Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: A Turkey Kiss of Gratitude

If you’re looking for final Thanksgiving crafts for kids this one is adorable!

You can use these as gifts or you can use them as place settings for your Thanksgiving lunch or dinner.

You can use large jar or small jars. If you’re not a fan of the candy inside, swap it out for Goldfish crackers.

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids Gratitude Gifts

The full tutorial is over on What to Expect, where I am guest posting today. It is super simple and makes a great keepsake.


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12 Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts

I love the idea of creating toilet paper roll Thanksgiving crafts! And while there are tons of ideas and ways of making turkeys out of toilet paper rolls, there are so many other things you can create too. Corn husks, pilgrims, Indians, napkin rings and more!

Here is a collection of 12 toilet paper roll Thanksgiving crafts. These are perfect to do now, or over the days the kids are out of school for the holiday, or on the day of Thanksgiving with cousins while everyone is getting ready for the big feats. Rad, right?

Here are my favorites. (Oh, and while you’re here, check out all of my activities for kids.)

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Thanksgiving Crafts

  1. Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Boy super cute. You could easily make a Pilgrim family.
  2. Toilet Paper Roll Pilgrim Hat – how fun is that?
  3. Paper Plate and Toilet Paper Turkey– adorable! And then the kids paint it.
  4. Cardboard Tube and Coffee Filter Turkey– painting and tie-dying all in one project. Kids will love this.
  5. Pilgrim Girl– adorable! I love the hair.
  6. Toilet Paper Corn with Husk– these make great napkin holders.
  7. Button Napkin Holders– use buttons to decorate the toilet paper roll and you have another version of a napkin holder.
  8. Hand Print Turkey– decorate the toilet paper roll with hand prints to create a turkey.
  9. Indian Family Center Piece– love this! Great family project. And it is all made out of toilet paper rolls.
  10. Leaf Turkeys– use the toilet paper roll and leaves to create a precious turkey family.
  11. Feather Turkey– super fun and uses traditional materials like colorful feathers to create a turkey from a toilet paper roll.
  12. Clothespin Turkey– paint the clothespins different colors and use them as the feathers on the toilet paper roll. Take it a step further and write what you are thankful for on the clothespins. Adore!

Which ones are you most excited to create?

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Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Leaf Garland Craft

In our house we are in full Thanksgiving craft mode.  We’ve been making all sorts of easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids…from turkeys made from paper rolls to DIY turkey napkin rings.  This is one of our favorite seasons.

The kid’s crafts sure do show it!  This Thanksgiving garland craft is perfect for fall decorating and filling your home with signs of the season…kids craft style!  


My daughter enjoyed each step of this craft, from the painting to the glitter.  And now she loves to see it up on our shelf among photos of our family. 


We love to create crafts and activities that use recycled materials and this one was no exception.  This festive garland was made from an item that was headed out to the recycle bin.  With a little learning component added in, this Thanksgiving garland was a fun and easy way to explore colors, shapes, and textures.


(While you’re here, check out all of the Fall crafts Crystal & Co., has to offer.)

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft

When we were approached by Crystal & Co. to create a kid-friendly, easy Thanksgiving craft, we were beyond excited!  We wanted to come up with a festive fall décor item that the kids would love. 

I started out by grabbing up a cereal box from the recycle bin and drawing some quick fall leaf shapes. 

The stamp was a new kitchen sponge cut into different shapes.  We had a square shape, a triangle, and a rectangle. 

We talked about the things we are thankful for while we painted our leaves.  It would be fun to write those things and peoples names right on the leaves so that the writing would show from under the paint.  We got a little ahead of ourselves and skipped that step, oops!

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft
Before the paint dried, Big Sister sparkled up our leaves with this gorgeous brown glitter.

We let the paint and glitter dry for a few hours and then shook off the excess glitter.

I cut the leaves out and we were ready for the next step.
Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft
Big Sister and I pulled pieces of two-sided tape and stuck each leaf to a clothes pin.

