Elf on the Shelf: Dear Santa

Are you looking for Elf on the Shelf ideas? We are doing 30 days of fun Elf photos here at Crystal & Co.

In case you don’t know, every night Elf travels back to the North Pole and reports good and bad behavior to Santa. Then the next morning your kids find him somewhere new in the house.

While Elf is at the North Pole why not have him deliver letters to Santa? For free. Save a stamp.

This morning our boys woke up to all of the supplies needed to prepare their Christmas list for Santa.

elf on the shelf ideas

Elf was sitting in a nifty little $1 Target bucket with labeled envelopes, a few pencils and notebook paper waiting for our boys.

There were these instructions next to Elf….

elf on the shelf ideas

My boys loved this!

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