Hand Print Art: L is for Lollipop

It is time for another amazing hand print art project and this week it is all about the letter L!

Can you think of all the things that start with the letter L? Lamp, lawn, leaf, lemon, lime, lizard and more!

At the end of this post we have a collection of letter L activities for kids that is perfect to focus on all week long!



Hi everyone! We are back with another hand print art post. How have you been liking the series so far? My daughter and I have been loving it. She just adores making hand prints and footprints!

Today’s post is ‘L is for Lollipop’ which goes perfectly with the Letter of the Week Snack: apple lollipops!

Hand Print Art: L is for Lollipop

Supplies Needed:

How to make the L is for Lollipop Hand Print Art:

For this craft, we will be making palm prints instead of using the whole hand to make a print.

You will need at least 2 different paintbrushes and 2 colors of paint.

Hand Print Lollipops

Choose one color and make a curly-cue on the palm. Ours sort of looked like we drew a ‘G’ on it.

Take a 2nd color and fill in the remaining unpainted areas. Optional: You could also add a 3rd color like we did with the first lollipop.

Repeat this same process for however many lollipops you wish to create. My daughter always wants to make 3 of everything since that is her age.

Lollipop Handprint Art

Draw on a lollipop stick. I added angle lines to our sticks and alternated colors.

Write ‘L is for Lollipop” across the top or bottom.

L is for Lollipop Hand Print Art

Can you guess what Letter M is going to be?


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter L)

Boys’ Learning: Five Tips for Getting Boys to Read

There is something about boys that makes me want to help them be their best. I read books about learning like others breeze through a good fiction novel. I find the topic really interesting and love to share boys’ learning resources.

I run a boys’ book club because I think getting boys to read is imperative to their success. I want to help people raise boys who love to learn and think reading can play a big part in helping boys be lifelong learners.

My son is a big reader. I know that is not true for all boys but many will enjoy reading if you can just find the right materials for them to read. You can use the reading lists on Crystal’s site and my site to find great books for boys. (Best Books for Boys, Books Children Must Read)

5 Tips for Getting Boys to Read

Boys’ Learning: Reading

Here are 5 tips for getting boys to read that are all very easy to implement and will help with your boy’s learning.

1. Let them read anything

Chapter books are great but there are many other materials for boys to read. Don’t get stuck thinking they need to read fiction. Many boys love non-fiction. Here are some other things that boys tend to like to read: video game manuals, magazines, catalogs, directions for building sets, list books, graphic novels, comic books and encyclopedias. Don’t discount reading that happens throughout the day either such as reading signs, menus, and cereal boxes or online while looking something up or playing a game.

2. If they are interested in a subject find reading materials for them–pronto.

Any time your boy is interested in a specific topic put reading materials in front of them right away. For example, if your boy is into dinosaurs, get non-fiction books, fiction books, magazines, drawing books, graphic novels and more. Find websites for them to explore, take them to a museum and let them read the signs on the displays.

3. Get books of all levels

I suggest letting a child pick many of their own books from the time they can reach out and grab one :) If the book is below their reading level they can see how words are spelled or practice patterns of speech. If the book is above their level they will not understand everything but you can read it to them or they can ask for help. They will also understand some of it and learn new words.

5 Tips for Getting Boys to Read

4. Read out loud to them no matter what their age

Start reading to them when they are very young and don’t stop until they move out. I am quite serious about this. Sadly, as soon as kids start to read on their own they are read to less and less. Keep reading to them! It is so important for them to continue to hear people reading. They can pick up so much, including language, pronunciation, sentence structure and more. You can also use audio books and Playaways which are great because they often feature wonderful narrators.

5. Share books with other boys

If possible try to find a way for your boy to share books with other boys. If there is a boy’s book club that you can join that is great. If not, you could always start one—that is what I did! Or get a few boys together to chat about the books they enjoy. Knowing that other boys read, and enjoy it, can be great for boys who are not too sure about reading and for boys who love to read it can be a whole lot of fun.

