Name Practice Printable for Preschoolers You Can Customize

If you homeschool, or have little ones at home that love to practice writing, or you’re just wanting to supplement, I have found the perfect educational resource for you!

I am a huge fan of  handwriting practice worksheets for kids.  We love downloading them as we learn and study the alphabet.

Now, if you’re teaching your kiddo how to write his name, I love this name practice printable for preschoolers you can customize! Have you seen them?

name practice printable you can customize

You can easily print your little one’s name in a traceable format so they can practice handwriting. Here is what they look like once printed.

You can also print sheets with colors, numbers, shapes, months of the year, sight words, holiday sheets, and the list goes on and on.

Go here to make your own with your kiddos name on it!

Are you teaching one of your children sight words? You will want this resource! Here are 20+ fun ways to practice sight words at home!

As a mom of all boys, I believe that there can be a learning curve. We have waited until our youngest three boys were 6 to start Kindergarten with them.

If you have a young learner who is struggling (at home or at school) here are five ways to help boys learn.

name practice for preschoolers

More Educational Resources:

how boys learn


Printable Color Flash Card Flip Book

We love flip books at our house and they make learning fun!

Are you looking for ways to teach colors to kids? Using a flip book is an awesome way to do this.

I created this free printable to help make learning colors easy and fun for kids (and parents).

This is what your flip book will look like when it is done.

Let me show you how to make it.

teach colors to kids with a flip book free printable


Print the pages out and use a paper cutter or scissors to cut each card.

There are two pages on a card to preserve paper.

flip book ideas

If you’re going to laminate them, do it AFTER you cut the cards. I did not have any laminating sheets and did not have time to run these over to our local office supply store.

Laminating them will defiantly make them last longer. I laminated our alphabet flip book and have been very pleased with it.

Next, grab a hole puncher and the loose leaf ring.

color flip book

Use the hole puncher to put one hole in the top left corner of each card.

Ensure the holes line up for each card.

my color flip book


Use the ring and add each card to the ring one at a time.

teach colors to kids red

Now you can flip through each color and say them aloud.

You can also spell each color as the name of the color is written under the crayon.

flip book for preschoolers all about colors


Here is everything that comes in your Teach Colors to Kids Flip Book.


teach colors to kids flip book


The first card has a cover card that you can choose to use or discard. I thought it would be cute to give the flip book a cover.

Then you also have the color black. The name of the color is written under each crayon through out the book. my color flip book

Next are the colors blue and red. Teach Colors to Kids red and blue

Then the colors green and yellow.

teach colors to kids green and yellow

The colors purple and orange.

teach colors to kids purple and orange

Next you will find the colors brown and pink.

teach colors to kids brown and pink

And the last card is white and gray.

teach colors to kids white and gray

When you assemble the flip book you can put the cards in any order you want.

And now you have a flip book that will help you teach colors to kids!

This is perfect for parents, homeschool families and preschool and early education teachers!

More Educational Resources:


Letter of the Week Crafts for Preschoolers

If you are looking for letter of the week crafts to do with your preschooler this school year, look no more!

The entire alphabet is right here! The crafts include a free printable, if needed, and step by step instructions for creating an awesome alphabet activity with your little one.

At the end of each craft there is a song and a rhyme you and your little one can enjoy together as well as a list of books you can read together. These are excellent activities to do together to really help your preschooler learn the letter, the sound it makes and enjoy games at the same time that make learning fun.



Below are all of the crafts outlined in alphabetical order so you can come to one page to find them all! Enjoy these fun activities with your little ones and feel free to share them with any other parents who are looking for alphabet crafts to do with their preschoolers this school season!

Letter of the Week Crafts for Preschoolers

letter of the week a-d


letter of the week e-h


letter of the week i-l


letter of the week m-p


letter of the week q-t


letter of the week art preschool uvwxyz


Make sure you Pin this page over on Pinterest so you always have it at your fingertips! letter of the week crafts for preschoolers


Homeschool Socialization Myths Debunked

We started our homeschool journey almost four years ago. Some of the questions along the way from outsiders have surprised me. Some of the questions I have really become used to answering.

