20 Q Preschool Books

Are you working on the letter Q with your preschooler?

Here is an awesome list of books that are perfect to read with your preschooler!

Make sure you check out all of my books children must read while you’re here.

20 Preschool Q Books collage


20 Books Children Must Read for the Letter Q

1.Little Quack
2.Giggle, Giggle, Quack
4.Quack and Count
5.The Quilt
6.Cassie’s Word Quilt
7.Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt
8.Quick Duck!
9.Quick! Turn the Page!
11.The Day the Crayons Quit
12.Winners Never Quit!
13.The Very Quiet Cricket
14.Quit Waking Us Up, We’re Trying to Sleep!
15.The Quiet Book
16.Mr. Quiet
17.Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy
18.Be Quiet, Mike!
20.Quiet, Please


What is your favorite book to read with your little one when they’re  learning the letter Q?

Hand Print Art: Q is for Quilt

Today’s handprint art for the alphabet is actually a fingerprint and thumbprint craft. The letter theme we are sharing today is Q is for Quilt. Originally I was going to have my preschoolers use handprint to make this craft until I saw a really simple (and free!) quilt template and knew she would love to fill in the little squares.

At the end of the post there will also be more activities to go along with the letter Q including do-a-dot printables, a quilt craft, and book suggestions.

Hand Print Art: Q is for Quilt

Supplies Needed:

  • white paper
  • kids ink pad – various colors
  • quilt template
  • black marker

Instructions for making the Fingerprint Quilt:

Print the quilt template (see supplies list).

Set out ink in various colors or use paints.

Have the child make fingerprints and thumbprints inside each of the quilt squares.

Write ‘Q is for Quilt’ next to it. We made the ‘Q’ a bubble letter so my daughter could make fingerprints inside it.

Q is for Quilt Hand Print Art

Quilt template via MyCuteGraphics.com

Would you make something different for this letter? My son always chooses quail while my daughter would choose queen. Neither one of them knew what a quilt was before this!

Up next is a rainbow!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter Q)

Hand Print Art: P is for Penguin

We’re back with another hand print art for the alphabet craft! Today we are sharing a letter P craft to make with preschoolers: P is for Penguin. This would be fun to make along with the letter of the week penguin craft! It would also be perfect for a winter themed craft for kids.

Hand Print Art: P is for Penguin

At the end of the post you will find even more Letter P activities including a do-a-dot printable and a fun snack idea.

Supplies Needed:

How to make the Hand Print Art P is for Penguin:

Set out 2 paintbrushes plus black and white paint.

Hand Print Art Penguin - Letter P

Paint the middle two fingers and the center of the palm using the white paint. Paint the rest of the palm, the other two fingers, and the thumb with the black paint. Make a hand print on the construction paper with the fingers touching each other. The fingertips will be where the feet go.

Hand Print Art P is for Penguin Craft

Paint just the thumb on the opposite hand. Make a print next to the pinky finger. The thumbs create the penguin’s wings.

Dip the index finger in orange paint and make a fingerprint beak and feet.

Let Dry.

Glue on googly eyes.

Penguin Hand Print Art for the Letter P

Add glue to the bottom of the page under the penguin to create a snowy hill.

Have the child tear the cotton balls/spread them apart then place them on the glue (P is for Puffy!).

Write, ‘P is for Penguin’ across the top.

Hand Print Art - P is for Penguin

More Penguin Crafts

My son is obsessed with penguins and it has been his favorite animal since he was age 2. We have tons of penguin crafts on our blogs. Our most recent is this cute pom pom penguin that goes along with a Christmas book. My all-time favorite is our footprint penguin canvas art that I made with both Big Brother and Little Sister.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the series if you haven’t done so already. See you next week for a hand print quilt craft for the letter Q!


25 Kids Christmas Books

Looking for some great books for the Christmas season? I have the perfect list for you!

Here is a collection of 25 amazing books children must read that are all about Christmas and the holiday spirit. These books are perfect for homeschool reading, bedtime, independent reading and family read alouds.

Make a list and take it along with you for your next library visit!

You can click on each link and check out the author and story details for each book. Or, you can order any of them over on Amazon and get free shipping and two day delivery for a Prime account.