Reading is so rewarding and it is a path to boys’ learning success. I hope you will try a few of these ideas to bring more reading materials into your boy’s life and let them know that you value (and enjoy!) reading.

What do you do to get your boy reading?

Do a Dot Printables: Pumpkins

Are you ready for some new do a dot printables? This month our packet will focus on pumpkins which is perfect for fall!

We love activities for kids that make learning fun and these certainly do just that.

Let me show you how to use this packet of seven pages with your little one.

pumpkin do a dot printables crystalandcomp


Here is what the packet looks like.


Preschool Do a Dot Printables:

Use do a dot markers to do as the instructions on each page indicate.

For this page you will find all of the big P’s and mark them with an orange marker and find all of the little p’s and mark them with a green marker.

do a dot printables letter p

Use the orange marker to fill in the cirlces on the pumpkin.

How many circles are there?

do a dot printables p is for pumpkins

I love the find the letter P page.

Use the orange marker to find all of the big P’s and the blue marker to find all of the little p’s.

How many are there of each letter?

letter p crafts

There is also a maze page, a page full of pumpkins you can count and a page that is all about what does not belong.

Each of these pages are perfect for building different skills.

We also have a kid color page that is pumpkins. Love this.

Coloring pages are great for:

  • building motor skills
  • developing grip
  • enhancing hand and eye coordination
  • expanding cognitive skills
  • encouraging creativity
  • teaching color recognition

kid color pages pumpkin


Download the entire packet and use it in your classroom or in your homeschool study that is all about pumpkins or the letter P!

Have fun with it!

More Fall Activities for Kids:  


Hand Print Art: K is for King

If you are teaching your preschooler the letter K right now, I have some fun activities for you!

This week our hand print art shows us how to make a K for king! Super adorable!

When we work on learning our letters, I like to ask my little one to help me think of all the things that start with that letter. How many things can you think of that starts with the letter K? Key, kangaroo. kite, koala, kitten and more!

Let’s check out our tutorial this week for this fun hands on craft!

WooHoo! We are almost halfway through the hand print art alphabet series!

Today we are doing letter K is for King. While browsing in the past, I have seen a hand print queen where you paint the fingers as the crown and the palm as the face. We made ours differently but you could definitely make it that way instead for a quicker version.

Hand Print Art: K is for King

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Art K is for King

How to make the K is for King Hand Print Art:

Prep: if you do not already have a paint color for the face, mix colors together until you get a tone that you like. We mixed white with just a tiny drop of brown. Also have 2 paintbrushes ready and a paint color for the beard and hair. We used brown.

Paint the 4 fingers with the paint chosen for the beard color as well as a strip of paint on the both the top and bottom of the palm. Paint the remaining area of the palm with the paint color that you mixed. Please note that we did not paint the thumb

Make the print with the four fingers close together if possible to make it look like a beard.

K is for King Hand Print Art

Use the gold glitter paint or another color to make the crown. Paint the 4 fingers and a strip at the top of the palm.

Make a print on top of the of the hand print that you just made so that the crown fingers are opposite the printed beard fingers.

Let dry.

Hand Print Art: K is for King

Add googly eyes, a nose, and a mouth.

Embellish the crown with jewel gems, sequins, stickers, or anything else that might look good on it.

Write ‘K is for King’ on it.

Hand Print Art K is for King


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter k)

Usborne: Books Children Must Read (and They Want To!)

Through all the ins and outs of homeschooling, the good days, the bad days, the long days and the occasional “never leave your jammies” days it’s interesting to see how there is a consistent core that centers around Usborne Books.

usborne homeschool books


We are HUGE fans of Usborne Books at our house because… oh man, there are so many reasons! The colorful illustrations, the quality of the writing, even the type of paper they are printed on. And of course, the wide range of really cool topics they cover. Usborne Books seem like a homeschooling family’s best friend because they complement curriculum choices so well.

Books Children Must Read

We make ample use of the local library, but the Usborne books are the ones we buy so that we never have to give them back!

Open a page and dive into a conversation with your kids.

Books Children Must Read

The pictures just make you want to drool.