One of the first things people say when they find out we homeschool is ….”But, what about socialization? How will your children socialize if they are being homeschooled?”.

I am always shocked  when people ask this, although I shouldn’t be.

homeschool myths about socialization


From 2003 until 2011, I spent many, many hours volunteering at our two bigger kids elementary school. This is in a very sought after and highly accredited school district here in North Texas.

I was part of the executive board for seven years. I was PTA President for two years. I gave over 1,000 hours every single school year. I knew many of the kids by name. I watched them grow up with our two boys.

I would tote my twin babies (who eventually became toddlers and preschoolers) in a stroller and read to kids after lunch. I organized and planned events. I connected with the less fortunate kids and wanted to make a difference in their lives. Many of them were from broken and financially suppressed homes with odds against them. Parents could not make meetings or conferences. The free breakfast and free lunch some of these kids received were the only meals they had each day. They went hungry on the weekends. I watched it. Before my eyes. Devastating.

I served on committees in our elementary school among teachers and administration. I helped in the workroom, made flyers, planned events with administration. My point is, I was in that school day in and day out.

You know what I quickly realized? School is not intended for socialization. It’s not.

homeschooled kid myths


Let me ask you this. How many times has your child “changed their color” or  received a “card mark” or received a conduct remark for not talking at appropriate times?

This occurred weekly, sometimes daily, for one of our boys.

Children are not allowed to talk in the bathroom, they are not allowed to talk in the classroom unless instructed to do so, they are not allowed to talk in the hall, they are not allowed to talk in the cafeteria until the designated time, the list goes on and on. Someone always has their eye on you WAITING for the moment that you speak out of turn to remind you that you’ve broken a rule and to “mark your card”. This started in Kindergarten at our school.

Here in our school distract, the kids were given 20-30 minutes of recess from Kindergarten through third grade.

After third grade (through sixth grade) students were given 20-30 minutes of recess ONCE A WEEK as long there had not been any behavior issues or missing work that needed to be completed.

In our school, from fourth grade on, the kids had to all go into the cafeteria and all sit quietly at the table until the entire grade level was SILENT. Once everyone was silent they could get in the lunch line. This means if one student wasted 15 minutes talking these kids had 10 minutes left to make it through the line, grab their food and eat.

Talk in the lunch line? End of the line.

Talking was aloud in the cafeteria once the teachers decided everyone could have permission to talk.

Bad behavior? SILENT TABLE at lunch.

homeschool myths debunked



Talking and socializing are NOT ENCOURAGED in schools. Think about it folks.

My children are home with people who genuinely love them all day long every day. My children are building life long relationships with the people who matter most- their family. The siblings who will be there the day they spread their wings and move to their first home. The siblings who will celebrate marriage and babies with them. The siblings who will love them for the rest of their life.

Our children are around other people every day. At the grocery store, at the post office, at church, in our neighborhood, our many friends who homeschool, our extended family and more! Believe me, my children socialize and they will carry on an amazing conversation with you. As a matter of fact, they will probably teach you something you did not know!

And when we are at a birthday party and they pull back and decide not to hangout with the kid out in the bounce house who is bullying and kicking kids, it is not because we homeschool and he is unsocial. It is because he can clearly observe what he should steer clear of when something or someone is dangerous. And what do ya know, he learned that from being home with is parents who are 100% invested in him for the rest of his life.

Concentrating on our family nucleus and nurturing and fostering these relationships is far more important to me then my children being scolded at school for socializing, being influenced by others who are morally compromised and being another number in a large school district with learning that is not customized for them and our beliefs.

I am not saying that we are anti-public school. Our choice is to keep our boys at home and pour every ounce we can into their education and nurture their loving spirits. This is a very short season.

