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15 Martin Luther King Jr Activities and Unit Study

As a homeschool mom, I feel it is very important to teach my kids about diversity.

Here is a collection of 15 activities you can do with your kids to observe MLK Day this month. You could even turn this into a unit study. Remember, you do not have to be a homeschooler to enjoy these. You can supplement with these ideas on top of what they are learning at school. This is a perfect topic we should be discussing at home.

These activities are great for preschoolers and early elementary. There are even a few worksheets for up to 5th grade. It is so important for us to teach our children that we are all the same on the inside!

Martin Luther King Jr Activities and Unit Study

Martin Luther King Jr Activities

1. Black History Month Activities from 3 Boys and a Dog
2. MLK Handprint Activity from Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue!
3. MLK Writing Sheet from Peace, Love and Learning
4. 3 Multicultural MLK Crafts for kids from Kid’s Fun Review
5. MLK Handwriting Worksheets (grades 1-2) from 3 Boys and a Dog
6. MLK Coloring Page from Crayola
7. I am Different (Homemade Books) from Things to Share & Remember
8. I Have a Dream Writing Paper from Teachers Pay Teachers
9. MLK Word Search from Jinxy Kids
10. Civil Rights Picture Books from What Do We Do All Day
11. Activities for MLK Day from Pre-K Pages
12. MLK Printable Sheets from Teachers Pay Teachers
13. MLK Cursive Worksheets (grades 3-5) from 3 Boys and a Dog
14. MLK Activities for Preschoolers from Teach Preschool
15. What is Diversity Activity from Kids Activities Blog


How are you teaching your kids about diversity?

Skip College and Get Straight to Work

So you graduated high school, you’ve done everything you can to prepare for the future. But for what? Why did you go through all of that trouble just so that you can go to more schooling? Sometimes it seems like the schooling never ends, what’s worse is you have to pay even more money, so that more people can assign you a grade for whatever level of work they think you did.

It can be maddening, but it’s required, isn’t it? Most people feel like they can’t get a good job if they don’t go to college. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, college can leave people with student loans, a lot of stress, and they sometimes can still be jobless! Not only that but it doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll get higher pay.

skip college and get to work

Fortunately there are lots of various alternatives to college. For instance take a look at the programing world. For a long time it was required that you get your degree at a good college in programming. That is slowly changing, companies are finding these days that more and more students are teaching themselves programming online. In fact, some of these self-taught students have more experience, and are more self-motivated then the guys who went to college.

To top it off, these guys didn’t have to pay for tuition. They didn’t have OT live in small little dorms, and they didn’t have to put up with all of the problems that roommates can give. Instead they comfortably worked part time jobs while they studied online.

You may be thinking that you can’t do the same, but you actually can. New places like University of the People (UoP) are available. UoP is a free online college that you can use to take a variety of classes. That means that you can do all of that college work from home, for free!

Other examples include things like Kahn Academy. You can do most schoolwork through Kahn Academy and take most courses on their as well. Best part about Kahn Academy is some of the professors are from ivy league schools! These are guys who know their stuff, but instead of having to pay $50,000 a semester, you can do the whole thing for free! Most courses offered in universities are available through Kahn.

If you still don’t want to do online free schooling, take a look at trade schools. Trade schools cost a lot less than college, plus you can generally get a well paying job right away. Take a look at local trade schools and see if any interest you, they’re a great way of getting a head start.

You can also take a look at starting your own company. Thanks to the internet it is getting easier and easier to start your own company. Start up costs are low and many markets are still growing. Just take a look around you and be creative, you’ll find that maybe you don’t need to go to college after all.

James Altucher is a national advocate for being an entrepreneur and changing the supply / demand equation of the college education system.

The Price of Becoming a Doctor in America

A career as a doctor promises big income and satisfaction from helping others, but the cost of becoming a doctor is high in terms of both time and money. Aspiring doctors often start preparing while they are still in high school, choosing rigorous courses and spending extra time studying. Brian Agnew from a provider enrollment company in Texas says, ”even once these students have reached college, however, they will face 11 to 16 or more years before they can practice medicine on their own.” Here is a deeper look at the price of becoming a doctor in America.

