How to Make an Alphabet Flip Book for Your Preschooler

As we get further along with our letter of the week crafts for preschoolers, I am looking for more learning activities to do with my little Matthew so I can teach him his alphabet and letter sounds.

While we have been homeschooling since May 2012, Nick and Luke learned their ABCs and letter sounds by attending Mother’s Day Out when they were four and five years old.  I have to teach Matthew (who is 4) from scratch. A little scary- I have been pretty nervous about it.

Subsequently, I ran into Nick and Luke’s preschool teacher at Target, Ms. Patty, a few weeks ago. We hugged and were excited to catch up. She wanted to know how everyone is doing and how homeschooling is going. I shared with her my fear of teaching Matthew the alphabet all by myself.

She told me her secret. You make a flip book of the alphabet and every morning you go over it together. Say the letter. Say the picture. Say the sound. She said by the end of the school year all of the kids knew their letters and the sounds they make. It’s like magic.

Redundant magic.

Clearly she knows what she is talking about. She taught my boys their letter sounds three years ago.

I wanted an alphabet flip book that Matthew and I could use each day to review the letters and their sounds. I searched online for ABC flip books and the few I found were pricey.

I searched Pinterest for ideas so I could make one myself, but could not find one I really liked.

I then headed to our local teacher supply store and perused the shelves. Again, what I found was pricey and I knew there had to be a way to just make one easily.

I am going to show you how inexpensive and simple this is!


how to make an alphabet flip book for your preschooler

You Will Need:

I explained my dilemma to one of the employees at the teacher supply store. If I was going to make a flip book myself I preferred to use something larger than flashcard.

She had the perfect solution. There was a bulletin board set that we could use and laminate the cards. Each card measures 8 1/4″ x 5 7/8″.  The cost for the set was $10.00.

This teacher supply store also offers laminating service on-site by the foot. It cost less than $4 to have her laminate the entire set for me.

how to make an alphabet flipbook

I came home and cut out the cards leaving about a quarter inch of laminating material around each card all the way around.

cut the laminated cards out

I put them in order from A-Z.

use bulletan board photo alphabet cards by trand to make an ABC flip book

I used a hole punch to punch holes in the upper left corner of each card.

use a hole punch to make a hole in the upper corner

Once each card had a punch in it, I fed the large book ring through the cards keeping them in order from A-Z.

how to teach your preschooler their ABCs

Close the ring and you have a flip book!

how to make an alphabet flipbook on the cheap

Matthew and I sit down and go over the alphabet together.

Like Ms Patty said, the idea is to say the letter, say the picture, say the sound. We are working our way up to that. Right now Matthew says the name of the picture and then I say the letter and ask him to repeat the letter.

We will slowly add in all of the elements until he can say the letter, the picture and the sound the letter makes.

how to use a flipbook to teach your preschooler the alpbabet

Most of the time I hold the card and he sits across from me. I flip the cards as we move through the alphabet.

Sometimes I let him sit and hold the cards and lead the way.

preschool alphabet flip book

You’ll notice he has his dog, McCoy, right beside him.

Sometimes we do this on the couch. Sometimes we do this at the kitchen table.

abc flip book

The idea is to make learning fun. No pressure.

While you’re here, check out our collection of letter of the week crafts for your preschooler as you enjoy exploring the alphabet together!


  1. says

    What a fun, simple way to get kids to learn their ABC’s. I may have to get a laminating machine to try this! Very creative! I made an ABC video for my kids a couple of years ago, which is great when you can’t get them to sit still and learn… As soon as I turn on the tv, they stop in their tracks, sit back and enjoy! But your idea is perfect for road trips, church entertainment… a great quiet activity! (here is my homemade ABC video & tutorial if anyone’s interested:

  2. Kimberly @ A time to freeze says

    Great idea for teaching the ABC’s. I too am going to try to teach my little guy and I’m slightly intimidated by the process. Good luck!

  3. Jill says

    I love cost saving ideas and what a fun way to practice and learn the ABC’s. We have a school teacher store around us to where my husband is called the King of Lamination because of all the laminating we do to make things last for both of our homeschoolers (he is so much better at working the lamination machine than I am). Thank you for linking up this week to the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop :-)

  4. Julie says

    SO….I love that other people are intimidated by teaching their kids the ABC’s! I have been feeling silly for how intimidated I am by this! Thanks for the fun idea…can’t wait to try it! And I love all your crafts to go with the letters too! Thanks so much.

  5. Jennifer says

    I love your idea for the flip book. I found the link for your post on the All About Learning Press Facebook page.

    My challenge is finding pictures that are appropriate for the first sounds of the letters. I am wondering, what are the pictures in your set for the vowels? Do that match up to short vowel sounds or a mix of short and long? X is usually tricky too but I think I see in one of your photos that this set uses x-ray. Thanks for the information if you are able to provide it.

  6. mrs.ripley says

    I will use this for my Kindergarten students who struggle with remembering the ABC’s! What a fabulous idea!


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