Don’t believe the stereotypes when you are considering, or feel called to homeschool. We are raising a houseful of boys who are not weird, who are not lonely, who know how to communicate with others and who love their family deeply.

Just know that lacking socialization skills has nothing to do with where you are educated.


Accoomodations for Dyslexic Children

J is for Jellyfish Handwriting Printable

We love working on our letters at my house. Handwriting practice for preschoolers serves many benefits.

It helps to build muscles in their hands and fine motor skills.

It helps with pencil grip.

Learning to move across the worksheet going from left to right is also an early reading skill.

j is for jelly fish


We have done an entire alphabet series here on Crystal & Co., including letter of the week crafts, handprint art, books lists for the library for each letter as well as other worksheets that focus on each letter of the alphabet.

I am excited to share this printable handwriting practice worksheet with you. It is perfect for your preschooler or young learner.  You can print it here or click on the image above.

Use the first row to practice writing the capital J. The second row focuses on lowercase j. The third row is big and little. The last row is independent writing of the letter.

Want a free printable for each letter of the alphabet? Check out our complete list here.

What are your favorite ways to help your preschooler work on their handwriting skills?

More Letter J Activities for Kids

25 Letter C Activities and Crafts for Preschoolers

A new week here which means a new letter! We have collected some super fun ideas for you and your little one as you learn the letter C.  There are so many fun activities available for teaching your preschooler the letters of the alphabet.

This list of over 25 letter c crafts and activities for preschoolers is especially fun.  These ideas include great books, a snack idea, super fun printables, and crafts! Get your preschooler ready for some fun and ready for this new letter of the week!

letter c crafts for kids  (1)

25 Letter C Crafts

1. Letter of the Week: C is for Car– Crystal and Comp

2. Letter C Worksheets– Kids Activities Blog

3. Sensory Play for Letter C– The Measured Mom

4. Letter C Activity: Stamping Circles– A Mom With A Lesson Plan

5. FREE Letter C Printable: C is for Crab– The Measured Mom

6. C is for Corn: Math Activities– Fantastic Fun and Learning

7. Letter C Chart– A Mom With A Lesson Plan

8. Writing the Letter C– The Measured Mom

9. Letter C Printable Pack– This Reading Mama

10. C is for Cat with Pete the Cat– A Little Pinch of Perfect

12. Learn to Read Preschool Alphabet Letter C– Happy and Blessed Home

13. Alphabet Activities: C is for Cat– Well Nourished Nest

14. Preschool Letter Worksheets C– Learning to Walk

15. C is for Car: Letter of the Week Snack– Crystal and Comp

16. C is for Cow: Shapes Craft– Fantastic Fun and Learning

17. Paint Car Tracks: Letter C– Juggling With Kids

18. Books Children Must Read: Letter C– Crystal and Comp

19. Preschool with Bo Unit #3: Letter C– Delightful Learning

20. Totschool Letter C– School Time Snippets

21. Letter of the Week: Carrot C– No Time For Flash Cards

22. Letter C Rhymes and Songs– The Measured Mom

23. Letter C Books– This Reading Mama

24. Letter C Maze Printable– Simple Fun For Kids

25. Color by Letters– Kids Activities Blog

What projects are you doing with your little one as you teach them the letter C?

When Learning and Fun Collide

I don’t know about you but my phone is my life line!

I spend a lot of time on my phone and when we are on the go my kids enjoy playing on it. When I am on the go I enjoy playing challenging games on my phone. They are entertaining and most of the time my kids can play along. Ever play AlphaBetty Saga? This game is so cool and my boys and I often times play it together.