25 Christmas book children must read

25 Christmas Books Children Must Read

  1. God Gave Us Christmas
  2. The Christmas Owl
  3. The Christmas Wish
  4. The Poky Little Puppy’s First Christmas
  5. Christmas Day in the Morning
  6. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey with CD: Gift Edition
  7. Legend of the Christmas Stocking
  8. Children’s Book: Christmas Stories Children
  9. Humphrey’s First Christmas
  10. Disney Christmas Storybook Collection
  11. Children Book : Christmas around the world
  12. The Deep and Snowy Wood
  13. Christmas ABC’s: An Amazing Festive Alphabet Book!
  14. Little Blue Truck’s Christmas
  15. Christmas is a Time For…
  16. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  17. One Little Christmas Tree: A Children’s Christmas Picture Book
  18. The Little Christmas Elf
  19. Christmas Stories: Short Stories for Kids
  20. The Twelve Days Of Christmas
  21. Cock-a-doodle Christmas!
  22. Christmas Carols
  23. Merry Christmas, Stinky Face
  24. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad
  25. The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever

What are your favorite Christmas books to read with your kids this time of year? I would love to hear about them.



Do a Dot Printables: Turkeys

Our do a dot printables are very popular educational resources for kids. Our latest packet is all about turkeys and they will be perfect activities for kids on Thanksgiving while they wait for their feast!

This seven page free packet is full of many opportunities for fun learning. Let me show you!

do a dot printables turkey packet

Here is a recap of everything that comes in the packet.



Preschool Do a Dot Printables:

Each page is brings learning to life.

We love the coloring pages for kids. We always put at least one page like this in each packet!

Feel free to use crayons, markers or both!

turkey color pages for kids

And the do a dot markers are a great way to build fine motor skills.

There are lots of opportunities for using these dobbers!

t is for turkey thanksgiving do a dot printables

Look at how colorful!

do a dot printables for kids

As you noticed above, the first page is all about the letter T.

Have your youngster use the green do a dot marker to find all of the big T’s.

Then, use the orange do a dot marker to find the little t’s.

do a dot letter printablesI love when we work some math in too!

Count the turkeys with your do a dot marker.

count how many turkeys there are using your do a dot markers

How colorful can you make this turkey with your markers?

Count the circles as you mark them!

do a dot worksheets


And here is another fun way to count and color with the turkey.

Fill in all of the circles one by one.

do a dot thanksgiving printables

Find the letter T.

Use the colors indicated in the instructions for marking upper case and lower case.

This is always a fun page.

do a dot letters

And here is your color page! Love this one.

Never discredit what a fun coloring page can do.

We also have a kid color page that is pumpkins. Love this.

Coloring pages are great for:

  • building motor skills
  • developing grip
  • enhancing hand and eye coordination
  • expanding cognitive skills
  • encouraging creativity
  • teaching color recognition

turkey color pages And then follow the maze along as you help turkey find his friends.

preschool do a dot printables

Have fun!

More Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids:


25 Books for Kids About Leaves

Have the leaves changed where you live? Are you kids intrigued by this? My kids ask tons of questions this time of year.

The trees are just gorgeous in the Fall and what better way to celebrate than with a collection of books kids must read that are all about leaves!!

We personally own many leaves on this list. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, Leaf Man and Going on a Leaf Hunt are personal favorites. Some of the books even have fun activities and things you can create with leaves. So much fun!

25 books for kids about leaves


25 Books Children Must Read About Leaves

  1. We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt
  2. Leaves
  3. Let It Fall
  4. Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
  5. Fletcher and the Falling Leaves
  6. Why Do Leaves Change Color?
  7. Leaf Jumpers
  8. The Little Yellow Leaf
  9. Look What I Did with a Leaf!
  10. The Leaves on the Trees
  11. Lucky Leaf
  12. Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!
  13. Leaf Man
  14. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!
  15. Miss Malarkey Leaves No Reader Behind
  16. Fall Leaves
  17. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation
  18. Tree Finder: A Manual for Identification of Trees by their Leaves
  19. A Leaf Can Be . . .
  20. Trees, Leaves & Bark
  21. On My Leaf
  22. Ruby’s Falling Leaves
  23. Fall Leaves: Colorful and Crunchy
  24. Autumn Leaves
  25. In the Leaves

Have you done any fun leaf activities for kids this season? I would love to hear about them.


Hand Print Art: O is for Octopus

Ready for more hand print art ?

This week’s craft is O which is for Octopus. Besides being a fun letter craft for preschoolers, it also makes a great craft for an ocean theme! You could even pair it with the jellyfish hand print from a few weeks ago! At the end of the post are more activities to go with the letter O. How fun would it be to make this hand print octopus, the letter O-shaped octopus (includes a book suggestion!), and eat an octopus snack?!

Hand Print Art: O is for Octopus

Supplies Needed:

Octopus Hand Print Art

How to make the O is for Octopus Hand Print Art:

Choose a color to make the octopus. Squirt a small amount on to each hand. Have the child rub their hands together until both are completely covered. Try not to get paint on the thumbs if possible.