The quality of the content? Top Drawer. No commercial tie-ins or movie characters, just lots of interesting facts, analysis, observations and info.


And there aren’t too many other books that consistently compete so well against the siren song of “technology.”

So what are my current favorites?

Greek Myths for Kids

Illustrated Greek Myths – Actually, I can’t say this is my current favorite, because it’s honestly my ALL TIME favorite.  It’s the first Usborne Book that we bought and it’s still top of my list.  I love the idea of introducing our kids to classic literature at an age appropriate level so that as they grow older the information will become more and more accessible.

Greek myths for kids

Illustrated Greek Myths does that for our six-year-old son…  He talks about Odysseus and Perseus like they are Super Man and Captain America.  He knows (an age appropriate) version of the plot lines and he’s enthralled by the pictures.  On a play date last month, he even sat down to “read” the book to his buddy so that they could re-enact one of the stories. Total Win.


Book of Famous Paintings – I can safely argue that homeschooling is a great way to redeem Mommy’s education.  I took an Art History class in college, crammed for the test and then proceeded to forget everything I learned.  This beautiful book of famous paintings is my attempt to make sure that our kids don’t suffer from the same fate.

Famous Paintings

Once a week we focus on one of the paintings – I ask them what colors the artist use, what the subject is, and I read the content on that artist or painting. We keep the book near the couch and I see the kids flipping through the pages to see “what comes next.”


I especially love the little “factoid snippets” that highlight information about the painting – it’s like the audio tour at an art museum that helps to unlock the image.  I totally love those!

Secrets of the Apple Tree

Secrets of the Apple Tree – Maybe because it’s fall, maybe because we’re studying ecology, maybe because I’m craving Apple Butter, but probably because this book is really, really creative.  It’s part of the Shine-A-Light series where the first page tells information about the story…

Secrets of the Apple Tree

…And then if you hold a flashlight to the back of the page it “reveals” an entire new set of information.


It’s like a secret decoder ring and every. single. time. my kids think it’s SO COOL. Usborne has one for Rain Forests and the Sea Shore as well – we’ll probably see those under the Christmas Tree at our house this year!

How about you?  What are your favorite Usborne titles?


Special Event!

Interested in learning more about Usborne Books?  You’re invited to join Crystal & Co for a Facebook Party on October 21.  You can learn more about Usborne Books, ask questions about what books might be the best fit for your family, plus you’ll have the chance to win a $50 Gift Card to buy your favorites!  The party will last 30 minutes and there will be two time options – October 21 at 12:00 PM EST and October 21 at 10:00 PM EST.  Simply fill out this form to receive an invite for the time that works best for you!

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

Are you ready for some fun activities for kids as you teach your little one the letter J?

This week our hand print art is gorgeous! We’re making a jellyfish!

What are some other words you can think of that start with the letter of the week? Jam, jacket, jungle, jug, jar, jet and more!

At the end of this post we have a collection of letter J activities for kids that is perfect to focus on all week long!


Hi! I’m excited to be back again for another hand print art craft to share with all of you! Today’s theme is letter J is for Jellyfish.We have been making jellyfish hand prints quite often lately and this one is my favorite yet! I just love the blue and purple color combination.

Fun fact: jellyfish have been around for millions of years, even longer than dinosaurs!

We also talked about how they do not have bones, blood, or brains and that their tentacles sting so we should never touch them.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

Supplies Needed:

Jellyfish Hand Print Art

How to make the J is for Jellyfish Hand Print Art:

If you would like to make the multi-color jellyfish, have the child paint their hand a solid color.

Take a new paintbrush and dip it into a different color of paint. Dab it in various places on the already painted hand. Repeat this step however many times you’d like. You could even add more colors.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

Use glitter glue to make the tentacles. I also outlined the palm with the glitter – this step is optional. Let Dry. Alternatively, use paint or marks to draw on the tentacles.

Glue on googly eyes.

Write ‘J is for  Jellyfish’ with  markers or use letter stickers.

Joy the Jellyfish

A cute book to go along with the craft is Joy the Jellyfish. Joy wants to make friends but feels invisible. It’s a great story about overcoming shyness, making friends, and how to be a friend.