(This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of King Digital Entertainment for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.)

alphabetty saga a fun app for kids

AlphaBetty Saga is the first word-based Saga game from the same creator of Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga, King Digital. It is super fun! The idea of the game is all consistent with grammar and spelling based challenges. The game is great at building spelling skills and increasing grammar. With each level, there are new requirements and layouts making the word combinations a greater challenge. The words created earn points with a goal at the top for what you want to reach.

how to play alphabetty saga

It is also super simple. You glide your finger across the screen when playing on your phone or tablet to create words. The letters can connect front, back, and at diagonally at different angles. Honestly the game really attracted my oldest who struggles with grammar skills and vocabulary. He really enjoyed putting letters together, seeing how quickly he could obtain the points at the top, and was entertained for a long time!

spelling app for your smart phone

Plus who doesn’t love a FREE game!AlphaBetty Saga is now available to download for free on Apple App StoreGoogle Play and AlphaBetty Saga Facebook Page. If you are traveling this summer AlphaBetty Saga is great for over-the-road. Beyond the game, AlphaBetty Saga’s creator, King, recently released a survey to help summer travelers avoid spelling mistakes during their summer travel. On average nearly 64% of people traveling misspell some popular cities in the United States. You probably wouldn’t imagine that your spelling skills are lacking any but you might be surprised! Great for the whole family and fun for travel!

Visit your Google Play app store, Facebook, or Apple App Store to get this awesome game on your phone. Make sure you Follow the Betty on Twitter too! Your kids will love building words and the challenge of word structure!

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Books Children Must Read This Summer (by Age Group)

Summer has arrived! If your kids are like mine they are trying to pack everything into one week. Virtually impossible.

Somewhere in all of the hustle and bustle of summer time, R & R and fun activities for kids, we have to squeeze in some reading time. Reading for some amazing books children must read this summer?

My boys love trips to the library and its fun to watch them each pick out books on topics they are interested in. Reading is so vital and important for kids and adults. Reading is fun, interesting, and captivating building vocabulary skills, comprehension, and imagination.

Check out our summer reading bucket list for all different ages!

summer reading list for preschoolers

Reading List Ages 3-5:

1. Bugs in My Hair is a hilarious tale of head lice, although it sounds gross the book is humorous!

2. Encourage your  kids to explore the world with this book of My Five Senses.

3. Its a noisy day at the barnyard in Meow Said The Cow and other hilarious animal sounds.

4. Chicken Little says the Sky is Falling and your kids will enjoy this tale.

5. This hilarious adventure of Ten Pigs: An Epic Bath Adventure ends in a squeaky clean twist.

6. This sweet story of If You Take A Mouse To School explains the needy expectations of a sweet mouse.

7. Pete the Cat: Pete At The Beach is a first level reader with a super cute story line perfect for early readers.

8. This Dr. Seuss Beginner Book Edition has all of the Dr. Seuss favorites and a great for bedtimes.

9. Your kids will love hearing the importance of sharing in this cute storybook Llama Llama Time To Share.

10. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom is full of lively rhymes and alphabet fun as they race up the coconut tree.

summer reading for kids

Reading List Ages 6-8:

1. This cute book of Flat Stanley includes a tale of a boy who is smashed flat by a bulletin board and his adventures!

2. The young easy readers of this Junie B. Jones Series will have you kids laughing and building grammar skills.

3. Get your kids interested in all things weather related with National Geographic Weather full of fun facts, interesting photographs, and other stuff that will blow them away!

4. Your kids will love this imaginative book of What If You Had Animal Teeth where they can imagine having teeth of different animals and discover fun information about animals.

5. Check out Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring The Earth To Life with awesome facts about why plants are so important and a journey of why energy is important.

6. The history of the underground railroad is told in Henry’s Freedom Box: A True Story of the Underground Railroad that includes a sweet story and longing for freedom.

7. The powerful story of Lon Po Po includes a version of Little Red Riding Hood from China with amazing illustrations and a captivating tale.

8. Discover the amazing things and cool fun facts that happen While You Were Sleeping.

9. Capture all of the humor, awkwardness, and fun of Star Wars: Jedi Academy in a galaxy far, far away.

10. This boxed bonanza of the Judy Moody Series includes all 9 books for tons of reading enjoyment!

read with your kids this summer

Reading List Ages 9-12:

1. The adventures in this collection Harry Potter Series never get old and will have your young reader occupied in this stunning and spellbinding saga.

