Clean Mama Printables (GIVEAWAY)

I have found the coolest Etsy shop ever that is made just for mom’s who need some resources and solutions when it comes to managing their home.

Let’s face it- life is busy. If  you are working  full time outside of the home or a full time stay-at-home-mom, our jobs are both busy. Sometimes we really just need some help.

Clean Mama Printables is a mommy solution!


The Cleaning Kit

While I know that a cleaning kit is not going to clean my house for me, these lists are the perfect guides that I need. I need housework to be brainless.   No guess work- just tell me what to do. Now, I can print up these forms and I have a tried and true weekly cleaning schedule with daily chores outlined as well as a section for any extra to do list making that comes up. If this list combo is working for other people, I am certain it can work for me too.


Meal Planning Kit

You know weekly meal planning means the world to me. Afterall, I have an entire section dedicated to it on my site and it is something I have become really good at if I do say so myself. But, if I do not meal plan each week, the grocery shopping does not get done, dinner does not make it in the crockpot and drive thru ends up being what I feed my family for dinner. I hate not having a plan. While I have a system in place already to make meal planning work for me, Clean Mama Printables has an excellent kit that takes the guess work out for anyone. I have printed her forms off and plan to work them into my already awesome routine. She has grocery lists, weekly meal planning sheets (specific to just dinner time or expanded to include breakfast, lunch and dinner), and more.   Rock on!


The Bill Paying Kit

Are you like me and you’ve tried it all? I’ve used calendars, I’ve used planners and organizers, I’ve used the just pay it when it comes in the mail method, yet still I struggle. My list of responsibility as mommy are sky high and nothing annoys me more than to have to pay late fees for bills. Clean Mama Printables has an excellent Bill Paying Kit with many different options for tracking your spending, planning your bill paying and developing a family budget.


The Busy Mama Homekeeping  Kit

Not sure where to start, but just kinda need solutions for all mommy tasks? Cleaning kits, meal planning kits, emergency contact documents, shopping lists, insurance information document and family planning sheets are just a few of the printables to be found in this everything package, The Busy Mama Homekeeping Kit.

. . . . .

This site is certainly one you will want to check out!  Becky, the creator, has chore charts for kids, weekly dockets (one of my favorite forms!), fitness and weight-loss management forms, home improvement lists,  and  even baby kits (when did I last nurse, change, give medicine). I love the fun fonts and colors of every form, which makes checking things off the list, as I complete them, so much fun.

Sometimes, my friend, we just have to get back to basics with something as simple as a list.   Get a clipboard, print the lists you need and get busy Mama! We know how to make tasks fun for our kids, it is time we do the same for ourselves.

. . . . .

Buy It

You can shop Clean Mama Printables any day of the week. Becky has even offered my readers 20% off any order. Just enter the code 20CRYSTAL when you check out.

Win It

Clean Mama Printables is giving away two $50 gift certificates here on Crystal & Co.. to use on her Etsy shop.   Wouldn’t you love to win one?


Giveaway Specifics:

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Ways to Enter:

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  1. says

    I’ve seen these before and they are great! I am a TOTAL list maker, I have notebooks everywhere with lists but need to organize my LISTS! The meal one in particular I like, ooh, the bill one too, my bill list is horrible and unorganized! Great giveaway, thanks!

  2. Kim Idell says

    LOVE….”The Organized Kitchen Label Kit” as well as every other thing on her site. I could push my organizational skills to the next level. LOL!

  3. Kathryn says

    This is what I’ve been looking for. I love the Cleaning kit, and even the monthly Schedule. Thanks for a chance to win!

  4. Annie~Savor This Moment says

    Love The Organized Kitchen Label Kit. They’re so cute but simple!

    anabidia @ yahoo dot com

  5. Annie~Savor This Moment says

    I’m following Clean Mama on Twitter! @abidiaSavorThis

    anabidia @ yahoo dot com

  6. donna zittel says

    I think my fav, though I love love her stuff is the cleaning schedule and also the kitchen label set.

  7. says

    I really like the Cleaning Schedule for June, Prayer Request Journal Printable, and the Garden Planner Printable

    laprochaine at gmail dot com

  8. Christina anne d. says

    I really like the Cleaning Kit – Weekly, Monthly, and To Do Lists. annejk112233(at)yahoo(dot)com

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