.

Who wouldn’t want a hand print keep sake and a Home Depot gift card? My husband would love this generator!

generator from home depot$100 Home Depot Giveaway

Want a chance to win a $100 gift card from Home Depot. Dad loves being celebrated on Father’s Day or any day of the year!

Use the rafflecopter widget below to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Home Depot partnered with bloggers for their 2014 Father’s Day program. Please feel free to read my site disclosure if you have any questions.

Easy DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser (Foam Pump)

Earlier this week I shared with you my recipe for homemade liquid hand soap, which is chemical free. This recipe is intended for a foam pump soap dispenser.

Naturally I thought it would be cool to make a mason jar soap dispenser for storing the soap in. It is super easy (and budget-friendly) to create. And, we use a foam pump so it goes perfectly with our homemade soap!

Here is how you make it. Literally, this takes just a few minutes to do! (Makes an awesome gift idea too!)

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser


You Will Need:

Grab your used, empty foam soap bottle and unscrew the bottle from the pump.

foaming hand soap dispenser from Target will be converted to mason jar soap dispenser

Grab your mason jar.

Disassemble your jar from the lid.

quart mason jar

Trace, with a marker, the opening of the soap bottle onto the flat mason jar lid.

Reassemble the lid back onto the jar. This will give you a sturdy drilling grip.

trace a the circle top of the soap bottle

Assemble your power drill with step bit attachment.

step drill bit

Use the bit and drill into the circle you’ve made on the lid.

You can wear goggles if you want to be safe.

DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN NEAR. The metal shavings can fly.

use step drill but to cut circle in mason jar lid

Remove the lid  and now use your kitchen shears to finish cutting out the circle you’ve made in the lid.

Watch the sharp edges- you can cut yourself if you’re not careful.

use heavy duty kitchen scissors to cut the rest of the mason jar lidGrab the empty soap bottle.

Use the Xacto knife to cut the top of the lid off.

cut the top off of the plastic bottle from Target

Push the plastic lid through the opening you’ve created in the mason jar lid.

BE CAREFUL. The edges you’ve cut are sharp.

how to make a mason jar soap dispenser

Flip the lid over and apply some hot glue where the plastic and the metal lid meet.

This will keep the plastic in place when you’re screwing and unscrewing the pump on.

hot glue the metal lid to the plastic lid

Screw the pump on to the lid.

DIY mason jar foam soap dispenser

Fill the jar with your favorite soap.

You will love my chemical free homemade liquid hand soap  that kills 99.96% of all bacteria!

A double batch of this recipe will fit in the quart mason jar.

chemical dree bacteria killing soap recipe

And there you have it. A thrifty mason jar soap dispenser!

As I tell my kids, one pump is enough!

diy foam soap pump for mason jar


These are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms!

See how easy it is to go from a disposable empty bottle to a gorgeous mason jar soap dispenser in minutes?

How to go from a Target brand soap dispenser to a beautiful mason jar foam soap dispenser in minutes!