My Mother’s Birthday

My mother turned a year older earlier this week.

There was a family dinner, but my group and my youngest brother’s group could not make it.

We are all about making it, but this week was just crazy.

I called my mother yesterday to ask if we could take her to dinner, but my youngest brother beat me to it and was already taking her on a hot dinner date.

Well, it was likely his wife who beat me to it as my brother is not one to schedule a birthday dinner. He possibly bought his wife nothing for their anniversary this year.


So, we ended up tagging along with them and taking my mother to a so-sorry-we-missed-your-birthday-dinner-the-other-night-but-we-hope-this-makes-up-for-it  dinner.

She forgave us.

Especially after the flan.

If you run into our group at a restaurant, it might look a little something like this.

That is the back of my head.

Clearly I am debating with my brother.

Probably about something super important like why flan is not like cheesecake.


Yes, I allow my children to play with toys at the table when we go to a restaurant.

And sometimes we go back into the restaurant in a complete panic hoping that we can find a forgotten lego man.

Your super important takeaway today- without family, you’ve got nothing.

And always  pack some toys for the kids.

Just saying.



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