How to Make Brownie Reindeer

These brownie reindeer are so much fun to make for kids and parents, but also super simple! (I got this idea from the twins’ preschool teacher.)

First bake a pan of your favorite brownies. Once done, let them cool 100%.

Once they are cool, cut the pan of brownies into triangle shapes. I am told that using  a plastic knife to cut them makes a smoother and less crumbly edge.

Take your M&M’s and sort them. This time of year you can buy bags of just green and red. Sorting can be a fun job for the little ones while you’re cutting the brownies.

Have your pretzels and chocolate icing handy. You can make your own butter cream chocolate icing and use a bag and piping tip for applying to the brownies. Or, I found this neat little contraption at Walmart. Bag, icing and tip all in one. Who knew?

Place some icing in the top two corners of the brownie triangle and attach two pretzels to represent ears for the reindeer.

Using icing, secure two green m&m’s for the eyes and one red m&m for the nose.

And you’re all done!

These are really fun treats you could make the night before Christmas and leave for Santa and his reindeer!


  1. Crystal says

    Keli-my twins did eat more than a handful of the m&m's… oh well. :)

    Becki- they're really easy! try 'em.

    thanks for stopping by guys.

  2. AllieMakes! says

    Very sweet! I bet the kids just love doing this!!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!


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