Easter Activity Ideas: Math Printables for Kids

Who is ready for some Easter activity ideas that involve learning with your kids?

I created a five page packet of Easter printables that are perfect for most preschoolers, all Pre K aged kids and many Kindergartners would find this collection fun as well.

These are great for homeschoolers as well as moms and dads doing their own preschool at home. Parents wanting to do extra enriching at home with their kids who attend school outside of the home, will enjoy these printables as well.

If you are hosting Easter festivities at your house this year, these would be fun to print out and have at the kids’ table to keep them occupied while dinner is coming together.

easter activities for kids math printables

You can print these math printables for kids here.

Feel free to do all of the pages at one time or space them out over a couple of days.

The first page is simple addition using the numbers 0-9 within the math problem.

There are seven math problems total.

The blue egg is the space for them to capture their answer.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 The next page asks that you fill in the missing number.

There are six separate rows.

For some rows you need to fill in one missing number. For other rows there are two missing numbers, etc.

Again, you are working with numbers 0-9.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 The next printable is counting eggs.

How many eggs are there? Circle the correct number.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 Let’s count eggs again.

Draw a line from the number on the left to the number of eggs on the right.

This is the perfect time to talk about left and right as well.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids

 This printable requires the most work.

There are 25 empty eggs.

Start at the left and work your way to the right numbering the eggs from 1-25.

This is the perfect time to remind your little one we work from left to right and from top to bottom.

easter activity ideas math printable for kids


Artwork for these printables are from https://www.scrappindoodles.com.


More Easter Activity Ideas:


Name Practice for Preschoolers: Easter Printable

Most of the time Matthew loves to work on writing his name. I say most of the time because he is a boy and boys don’t always want to sit down and work with pencil and paper. This is one of the great benefits of homeschooling- I lead my day based on the needs of each child.

Name practice for preschoolers is fun. I enjoy sharing these themed printables for our little ones to use and work on handwriting skills.

Today I am going to share with you a three page printable that is perfect for practicing writing their names, create a story or just being creative. This packet really is versatile with many possibilities for learning.

name practice for preschoolers easter printable

You Will Need:

Matthew loves when I give him school work on a craft tray. I think it gets him in the mood for learning and all of his things are all together in one place.

Print out the three page printable set. I like to use cardstock, but print it on regular white printer paper if you want.

I take a bright colored highlighter and write his name neatly on one line of the printable.

name practice for preschoolers easter printable

 Matthew uses the pencil to trace over it.

Repeat on other lines working together to spell his name.

Say the letters aloud as each of your write them.

The purpose of this is to increase motor skills with pencil holding and writing, as well as improve writing skills and learn the order of the letters in the child’s name.

Matthew’s handwriting is not perfect, but I firmly believe in letting them lead the way. His writing skills will develop and grow as we work on this more and as he matures.

name practice for preschoolers Easter printable

 Like I said before, there are three pages to this printable.

The first page has bunnies.

The second page has Easter eggs and a basket.

The last page celebrates Spring.

name practice for preschoolers Easter printable

Another activity you can do when working on name practice for preschoolers is to incorporate reusable dry erase pockets. I love these for two reasons.

First, it keeps learning fun. My boys love to use markers and alternatives to just paper and pencil.

Second, I love that this allows us to recycle. We can reuse this paper over and over again using the paper sleeve. Just write, erase and create again.

preschool name practice easter theme

 I use the same method where I use a highlighter to write his name for him and then let him use the dry erase marker to trace over it.

We say the letters aloud as we go along, reinforcing how to spell his name.

reusable dry erase pocket


Get creative and have fun learning.

This preschool season is so short. Enjoy each and every day and never make learning a chore for you or your preschooler.

name practice for preschoolers Easter printable


Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Spring

Matthew and I’ve had so much fun doing these preschool do a dot printables! We love to incorporate them into our homeschool day. These printables are also perfect for parents doing preschool at home with their kiddos or just supplementing as time together at the kitchen table for extra skill development and enrichment.

This month our theme focuses on Spring, just in time for the seasons changing!

We are going to incorporate many skills. The do a dots are a great fine motor skill and following directions activity. We will do letter recognition, counting, adding, recognizing colors and using crayons for the kid color pages.

We like to break these pages up over a couple of days. I prefer that learning is fun for Matthew (who will be 5 soon). You do what works best for your little one. You can do one a day, all at once, or in small chunks.

Also, feel free to do these in any order you want.

Let’s get started.

preschool do a dot printables spring

You Will Need:

This page focuses on recognizing the big S and the little s.

Have your little one use a yellow do a dot marker on all of the big S’s.

Then have them use an orange do a dot marker to find all of the small ones.

preschool do a dot printables spring

Next let’s count!

