My Life in Photographs: Cutest Kid Ever

Yesterday we spent the day in the country. We arrived in the middle of the day and we left long after the sun set.

My husband mowed and worked on building a fence.   He begs to move to this piece of land that is further out then I want live. The kids run like free range chickens.

And Matthew, well he has perfected the skill of entertaining himself.

He had no idea I was watching him play in the mirror of the car.

He likes to watch himself make funny faces.

He bounces around, this wild child, always looking back at the mirror to see what he looks like.

He alone is like two sets of twins.

Take my word for it.

He makes voices and pretends to be someone else.

Sometimes a Storm Trooper.

Sometimes an army guy.

Very animated, indeed.

And then he sees me.

He knows I am looking at him.

His eyes are so sweet to me.

And then he gives me this face.

The face that my husband swears looks just like me.

His eyes say everything.

He knows…

He knows I adore him.


  1. Kim Idell says

    I am really glad you went to the country. I am also glad that Lenny is building fences and mowing. I really want you to move there. I know you will love it!

    Now on to that adorable kiddo of yours! At first I thought he was Nick. :) He is getting too big!

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