2. This book A Handful of Stars explores the friendship of a young girl and migrant workers.

3. Brush up on the historical events, facts, and presidential information of all of the presidents to date in National Geographic: Our Country’s Presidents.

4. There is big adventure in the Big Nate Triple Play that includes 3 awesome books!

5. James grows the wonder of a giant peach with magic crystals in this exciting tale of James and the Giant Peach.

6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid books series are a popular hit with stories of the woes of middle school for one silly boy.

7. Ghosts in the Fog: The Untold Story of Alaska’s WWII includes amazing facts of the Japanese invasion of Alaska in this riveting tale.

8. This award winning piece Titanic: Voices From the Disaster is great read for kids with a woven story of the tragic moments of this ship.

9. Lawless is an action packed adventure that breaks the rules to save the world through mystery and excitement.

10. A story of three sisters who travel to meet the mother who abandoned them in One Crazy Summer with fun adventure and things they never expected.

books for tweens and teens

Reading List Tweens and Teens:

1. American Born Chinese is a story of a young Chinese-American student who wants to be himself including his heritage.

2. The chilling tale of Trapped includes the struggles of keeping warm and staying alive in a week long snow storm.

3. The notable Social Studies book Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom tells of how women were liberated and improved their lives.

4. The true crime thriller Lincoln’s Grave Robbers tells the attempt to steal Abraham Lincoln’s body.

5. The Hunger Games Trilogy is a hit with thrilling attempts at survival, life, and love.

6. The contemporary classic of Hatchet is full of page turning, heart stopping adventure.

7. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a powerful and unsettling story during the Holocaust.

8. In the blink of an eye the world of one girl totally changes after an accident in If I Stay.

9. This book Endangered tells the story of a girl fighting to save herself and a group of bonobos from violence.

10. The Book Thief includes an extraordinary tale of a girl in Munich, Germany in the late 1930’s who can not resists books that encourage her love for reading.


What is on your summer reading bucket list? Please share your favorites!

Don’t miss these bedtime stories for kids too!

bedtime stories for kids

Over 25 Letter B Crafts Your Preschooler Will Love

Are you looking for some super fun letter B crafts for do with your preschooler?

This list of over 25 letter of the week activities is full of amazing ideas to share and teach your preschooler all about letter B!

With fun Letter B activities, printables, and even an awesome snack your preschooler is sure to be excited and love learning all about the letter B and its sound!

letter b activities for kids


Over 25 Letter B Crafts and Activities

  1. Buzzzzzzy Bee Activity– No Time for Flash Cards
  2. Letter B: B is for Butterfly– Crystal and Comp
  3. Best Preschool Books for Letter B– Wildflower Ramblings
  4. B is for Bubble Blowing Bear– B Inspired Mama
  5. Letter B Bubble Painting– A Mom With A Lesson Plan
  6. Letter B Worksheets– Kids Activities Blog
  7. Letter B Book of Rhymes and Songs– The Measured Mom
  8. B is For Birds of The Everglades– Ben and Me
  9. Spring Butterfly Craft– Fantastic Fun and Learning
  10. Letter B: Baskets, Bins, and Books– The Good Long Road
  11. Preschool Letter B Worksheets– Crystal and Comp
  12. Letter B Printable Pack– This Reading Mama
  13. Letter B: Blue Balloon Bounce– A Mom With A Lesson Plan
  14. Loving Letter B– Carrots Are Orange
  15. Books Children Must Read: Letter B– Crystal and Comp
  16. B is For Buttons: Letter B Printable– Teaching Mama
  17. Letter B Books Book List– This Reading Mama
  18. Free Romping and Roaring B Pack– 3 Dinosaurs
  19. Letter of The Week Snack: B is For Butterfly– Crystal and Comp
  20. Letter B Sound Activity– Mommy Crusader
  21. Bb is For Bus Pigeon Craft– Royalbaloo
  22. Banana B!– No Time For Flash Cards
  23. Letter B Sensory Bin– Life With Moore Babies
  24. Find the Letter B: B is For Bells– 3 Boys and a Dog
  25. Handwriting Practice: B is For Butterfly– Crystal and Comp
  26. Superhero Upper and Lowercase Letter Match: Letter B– B Inspired Mama
  27. Letter B and Blueberries for Sal– Royalbaloo
  28. Alphabet Sensory Bin Letter B– And Next Comes L

