Pet Rocks

Remember the someday conversation I had with Nicky about a month ago? He really wants a dog and I told him someday which he confused for Sunday.

Well, my sweet mother-in-law sent Nicky (and all of the boys) pet rocks in the mail. Their opportunity to show us they can take care of a pet, so to speak, and be responsible.

For the older boys, Garrett and Anthony, they are more like precious gems than pet rocks.

She put their names on them.

Guess where Mr. Responsible, aka Nicky, is keeping his pet rock? He wants to make sure it is in a safe place where none of his brothers will mess with it or break it.

Naturally, that would be in his toothbrush cubby.

Have I mentioned Nicky rocks and Mommy adores him?

Where did you keep your pet rock as a child?

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