Undergraduate School

A four-year degree is required to enter medical school, and while many medical schools are not picky about individual majors, pre-med students generally take on more intense workloads in order to pass the MCAT and stand out above the competition. It’s not unusual for these students to take several science and math courses simultaneously, requiring far more studying than what most students face. This time investment is often compounded by participation in extracurricular activities and volunteer programs, which are viewed favorably by medical schools. Graduates of four-year programs owe an average of $35,200 in debt when they finish, and in the case of pre-med students, loan interest will be accumulating for a long time before it can start being paid off.

Medical School

Future doctors attend medical school for four years after finishing their undergraduate studies. A schedule filled with advanced courses in chemistry, physiology and a variety of medical topics requires incredible time and devotion from medical students. In the second two years of medical school, students start interacting with patients in addition to attending class. Medical students spend approximately 80 hours each week on training and studying. Tuition for four years of medical school ranges from $200,000 to $300,000, and the average graduate leaves with $170,000 in debt.

Residency and Fellowship

Medical school graduates are required to complete their training as residents at hospitals or clinics for three to five years, and those who intend to specialize have to spend one to three years afterwards in fellowships in order to sharpen their skills. The determination of resident doctors is continually tested by grueling schedules in often unfamiliar environments. In addition to these responsibilities, medical residents commonly spend more than 80 hours each week studying topics related to their specialty. Residents are usually paid between $40,000 and $50,000, helping to offset the time and money they are spending to reach their ultimate goal.

Fellowships are no less demanding than residency, and doctors typically spend three to five years in this phase of training depending on their chosen specialty. However, medical fellows earn an average of $53,021, which can help them meet basic living expenses. Whether doctors only complete basic residency or continue through a fellowship, they still must study for and pass a series of exams before being licensed to practice medicine.

Doctors commonly have around $500,000 of loans to pay off after attending undergraduate and medical school and accumulating interest during residency and fellowship. However, the time investment is just as impressive as the financial cost. While a high salary may ease the pain of paying off enormous student loans, many physicians are still paying off loans decades after entering their profession. With these expenses in mind, the dedication of modern American doctors is even more impressive.

Supero Healthcare Solutions in a leading provider enrollment and medicare revalidation company. For news and updates, connect with them on Linked In!

How Recycling Business Papers Helps the Environment

The costs of managing waste for businesses have increased exponentially over the last few years. The garbage and waste that a business produces in the form of papers each year weighs to several tonnes. When you calculate the costs involved in disposing this waste on an annual basis, you will notice that it is eating into your profit margins. Recycling business papers helps the environment and also cuts down on your annual costs. Recycling is the bottom line in operations for every business, but the top priority for all of them, at the same time. Here are some statistics that show how recycling business papers help the environment:

•           The National Statistics indicate that by recycling paper, air pollution is reduced by 74 per cent and water pollution by 34 per cent. This pollution is caused due to paper production; recycling directly cuts it down.

•           Every tonne of paper that is recycled saves at least 17 trees per annum.


These are just a few indicators of the benefits provided to the environment. There are several more side benefits of recycling paper. It reduces shipping costs, saves energy, and also increases the profits for a business.

How is the recycled paper used?

The recycled paper obtained from business waste has several uses. For instance, take the packaging industry. This industry mainly depends on recycled paper for shipping and packaging. They are used in cartons while shipping; they are again further recycled. Recycled papers can also be used by businesses, as it helps them to cut down the costs on their stationery. There are two ways a business profits when it decides to recycle paper. One is that it saves costs on waste disposal systems by recycling. Secondly, the business can use the same recycled paper, which works out to be a much cheaper alternative.

What about confidential information?

Waste disposal companies do promise that the security of the information on the paper being disposed will be safe. However, did you know that recycling is a much more effective way of securing the business information? All the information stored in business papers is wiped out and becomes irretrievable. Business confidentiality is better preserved when paper is recycled.

