Nicky’s Artwork

Nicky is our little artist.   He loves to create things with pen and paper, or all of my craft supplies, and give his creations to people as gifts.

Once, we mailed Grandma and Grandpa Lopez an undisclosed number of  envelopes each with random creations from Nicky in them.

Some of the envelopes may have contained a simple scrap of  leftover wrapping paper.

It may have taken close to a book of stamps to mail everything.

Well, with fifteen envelopes and all…

We have encouraged Nicky so much with his artsy skills that when you tell him he is good at something, like brushing his teeth, his immediate response is-  I know, cause I’m an artist.

The other day was like every other, Nick sat down at the kitchen table and started drawing me a present.

He gave me this:

Here Momma, this is for you, he said.

Oh, wow. For me? Oh. Wow. Is that an alien a baby in my belly? (a baby with horns I thought?)

No, that is you (as he pointed to the bigger girl) and that is a monster on your shirt.

(Shew, so I am not pregnant with an alien! Or a baby with horns. Goodness gracious!)

Nicky, you ARE such an artist.

Yes, I know.


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