Big Sister is a HUGE tape fan, so this may have been her favorite part of the whole craft!
 Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids: Easy Garland Craft

Once all of the leaves were taped to clothes pins, Big Sister clipped them onto a length of red yarn.  Pinching clothes pins is such a great fine motor activity for hand strength.  Pinching them along the yard was pretty fun, too!  

Our leaf garland is decorating a picture ledge in our dining room and we’ve been loving the extra fall touch that this craft brings to the room.  Just in time for Thanksgiving!

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5 Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Are you looking for craft ideas for Thanksgiving that you can use for class parties, neighbor gifts, goodies for family members, decor for your home, etc.?

I wanted to remind you of the fun collection of Thanksgiving crafts I have created and shared here in the years past. Each of these are  very easy to create.

5 Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

Craft Ideas for Thanksgiving

1) Thanksgiving Wooden Blocks – this is an easy printable that you Mod Podge to wooden blocks. These are perfect for mantle and shelf decorations. You will love them!
2) Thanksgiving Hershey’s Kisses Stickers – print these stickers and put them on the bottom of Hershey’s Kisses. Bag them up and give them to your favorite teacher or co-worker!

3) Thanksgiving Smores – these are perfect treats to create and give to classmates at school or nieces and nephews. Fun and easy!

4) Turkey Poo – these crack me up! Take the printable and attach it to a cello bag full of Thanksgiving colored M&M’s. Give them to anyone with a sense of humor!

5) Simple Thanksgiving Treat Bags – hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Bake up some cookies, grab some stamps, decorate some bags and give cookies to everyone who is grateful!

Which one will you create?

Looking for more craft ideas? Check out these 12 toilet paper roll Thanksgiving crafts you can create with your little ones!

10 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween crafts for kids are super fun because quite honestly, it doesn’t matter if the end product is a bit…scary.  Those little mishaps and creative differences just enhance the frightening appearance.  Here are a few of my favorite easy Halloween crafts.

10 Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

  1. Halloween Night Light Kids Can Make – This simple project upcycles an Ovaltine container with a little tissue paper and kid-friendly glue sealer.  Add an LED tap light and you have the perfect night light to scare monsters out from under the bed.
  2. Halloween Ring Shaker – All those little non-candy trinkets picked up during trick-or-treating can be used to create a really cute toy.
  3. Halloween Math Games – OK, I know that the thought of injecting a math lesson into Halloween celebrations might be a bit scary, but this is a simple way to make good use of all that candy for a simple math memory game that kids will actually want to play!
  4. Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Art Project – This paper craft for kids is easy and can be done with even the littlest participants.  Use a coffee filter to create the “glow” behind the pumpkin’s not-so-frightening face.
  5. Homemade Scratch-and-Sniff Paint – Use the colors of Halloween to turn this simple paint recipe into a festive holiday craft for kids.
  6. Easy Halloween Cookies to Make Together – These 20 Halloween cookie ideas all start with pre-prepared sugar cookie dough.  Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I buy mine at the store.
  7. Paper Plate Spider Craft – This super cute spider {yes, I used super and cute in the same sentence as spider} can be made as Halloween decorations or just because it is fun.
  8. Paper Pumpkins – These little Halloween pumpkins can be created from paper with just a twist or two.  Little hands will love getting into the action.
  9. Melting Witch Play Dough – This is a great alternative to giving candy at Halloween, but also a really fun craft and activity to do at home.
  10. Ghostly Footprints – Make some adorably haunting memories with these ghosts based on footprints and a bit of white paint.  Create a ghost family each year to chart growth at a scary rate!

When it comes to doing crafts with kids, it is really more about having fun doing something together!


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Holly Homer is a mom blogger of 3 boys who tries to keep them busy and out of trouble by thinking up new things to do at Kids Activities Blog.

23 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

Are you planning  a Halloween party at home, at school or with friends? Maybe you want a Halloween inspired meal plan as Halloween quickly approaches?