Hand Print Art: J is for Jellyfish

In case you missed it, last week’s hand print art post was Letter I is for Ice cream!


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter J)



Hand Print Art: I is for Ice Cream

If you are looking for fun, hands on arts and crafts to do with your little one you’ve come to the right place.

Each week we share a new preschool alphabet craft. This week our hand print art includes creating an I for ice cream.

How many things can you think of that start with the letter I? Ice cream, iguana, ice, insect, iron and more!

Don’t forget that we have many preschool alphabet curriculum ideas here on the site. At the end of this post I have included links to our letter of the week craft, a letter I do a dot printable, a handwriting practice worksheet that is all about the letter I, a book list for the library, and a snack idea!

Ready to see the fun craft?


Hi! I’m Amanda from Fun Handprint Art and I am excited to be guest posting over here for another alphabet craft! This week’s hand print art is I is for Ice Cream. Yum! If you have been following along with this series, then you may already know about my daughter’s obsession with the color pink. So today I bring you another, you guessed it – pink craft!

Hand Print Art: I is for Ice Cream

It is simple to make!

Supplies Needed:

Ice Cream Cone Hand Print Art

Instructions for making the Hand Print Art: I is for Ice Cream craft:

  1. Print the ice cream cone template or cut one from construction paper.
  2. Color it, then cut around just the cone. Glue on to the construction paper.
  3. Make a handprint with the fingers pointed down on top of the cone. The fingers will overlap the cone.
  4. You can stop there or make another 1 (or more!) handprint on top of the first one. We used a different color for our second scoop of ice cream.
  5. Embellish with items such as glitter, buttons, sequins, or even real sprinkles! Or you may wish to leave it as is.
  6. Glue a red pom pom on top – the cherry!
  7. Write ‘I is for Ice Cream.’

Hand Print Art - I is for Ice Cream

Variations: There are so many different ways to make ice cream hand print art. Instead of making two ice cream scoops, you could make one or even five. How fun would it be to make 1 scoop for every color of the rainbow?! You could skip painting the fingers and instead make palm print scoops of ice cream. Or make 2 prints on top of the cone with another print on top of them for an extra-large ice cream cone. Another idea is to make the hand prints with the fingers pointed up like in this ice cream craft.

Hand Print Art: I is for Ice Cream Cone

See you next week for a fun ocean animal hand print craft to go along with the Letter J!


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter I)


Handwriting Practice for Preschool: Letter H

If you are on the hunt for handwriting practice for preschool kids you have found the right place!

This week we are focusing on the letter H.

This printable includes tracing practice, encourages preschoolers to practice the sound the letter makes and come up with a list of as many things as they can that start with the letter letter of the week.

Let me show you how fun this little printable is!

handwriting practice for perschool letter h

You Will Need:

Print out the worksheet and grab your pencil.

While you’re at it, if you’ve made our alphabet flip book grab it too!  (Click the link above to find out how to make your own. Super easy!!)

The theme of this printable (house) goes with the theme of the letter if the week craft. These pair perfectly together as you teach your preschooler their ABC’s.

handwriting practice for preschool

Let’s start by tracing the letters.

There is a big H and a little h in the top left corner of the page. There are arrows that guide your preschooler and show how to correctly write each letter.

Have them use their finger to trace each letter following the arrows.


trace the letter h


Next, grab the alphabet flip book. Find the letter H.

See how the h’s look the same on this card as they do on our printable?

What are some other things that start with the letter H? Hat, horse, house, harp, hammer, hair, etc.

h is for hat

I love to use the My First Picture Dictionary as we make a list of words that start with the letter of the week.

This book came in our Sonlight curriculum and we use it often.

my first picture dictionary book

Now let’s trace all of the H’s.

The first row is all big H’s.

The second row is all little h’s.

Then the third row alternates big H and little h.

The last row is blank for independent practice.

handwriting practice for kids

Feel free to spread the work out over a few days if you want. Matthew does not like to do all of the tracing in one day.