Let your little one use whatever color do a dot marker they want to count each section.

1 sun

2 pinwheels

3 swings

4 tulips


preschool do a dots spring counting

This page is fun for building those fine motor skills.

Find your green do a dot marker and fill in all of the circles on the tree.

Then use the yellow do a dot marker to fill in all the circles on the sun.

Use the red do a dot marker for the wagon and which ever colors you choose for the flower-pot, watering can and wagon wheels.

This is such a fun page!

preschool do a dot printables tree wagon and sun


This page involves process of illumination. You can skip it if your little one is too young.

Mark the things that happen in Spring with the orange do a dot marker.

Mark the things that happen  in the Fall with a blue do a dot marker.


preschool do a dot printables what happens in spring

Now let’s add!

Mark the dots under each image and count out loud.

This simple math is so much fun!


spring do a dots adding by 2s

We love kids color pages! This is perfect for older kids too.

Be creative and color the Spring picture as we welcome the warmer weather!

preschool do a dot printables color pages


And finally there is a simple maze.

Use a do a dot marker of your choice to follow the bike to the park! Another great fine motor skill!

preschool do a dot printables mazes



A Sense of the Resurrection: Easter Crafts for the Family

How do you celebrate Easter? Maybe you get new outfits for the kids, attend Easter service at church, have dinner as a family and take a family picture? Are there Easter baskets and plastic eggs?

I have shared with you in years past that my family does a delicious potluck dinner and the kids have an egg hunt. Some years we’ve had a family egg decorating content. Last year we shared the story of Jesus’ death with the kids by way of Resurrection Eggs and it was a memory making experience I loved.


This year, as my boys get older, I really want to focus more on Jesus and less on bunnies and plastic eggs. Not that we won’t buy new outfits, have an Easter egg hunt and eat chocolate bunnies, but I want JESUS to be the focus. I want to spend these weeks leading up to Easter sharing and focusing on this time in Jesus’ life and being grateful as a family for His sacrifice so we could be saved.

I opened my email yesterday and found the perfect mommy solution.

sense of the resurrection

This eBook truly is an experience for families.

This download includes 12 simple activities to be done the few weeks before Easter will turn your home into a memorial to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  You’ll experience Jesus’ anointing, the Last Supper, Peter’s denial, the cross, the empty tomb and more. Memories will be made as your family uses their five senses to understand and believe the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Sense of the Resurrection

This simple eBook includes printables, Scriptures and specific conversation and starting points so you and your kids can get a sense of the resurrection. It is only $7.99!

I will be doing these 12 days of crafts and Scripture with my boys. I will share our creations on social media using #senseoftheresurrection. I hope you will join along!

Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Valentine Hearts

Are you ready for some Valentine inspired preschool do a dot printables?

Last month we had lots of folks that loved the snowman packet. One reader even emailed me and told me that her husband used them in his classroom and all the teachers in his area loved them.


This month we have a couple of additional skills added in. We included math, matching, tracing lines and patterns. I hope your little ones enjoy it.

Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Valentine Hearts

You Will Need:

Print out the pages of the packet. Do not feel like you have to go through all of the pages in one sitting. We spread these out for Matthew (4) over a couple of days.

The first printable focuses on the letter Hh. I like to pull out my alphabet flip book (referenced above) and talk about the sound the letters make.

Use the Do a Dot markers to color the big H’s red and the little h’s blue.

h is for heart printables

In the next printable find the hearts.

Which things have a heart on them? Use the red Do a Dot maker where you see and heart and use the blue marker where you do not see a heart.



find the hearts

Next, let’s count.

Count out loud as you mark the number of circles.  1,2,3,4,5!



count hearts

Now, let’s add.

Use whatever color Do a Dot marker you want to add the hearts, the birds and the frogs.



adding hearts

I love this page for patterns.

Patterns are perfect for building math skills.

We even give them a place to create their own pattern.


Tracing lines is important for learning writing skills, which we need for writing our alphabet.

Draw lines and draw shapes.

trace the lines

What goes with what?

Match the birds, the cards, the girls, etc.

Draw a line to match them up.

matching shapes

And this last printable is one of Matthew’s favorite.

Use markers, crayons or watercolors to to color all the hearts.

Count them as you  color them.

heart color sheetAnd there you have it.

A super fun pack you can use while homeschooling, for supplemental learning at home and for your Valentine play date or party.

Preschool Do a Dot Printables: Snowman

We have had so much fun with the preschool do a dot printables that I was happy to have themed monthly packets made for you guys, and myself, to use with our little ones. I will offer a new packet each month with a theme based on the season or upcoming holiday.

This month the kit is a snowman theme.  Do a dot activities are great for building fine motor skills, determining patterns, recognizing colors and so much more.

