Over 150 Outside Activities for Kids

Summer is officially here according to the calender. It is getting warmer and warmer every afternoon here in Texas.

How about where you live?

Now is the time to find some outside activities for kids. Ways to incorporate nature into their play, ways to create and ways to learn. The key is to also encourage fun!

You will love this collection of ideas. There is something included for toddlers all the way through elementary age. I think even our thirteen year old would enjoy some of these.

Something as simple as playing outside is a great way to discourage boredom and build memories. Keep in mind, children do not always have to be entertained. Often times being bored is what stems creativity in children. That is what I love about these lists of ideas. Nothing I’ve shared below is over stimulating. In fact, these ideas are very simple and use the things in our environment to encourage play!


Over 150 Outside Activities for Kids


Outside Activities for Kids

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I would love to know how you encourage play outside with your kiddos!





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