How to Make a Mod Podge Vase

Re-purposing spaghetti jars or any vase that needs a face lift makes a perfect gift for…

  • Christmas
  • Valentine
  • Easter
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Mother’s Day
  • birthdays
  • house warming gift or host gift
  • or any special occasion
You will need:
  • an assortment of scrapbook paper reflecting the theme you are celebrating
  • any jar (spaghetti, etc) or vase you want to revamp
  • Mod Podge
  • bowl (for Mod Podge)
  • sponge brush
  • paper towel to cut down on mess
  • raffia
  • flowers

Pour some Mod Podge in a bowl for easy access.

Tear your scrapbook paper into imperfect pieces.

Use the sponge to apply Mod Podge to the scrapbook paper coating it heavily as you affix the paper to the glass jar.

Coat the paper and vase well with Mod Podge, which will dry clear. Depending on the selection you purchased, it will have a matte, glossy or glittery finish. These vases will have a brilliant gloss finish once dry.

Let them dry at least overnight.

Then add raffia around the neck of the jar (vase).

Add flowers and you’re done.

This is a fun project that bigger kids (7+) can help with. We gave these to the twins’ mother’s day out teachers. They were a huge hit!


  1. ConnieFoggles says

    I used to make these as when I was a kid, showing my age. They are fun to make and really are nice looking. I like the addition of the raffia. My daughter, Sammi and I are into making crafts together. This looks like a fun one for us.

  2. Survey Junkie says

    What gorgeous vases. I love those and would never have thought its something that I could make.. I'm bookmarking this for a rainy/snowy day activity with my daughter.

  3. Crystal says

    Mod Podge has become my new best friend. There is so much you can create with it.

    To speed the project up, you can just dip the paper scraps in Mod Podge, but this is a much messier version. I stuck to the sponge application!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment guys!

  4. says

    These are great!
    I just started a linky party this past Tuesday. It was a great success with over 50 link ups! I would love it if you would participate next week! It’s called $10 Tuesdays and it’s for things that cost less than $10 and take 20-30 mins (ish) to complete. I love inexpensive and quick projects and I’m guessing others will too 😉 Thanks so much for considering.
    PS. I’m GIVING away 50 button pony tailers this month! Come visit and claim yours 😉


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