You are Saving the Planet by Recycling

Apart from saving the trees and reducing the pollution, the business is also helping to create recycled products. There are several recycled products that are made from reused paper, such as calendars, bags, shoes, books, print material, and cards and so on. In short, the list is just endless! An added side benefit is that you are helping the world create green and clean jobs. The recycling industry employs several people each year to meet with the growing demands. Several jobs have been created in this sector in the recent past, helping the economy as well. The business helps in maintaining a clean and green environment by reducing the cutting down of trees. Forests are also preserved in their natural state by saving these trees. By being a green business, you are also helping create awareness among other companies on the benefits of using recycled paper. Your company also gets recognized among partners and customers for being an Eco-friendly business firm.

Leslie writes on his blog about life, business, and travel.

25 Kids eBooks just $1 Each! Perfect for Some Extra Reading over Break!

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Being Thrifty Mom Advice

Today I am featuring one of my most popular Mom Advice boards on Pinterest- Being Thrifty. Check out my mommy resource go-to spot for tips to saving money at the store for your family. Feel free to add your thrifty tips in the below linky so that I can add more to my board.

get thrifty

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Food Coupons: Being Thrifty at the Grocery Store

Before you head out on your next grocery shopping trip, see if you can use any of the printable coupons. You can always print them now and save them for later too.

Also, if you’re looking for more ways to save money on your grocery bill, check out my eBook that teaches busy families how to meal plan and get dinner on the table.

free printable coupons



$1.00 off any 2 Kellogg's Cinnamon Jacksâ„¢ cereal

Health & Wellness

$1.50 off Triple Paste medicated ointment


$0.50 off ONE Green Giantâ„¢ Veggie Snack Chips


$0.40 off 6 Yoplait Yogurt

Personal Care

$2.00 off John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hair Care

Pet Products

$1.00 off any Dingo Mini Bone Product

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Mom Blogging Tips and Resources

Here are some of my favorite mommy resources for blogging. I’ve added them to my Pinterest Board and would love for you to stop over and get new ideas! Add yours in the below linky so that I can add more to my board.

mom blogging

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Welcome to The Mommy Club. Last week we had 135 mommy solutions & resources shared! Thank you all for linking up your home organization ideas, DIY home projects, Advent & Christmas ideas, homemaking and parenting mommy solutions, easy recipes and crafty ideas! Don’t forget to share your meal plans, too!.

Throughout the week I will feature some of the ideas shared on my Facebook page, visit your blogs as well as give shout outs on Pinterest. So link up and get featured!

Does your family do Elf on the Shelf (click to see what our Elf has been up to)? I’d love for you to link up any of your post with your Elf. If you do, they will get a pin in my Elf on the Shelf pinterest board. We had some really cute ideas shared last week!

Here are the top five ideas shared last week:

1-Creative Kid Snacks shared her mommy solution to jazz up your next get together! We love these Snowman Popcorn Cups. How about you?

snowman popcorn 5

2-Semi Homemade Mom shared a mommy solution to wanting to eat Lasagna but not make an entire pan. Try this Easy Lasagna Soup for a sure hit with your family! She said it taste just like lasagna.

Easy Lasagna Soup

3-Living Montessori Now shared a very touching post and it is full of mommy resources on Talking with Children about Tragedy. I hope you check out this resource.


4-Crystelle Boutique shared the perfect mommy solution to getting the kids to sleep on Christmas Eve! Try her Recipe: Hot Cocoa *with sleepy potion* for Christmas Eve. The recipe comes with a caution! She said you might want to drink it more than once a year!


5-Thank your Body shared wonderful mommy tips for How Constructive Rest can Ease Stress and Exhaustion.


Don’t forget to check out these mommy resources for holiday shopping discount codes! Why pay full price!

pinkumbrellaphotography theconfidentmom arbonnethesavvyshop bellycharms uppercaseliving itworks stellaanddot scentsy

Hope you enjoyed these fun mommy resources & solutions! I can’t wait to see what you share this week!

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