More Letter H Activities for Kids

Hand Print Art: H is for House

How many things can you think of that start with the letter H? House, heart, hair, hat, hammer, helicopter, horse, hummingbird and more many more!

Are you ready to use our hands and create hand print art that looks just like a house? Amanda from Artsy Momma has created the funnest keepsake. And I love how stickers were incorporated to help decorate the house!

Oh, when you’re done with this hand print craft, make sure you check out all of the links at the end of this post which include fun activities for kids as you teach your little one the letter H. You will find a letter of the week craft, a letter H Do a Dot printable, a handwriting practice worksheet that is all about the letter H, a book list for the library, and a snack idea!



Hello! How are you liking the hand print art alphabet series so far?

My preschooler and I are enjoying coming up with creative ways to make art that match the Letter of the Week crafts over here on Crystal & Co. This week’s post is Letter H is for House. Originally we made the house using prints from both hands. It looked okay, but then I decided to remake it last minute using just one hand print. I like it better with just the one but it’s still doable with the two.

Kids will love designing their own house with color choices, stickers, patterns, and so on. Ours is just a simple pink and purple house with a ‘doggie’ outside of it – 3 of my daughter’s favorite things!

Hand Print Art: H is for House

Supplies Needed:

hand print art for kids

Instructions for making the House Hand Print Art:

Make a hand print in a color of choice on a sheet of construction paper. My daughter chose to make a purple house.

Use a black marker to outline the print so that it resembles a house shape.

Draw a chimney on the top. Color in with marker.

Add a door and windows. My little one wants to make everything pink all the time so of course the door on her house is colored pink!

Make grass – optional.

Add stickers such as animals, flowers, trees, or anything else you might find in a yard – optional. Staying with the letter H theme, my daughter added hearts as decoration.

Write ‘H is for House’.

h is for house

See you next week for a yummy-looking craft for the Letter I!


Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter H)


Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

Are you ready to explore the letter G? We are!

We’re going to use our hands to create hand print art that looks just like a goat!

Looking for more fun activities for kids as you teach your little on their alphabet? At the end of this post there are links to many other letter G activities and tutorials! You will find a letter of the week goat craft, a letter G Do a Dot printable, a handwriting practice worksheet that is all about the letter G, a book list for the library, and a snack idea!

I just love Amanda’s easy to follow tutorial and I love all of the goat facts this week! Are you ready to dive in?


Hi everyone! Today’s hand print art letter of the week craft is G is for Goat.

5 Fun Facts about Goats:

  • Male goats are called bucks while female goats are called does. Baby goats are called kids.
  • A group of goats is called a ‘trip of goats’.
  • They do not have upper front teeth. Instead they have a hard gum pad.
  • They have rectangular-shaped pupils allowing them to see things on the side of them without turning their head.
  • Some can jump as high as five feet!

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Art - G is for Goat

Instructions for making the Hand Print Goat:

Make a brown handprint on a sheet of construction paper.

Add a brown thumbprint under the thumb – this makes the head area.

Use the pinky finger to make a tail.

Let dry.

Hand Print Goat Craft

Cut 2 small pieces from a pipe cleaner and glue it to the top of the goat’s head. These are the horns.

Cut another small piece off from the pipe cleaner. Glue on as the beard.

Glue on a tiny googly eye or draw one on.

Draw on the nose, mouth, and hooves with a black marker.

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat

We used both mini crafts sticks and regular sized ones to make the fence. It is not necessary to use both sizes. Alternatively, you could instead draw a fence on or create one from pipe cleaners.

Write ‘G is for Goat’ at the top.

Hand Print Art: G is for Goat



Letter of the Week Activities for Preschoolers (Letter G)

Amanda @artsy_mommaAmanda is an ‘artsy momma’ to 2 kids who love making crafts just as much as she does. Follow their creative journey over on the blog titled Artsy Momma. Besides crafts, they share fun food ideas, hands-on learning activities, mommy DIY, + lots more! If you love handprint art, head over to their Fun Handprint Art blog where you will find hundreds of their projects all made with little hands and feet.