This packet includes seven pages with many do a dot activities as well as a color page, a maze, counting activities, patterns and more. Let me walk you through them all.

preschool do a dot worksheets snowman

You Will Need:

Print out the packet. I like to print these on card stock.

For the first page you can let them pick which color do a dot marker they want to use. Matthew chose green.

Let him use the do a dot marker to fill in the circles on the snowman.

preschool do a dot printables snowman

Then we pulled out our alphabet flip book. We talked about the letter that snowman starts with.

We found the letter in our flip book.

S is for snowman and s is for sock.

s is for socks

Then we went on to the next page which has the letter S in the middle of the paper.

The instructions tell you to use the green do a dot marker to find all of the big S’s and a red marker to find all of the small ones.

Matthew likes to also make random marks on the paper. And the table cloth…. We are working on our listening skills.

do a dot printable letter s

The next page tells you to find all of the big and small S’s and use specific colors to mark them.

find the letter s (preschool do a dot printable)

After this Matthew did not want to do anything else with the do a dot marker, which was totally fine.

Feel free to split these pages into multiples days and even do just one or two a day if that works best for you. I just Matthew lead and I want learning to be fun.

Matthew really wanted to do the color page, but he did not want to use crayons.

He had his eye on the watercolors.

Honestly, it worked perfectly.

snowman preschool do a dot printables

He likes to mix colors.

He likes to draw lots of lines with his watercolor brush.

His fine motor skills when it comes to paining inside the lines are not very precise, but he really enjoys painting.

One thing I encourage you to do is not to focus so much on their skill level. Are they behind, are they advanced, etc.?

They are children. They are learning. Let them be.

snowman color page

He loves to tell us about what he drew or painted. He told us what colors he made and walked us through the fun colorful lines be made.

(See that blue paint line on my yellow table cloth? Story of my life. I am totally ok with it.)

snowman color printable

I loved this snowman, so I put it up on the dry erase board.

I love that he gets to have the freedom to create what he loves.

I also love that this was, in my head, a coloring sheet, but it worked perfectly as a watercolor sheet too!

snowman printable color sheet

Then we went on the the next page where we counted the hats, the mittens, the buttons and the snow friends.

We used the do a dot markers as we counted the circles in each section.

how many are there a snowman do a dot printable

And then Matthew was done. He wanted to go and run outside and play.

So he and his brothers went into the backyard and did just that. We will finish up the last two pages another day, but here is how these pages work.

In this page you use the markers to get through the maze to help the snowman find his mittens.

It is a very basic maze, not complicated whatsoever. Again, you’re building fine motor skills.

For a more advanced student, let them create a color pattern with the markers as they go through the maze.

preschool do a dot printables snowman maze

The last sheet is fun. Let your preschooler use the indicated colors to determine what a snowman wears.

I think Matthew will have a lot of fun with this, and really, there is no wrong answer. A snowman could wear sunglasses and flip flops if you wanted them to. This page is totally at your discretion.

what does a snowman wear

And that is it.

A super fun packet that you and your little one will have fun doing together as we enjoy winter (and snow) depending on where you live.

Name Practice for Preschoolers using Elf on the Shelf Printable

If you are looking for worksheets that allow name practice for preschoolers I have the cutest Elf on the Shelf printable for you! This is perfect for homeschoolers and parents looking to do some extra enrichment at home.

This same printable can be used for handwriting practice for kids, story telling, writing a letter to Santa and more!

Here is how I used it to work with our little Matthew on his name.

name practice for preschoolers elf on the shelf printables

You Will Need:

I printed it out and used a highlighter to write Matthew’s name on the first line.  This makes it super easy to trace.

I then wrote each letter on individual lines to give him added practice.  You can see an example below.

elf on the shelf printable name practice for preschoolers


Matthew sat down and worked on tracing the letters in his name.

He then started to trace the individual lines of letters.

name practice for preschoolers

 Depending on the attention span and skill level, after they trace all of the highlighted letters, you could ask your little one to try and write each letter by itself without tracing. Matthew’s skill level and attention span are just not there yet, but we will get there. He actually did not even trace each of the free standing letters. After a few he got tired and said he was done.

He became frustrated and drew scribble lines. I want learning to be fun for him, so I let him lead. We will hold onto the paper and he can finish it up another day, or even over the course of multiple day.

But what a great job and great effort!

name practice for preschoolers

What are some fun ways that you are working on name practice for your preschooler?



Handwriting Practice for Kids (Elf on the Shelf Printable)

I know that school time might be coming to a close for you as the year quickly comes to and end, but  I wanted to give you a fun printable for Handwriting Practice for Kids that uses this adorable Elf on the Shelf printable.