Have fun learning and teaching the letter B. Which ones are your favorite?

How to Make an Alphabet Flip Book for Your Preschooler

As we get further along with our letter of the week crafts for preschoolers, I am looking for more learning activities to do with my little Matthew so I can teach him his alphabet and letter sounds.

While we have been homeschooling since May 2012, Nick and Luke learned their ABCs and letter sounds by attending Mother’s Day Out when they were four and five years old.  I have to teach Matthew (who is 4) from scratch. A little scary- I have been pretty nervous about it.

Subsequently, I ran into Nick and Luke’s preschool teacher at Target, Ms. Patty, a few weeks ago. We hugged and were excited to catch up. She wanted to know how everyone is doing and how homeschooling is going. I shared with her my fear of teaching Matthew the alphabet all by myself.

She told me her secret. You make a flip book of the alphabet and every morning you go over it together. Say the letter. Say the picture. Say the sound. She said by the end of the school year all of the kids knew their letters and the sounds they make. It’s like magic.

Redundant magic.

Clearly she knows what she is talking about. She taught my boys their letter sounds three years ago.

I wanted an alphabet flip book that Matthew and I could use each day to review the letters and their sounds. I searched online for ABC flip books and the few I found were pricey.

I searched Pinterest for ideas so I could make one myself, but could not find one I really liked.

I then headed to our local teacher supply store and perused the shelves. Again, what I found was pricey and I knew there had to be a way to just make one easily.

I am going to show you how inexpensive and simple this is!


how to make an alphabet flip book for your preschooler

You Will Need:

I explained my dilemma to one of the employees at the teacher supply store. If I was going to make a flip book myself I preferred to use something larger than flashcard.

She had the perfect solution. There was a bulletin board set that we could use and laminate the cards. Each card measures 8 1/4″ x 5 7/8″.  The cost for the set was $10.00.

This teacher supply store also offers laminating service on-site by the foot. It cost less than $4 to have her laminate the entire set for me.

how to make an alphabet flipbook

I came home and cut out the cards leaving about a quarter inch of laminating material around each card all the way around.

cut the laminated cards out

I put them in order from A-Z.

use bulletan board photo alphabet cards by trand to make an ABC flip book

I used a hole punch to punch holes in the upper left corner of each card.

use a hole punch to make a hole in the upper corner

Once each card had a punch in it, I fed the large book ring through the cards keeping them in order from A-Z.

how to teach your preschooler their ABCs

Close the ring and you have a flip book!

how to make an alphabet flipbook on the cheap

Matthew and I sit down and go over the alphabet together.

Like Ms Patty said, the idea is to say the letter, say the picture, say the sound. We are working our way up to that. Right now Matthew says the name of the picture and then I say the letter and ask him to repeat the letter.

We will slowly add in all of the elements until he can say the letter, the picture and the sound the letter makes.

how to use a flipbook to teach your preschooler the alpbabet

Most of the time I hold the card and he sits across from me. I flip the cards as we move through the alphabet.

Sometimes I let him sit and hold the cards and lead the way.

preschool alphabet flip book

You’ll notice he has his dog, McCoy, right beside him.

Sometimes we do this on the couch. Sometimes we do this at the kitchen table.

abc flip book

The idea is to make learning fun. No pressure.

While you’re here, check out our collection of letter of the week crafts for your preschooler as you enjoy exploring the alphabet together!