Make a hand print with the fingers pointed down

Make a print with the other hand so the palms are overlapping each other. There should be eight legs (finger prints).

Let dry.

Hand Print Octopus Craft

Draw on eyes and a mouth or use googly eyes.

Write ‘O is for Octopus.’

Optional: Add dots on the octopus legs. You could draw them on, glue on sequin or buttons, or use glitter glue.

O is for Octopus Hand Print Art

Make it a fun counting activity! Add 1 dot to the first finger, two on the second, three on the third, and so on all the way up to eight.


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter O)

20 Preschool Books: Letter O

Do you have a youngster who is learning the letter O? Maybe they are a preschooler, PreK’er or Kindergarten?

One activity you can do with kids while they learn their alphabet is to pull in some great books. Here is a list of  books children must read as they learn the letter O.

This is the perfect list to take to the library, too! You can learn more about each book by clicking on the link and getting author information and more!

At the end of this post we have tons of letter of the week activities you can do with your kids. Don’t forget to check that out too!

books children must read for the letter o


Books Children Must Read: Letter O

3.Oscar Otter
4.Olivia Owl Finds a Friend
5.I Have an Olive Tree
6.Ox-Cart Man
7.AN Octopus Followed Me Home
8.Paul Bunyan and His Blue Ox
9.Owl at Home
13.Open Very Carefully: A Book with Bite
14.Beautiful Oops!
15.Octopus Alone
16.Little Oink
17.The OK Book
18.The Odd One Out


Looking for more activities that are all about the letter Oo? Here are tons and a great way to make learning hands on!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter Oo)

Literacy Games: Snowman Sight Word Race

I’m always looking for fun activities for kids to do inside during the winter months.  It is always a bonus when I can incorporate literacy ideas into those activities!  The kids end up having so much fun that they don’t even realize they are learning.

Ideas for literacy games can be tricky to come up with for beginning readers.  This game covers all the bases.

It’s fun.

It’s filled with sight word practice opportunities.

And, it’s perfect for beginning readers.

ideas for literacy games: snowman sight word race


Snowman Sight Word Race is great for beginning readers who are working on sight word recognition.  The sight words included in this free printable are words that a typical first grader would be learning during the winter.  You could adapt the game and include words that your individual child needs to practice.

ideas for literacy games: snowball sight words


Supplies Needed:


Cut out the playing cards (snowballs) and place face down in a pile.

You will need to play in an area with a hard surface for drawing.

Each player will need a playing piece, a piece of paper and a drawing utensil.

How to Play:

Each player places their playing piece on “start”.

The youngest player goes first by choosing a card and reading the sight word.  If they read the word correctly, they get to move one space up the board.  If the player lands on a spot with a direction, they read the direction and draw the part of the snowman on their paper.   A player does not move if the word is read incorrectly.

If a player draws a snowball card they have to return to start.

The first player who reaches the finish line and completes the drawing of their snowman wins!



Hand Print Art: N is for Nest

As I mentioned last week, we are halfway through the hand print alphabet series. I am just as excited about the second half! As you may already know, the hand print art matches the Letter of the Week crafts that have been shared on Crystal & Co., previously.  Be sure to check out that post if you are curious what’s in store for the remaining thirteen posts. At the end of this post we will list additional activities to do with your little on that go with the letter N.

This week’s hand print activity is Letter N for Nest.

Hand Print Art: N is for Nest Craft

Supplies Needed:

How to make the N is for Nest Hand Print Art:

Have the child paint their hand brown. Go over any spots they may have missed.

Ask them to hold their hand so that the fingers are touching each other instead of spread open.

Make a sideways hand print in the middle of the page.

Nest Hand Print Art

Choose a color for the birds and make thumbprints inside the nest. As I mentioned in the Letter L is for Lollipop post, my daughter tends to always want three of everything since that is her age. We also made a mommy bird using two thumbprints. Let Dry.

Draw on beaks, feet, eyes, wings, and tails. I also added a little worm hanging from the mom’s mouth so it looks like she’s flying back to feed the baby birds.

Hand Print Art - N is for Nest

Optional: Draw on a tree branch underneath the nest and color it in.

Write ‘N is for Nest.’

N is for Nest Hand Print Art

This hand print nest craft would be cute for Spring or as a Mother’s Day craft since the mommy bird is feeding her baby birds.

I always find the Letter N theme to be one of the more difficult letter to find activities for. Thankfully, Crystal has an entire Letter N preschool theme section here on her blog including a huge book list!

Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter N)