Here is a collection of 23 easy Halloween food ideas that everyone will love. There are cakes you can make, pumpkin inspired dishes, snacks for kids and party food!

All of these ideas came from other bloggers who share their ideas each week on my linky party, as well as creations I have made from years past. While you’re here, make sure you check out all of the Fall craft ideas.

Ready for something yummy and festive to create with your family?

23 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

23 Easy Halloween Food Ideas

  1. Easy Pumpkin Cupcakes
  2. Stuffed Munchkin Pumpkins
  3. Skull Chocolate Covered Carmel Apples
  4. Halloween Party Food
  5. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Burritos
  6. Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream
  7. Pumpkin Pie Frosting
  8. Monster Cookies
  9. Pumpkin Pound Cake
  10. Red Velvet Mummy Cake
  11. Spider Web Funnel Cake
  12. Healthy Halloween Snacks
  13. Salty and Sweet Halloween Bark
  14. Pumpkin Cheesecake Milkshake
  15. Marshmallow Ghosts
  16. Homemade Pumpkin Puree
  17. Sloppy Joe Intestines
  18. Monster Munch
  19. Candy Dipped Carmel Apples
  20. Mummy Cookies
  21. Witch Broom Stick Snacks
  22. Edible Bloodshot Eyeballs
  23. Edible Witch Fingers

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19 Fall Crafts and Tutorials

Are you on the hunt for fall craft ideas? I’ve got you covered.

I have pulled together a collection of Fall crafts that are perfect for you to create for your home this season.

There are DIY Fall crafts for decorating your home, there are Fall food ideas you can make as a family and there are Fall and Halloween crafts you can make with the kids. I love them all!

I pulled these ideas together from the submissions other bloggers have shared each week on The Mommy Club Party (which is hosted here on Crystal & Co., every Wednesday) as well as some of my personal favorite Fall crafts that I have shared with you guys from years past.

Ready to see some awesome ideas that will have you running to the craft store for supplies?

19 fall crafts from #crystalandcomp #fallcrafts19 Fall Crafts

  1. 3 Step Fall Burlap Wreath
  2. Pumpkin Pie Play Dough
  3. 12 Halloween Crafts for Kids
  4. DIY Fall Framed Art
  5. Spooky Skull Dollar Store Wreath
  6. Gorgeous Fall Fabric Wreath
  7. Spooky Spider Cake
  8. Educational Halloween Crafts
  9. Apple Pie Play Dough
  10. 3 Simple Halloween Projects for Kids
  11. Free Lunchbox Note Cards
  12. Fancy (Yet Easy) Fall Burlap Wreath
  13. Fall Tree Hand Banner
  14. Jack O Lantern Finger Puppet
  15. 20+ Kids Handprint Halloween Crafts
  16. Spooky Edible Spiders
  17. Fine Motor Skill Halloween Activities
  18. Halloween Kisses Stickers (free printable)
  19. Fall Lima Bean Wreath

Which one will you create first? 


Thanksgiving Crafts: Gobble Smores (free printable)

I am so excited to share this Thanksgiving craft with you. I just adore the little handmade looking turkey on the front of the printable. For more Fall crafts make sure you check out all of my easy ideas that I’ve shared over the last few seasons right here on my site.

Who loves some turkey s’mores? Gobble, gobble.

(Did you see the Turkey Poo free printable craft I shared yesterday? So stinkin’ cute! No pun intended.)

These s’mores are so simple to make and are perfect treats for Thanksgiving school parties, teacher gifts, and they make the best goodie bag handout for your nieces, nephews and grand kids! You could even use these as place setting treats at a kiddy Thanksgiving table.

fall crafts

You Will Need:

Print out your free printable.

Use scissors or the paper-cutter to cut out the treat bag labels. Each page has four labels on it to save printing supplies.

Love this printable? Kelli from 3 Boys and a Dog makes my printables. She offers very affordable design work if you want to contact her for a custom project you might have.

free printables

Once you’ve cut out the labels, fold them over like the picture below.