This is a great way to have kids practice writing vocabulary words, write a letter to Santa, or write a short story.

handwriting practice for kids using an elf on the shelf printable

You can print out the handwriting practice for kids worksheet here. <<—- click to print

Here is how we used it.

I wrote seven Christmas vocabulary words on the dry erase board.

christmas vocabulary words

 And my twins (7) did some copywork and wrote each of these words on their handwriting printable.

handwriting practice for kids

Their handwriting may not be perfect, but this is a great way to help them grow.

I kept the list short and manageable to give them a feeling of accomplishment without making it daunting.

How do you like to help your children with handwriting practice?

More Educational Resources

Preschool Letter Worksheets: Do a Dot Printable (E is for Eagle)

Do you homeschool or do some supplemental learning at home with your preschooler?

As you know we homeschool and our little Matthew, who is four, is learning his alphabet. We use these preschool letter worksheets with do a dot markers to practice identifying our letter of the week. We have a lot of fun doing it.

Let me show you how we found all of the E’s for eagle and how we use this printable in our homeschool learning.

preschool letter worksheets e is for eagle do a dot


Print out the E is for Eagle printable by clicking on the link above.

Gather your supplies.

I am really digging these learning trays too. They work really well for keeping all of the supplies together in one place while Matthew is working.

preschool letter worksheets e is for eagle


I write a big E and a little e on our dry erase board. This gives Matthew a clear understanding of what the letter looks like.

We do all of our homeschool work in the dining room where a large board is hanging to make instruction easier.

letter of the week e


I bring out our homemade alphabet flipbook.

We find the letter Ee.

We go over what sound the letter makes and trace with our finger how to draw the letter.

We name the things that start with that letter like egg, eagle and elephant.

e is for egg

This time I let Matthew decide if he wanted to color the eagle first on the printable or find all of the big E’s and little e’s.

He wanted to color first.

letter of the week e is for eagle

 The he was ready to use his do a dot marker to find all of the Ee’s.

He worked hard to mark them all.

When he was done he wanted to count them.

We also took the time to talk about the color of the do a dot marker he had chosen as well as the colors he used to color his eagle.

The possibilities for learning are endless with these and he always has so much fun!

e is for eagle

What letter of the week are you working on now?


Free Preschool Printable Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

I’m Katie from Gift of Curiosity, and I’m so excited to be back at Crystal & Co. to share my Christmas do-a-dot printables. One of my specialties is creating fun and engaging free preschool printable worksheets. This year I am creating several different Christmas printables, including a Christmas Printable Pack and these Christmas do-a-dot printables that are currently available exclusively through Crystal & Co.

Do-a-dot worksheets provide young children with opportunities to practice an early math skill called one-to-one correspondence, which is the ability to match one object to one (corresponding) number or object. However, do-a-dot worksheets can also be adapted to work on so many other skills, making them appropriate for children from toddler age through early elementary school.

Print the Christmas Do a Do Printable Collection  <<———

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

I like to use do-a-dot worksheets to give my kids some fine motor practice. For this Santa worksheet, I provided my kids with small bells and a pair of kid-friendly tweezers. My kids used the tweezers to place the bells on the dots. Because the bells are small and round, this was actually pretty tricky for them to do.

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

Another way to use do-a-dot worksheets is to have your kids glue small objects into each circle. For example, in the picture below I gave my kids some small red pom poms to “decorate” the Christmas tree. My kids love any excuse to use glue!

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

Traditionally, many parents – including myself! – have provided do-a-dot markers for their kids to fill in each of the circles. For the reindeer worksheet pictured below, however, I chose to add an additional challenge. Because my kids are learning the alphabet, in each circle I wrote either an uppercase R or a lowercase r. At the top of the worksheet I provided a key. My kids stamped all the uppercase R’s with the red marker and all the lowercase r’s with the green marker. You can adjust this for any skill your child is working on – shapes, numbers, etc.

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

For elementary kids, you can use do-a-dot worksheets as an opportunity to practice sight words. On the Santa hat below, I wrote color words in each of the circles. For each color word, I included a matching colored Christmas light bulb.

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

My kids aren’t reading yet, so I had to help them read the words. But they used the tweezers to pick up each light bulb and place it on the corresponding word.

Preschool Worksheets: Christmas Do A Dot Printables

As you can see, there are practically endless ways to use these do-a-dot worksheets. For additional ideas on using do-a-dot printables, see my Halloween do-a-dot printables post and my Thanksgiving do-a-dot printables post.

I hope you enjoy my Christmas do-a-dot printables as much I enjoyed making them! I invite you to check out my other Christmas printables as well as the rest of my extensive printables collection by checking out my printables page.