Elf Cosmetics: A Thrifty Way to Look Beautiful with #EyesLipsFace

I have written before how much I am passionate about skin care products. I have hypersensitive skin and I break out very easily. Seems like I struggle with acne more as an adult then I did as a teenager.

Now, makeup? This season of my life, I do not put makeup on every day. Some days I do not have the energy and some days I do not get a shower before 8:00 pm. Ten years ago I don’t think I ever would have said that I go a week sometimes without putting a stitch of makeup on.

With all of that said, I am on a budget. I remember in my 20’s spending $25-$35 for a tube of mascara. I made a special trip to the mall to get it at one of the makeup counters. I was a mascara snob.

I don’t think I have purchased makeup from the mall makeup counter in probably a decade.


I have seen ELF products at Walmart and Target.   Most of their makeup and brushes sell for either $1 or $3.

You read that right.

And honestly, the price being so inexpensive kept me from trying it. I wondered what it would do to my skin and if it is so affordable how good could it really be.

So I grabbed some items to try on my last trip to Target.

I also strolled the aisles and found some fun fall treats to make for my kids.


I purchased all of these ELF beauty products for less than $30!


Creamy eye shadows… fun! $3 each.

Applicator brushes, $1 each!


I like pressed powder, but I like to apply it sparingly just to control the shine.

I like to use a brush to apply.

Powder, $1.

Brush, $3.


Lip balm in the shade of pink that paired perfectly with lip liner I already had, $3.

This glides on perfectly. I really like the quality and shade.




Lash extending, no less.

Small, tight bristled wand.

I love small, tight bristled wands on my mascara! Great for lengthening.

Shall I say, I have found a new mascara.


Featuring the pressed powder lightly applied.

Pink lip balm.


 Lash extending mascara.

Dawn cream eyeshadow all over my eye lids.

Bronzed cream eyeshadow in the crease.


I am very pleased.

Mommy solutions indeed!


Which of their products would you like to try?

Find out more about ELF Cosmetics here:

You can view photos from my trip to Target over on Google+.

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  1. Sandy Speed says

    My daughter just discovered Elf cosmetics in a tiny grocery store 100 miles away from the city we live in, in Alaska. They were on sale, 2 items for $3.00 and of all the stuff she bought, her favorite turned out to be a pimple remedy. She applied it on a new pimple that night, a couple of times the next day, and the pimple was gone in 3 days. She’s so sold on their products that she wants to make another 100 mile trip to buy more. Now we’ll have to go look at Walmart and see if they are carrying Elf here instead.

    • says

      Sandy- I did see the bottle of pimple remedy when I was shopping last week. I wondered how it would work. Glad to hear she likes it.

      Overall, I am really impressed with everything I purchased. I think I like the mascara and all the brushes best. :)

  2. Keisha says

    Hey girls,
    I just had to comment on this post. I to discovered these wonderful Elf products at our local Walmart about 6 months ago, they are fabulous! They have everything in their line. I’ve tried the primer, lip stick, mascara, gel eye liner, body bronzing powder, brushes, daily brush cleaner, zit stick, etc. If you check the ingredients, they are the same as pricier versions. I too have sensitive skin and acne, so I use Bare Minerals as my powder/foundation. I mostly use Elf for everything else, of yeah they also have what I call a boo boo pen that’s fantastic for fixing those black dots or spots from eyeliner/mascara. You do look beautiful girl, and if you are anything like me knowing that you can look that good and save all that money, makes you feel even more confidant.

    God bless,

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