I love the “to” and “from” area on the back of the cards for personalized gift giving.

Stuff each 3×4 cello bag with: 2 graham cracker squares, one large marshmallow and a chocolate bar.

Fold the top of the cello bag over.

Slip the treat bag label over the folded cello bag top.

Staple the label to the cello bag to secure and your treat is done!

thanksgiving crafts


And if I have not told you yet, Happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey Poo (free printable)

Ready for some more fall crafts? I am geared up for Thanksgiving.   How about you?

This is a fun craft idea that would make great treats for school friends, teachers, and Turkey Day guests that have a great sense of humor.

We love these.

fall craft ideas

You Will Need:

  • Turkey Poo free printable <<——— click to print
  • Thanksgiving colored M&Ms (I found mine at Target during Halloween time)
  • 3×4 clear cello bags
  • paper-cutter or scissors
  • stapler
  • white card stock
  • marker for filling in the “to” and “from” area

Print the printable on card stock.

This particular one has 4 treat bag labels on a page.

Kelli from 3 Boys and a Dog makes all of my printables. Check out her design work, she is very affordable. If you have an idea you want her to create she only charges $5 per page.

free printables

Use scissors or a paper-cutter to cut out the treat bag labels.

Fold them in half like a tent. (See image below.)

free printables

Use a marker to fill in the “to” and “from” area on the back of the cards.

Fill the 3×4 cello bags with M&Ms about a third of the way.

Note: These cello bags are smaller than the bags I have used in previous tutorials. We wanted to save you money on printing so we made the labels smaller so more would fit on a page resulting in smaller cello bags being used.

Fold one-fourth of the top of the cello bag over.

Place the folded labels over the top of the cello bag and staple. (See image below.)

thanksgiving crafts

Aren’t these adorable?

They crack me up and my kids think they are fun.

fall crafts

Don’t miss the other Thanksgiving printables I have shared. We love these Give Thanks Blocks and Thanksgiving Kisses.

Fall Craft Ideas: Simple Thanksgiving Treat Bags

Kelley from The Grant Life is back today and guest posting! She is sharing a fun fall craft idea. You guys know how much I love a crafty tutorial.

Fall is here and Thanksgiving is right around the corner.   I am hosting my first Thanksgiving at our house this year and I have already started planning everything out.   We have the food covered so I have moved onto decorations.   We plan on having a kids table and I am hoping to put a bunch of fun things for them to do together.

I’m going to share a simple craft that is not only easy and kid friendly but makes a yummy decoration too!

These treat bags are great because they look fancy but are so simple to make.

All you need to make the bags are:

  • Clear plastic treat bags
  • Double sided tape
  • Cardstock
  • Plus your favorite treat to fill the bags

I used pumpkin and leaf cutout cookies because I’m going to have the kids decorate them sometime during the day.   It might be fun to put little games or toys in the bags as well.

There are only three simple steps to make these bags:

  1. Fill bag and cut off excess
  2. Place double sided tape on each side
  3. Fold cardstock onto tape and crease

I added a festive stamp to the cardstock but it would be fun to let the kids color that part too.

Here are some links to similar stamps:

Thanksgiviing Blessing stamp

Happy Thanksgiving stamp

small maple leaf stamp

medium maple leaf stamp

pumpkin with leaf vine stamp

These bags are very versatile.

This is an inexpensive craft that would be fun to do with your kids and can used for any occasion.

The breakdown of the cost:

  • Bags – $2
  • Cardstock – $2 [on sale]
  • Double sided tape – $5

I cant wait to show off these adorable treat bags on Thanksgiving!  The bags may last that long but I’m sure the cookies inside will be gone.

Kelley is the mastermind in charge of her family.   She loves to spend time crafting, cooking and making her kids laugh. She believes she was destined to be a comedian but has put her stand up dreams on hold to raise her two kids. She blogs about her family at and often entertains her readers with her wise cracks.