Preserving Holiday Memories

We are making memories right now. What about you?

How do you capture those memories? Do you have a digital point and shoot camera? Digital videos? Do you use your smartphone?

When my oldest son was born, his birth was captured on a VHS video. As well as his first Fourth of July, Christmas, etc.


Video Home System.

Vertical Helical Scan.

Now, 12 years later, we can make movies on devices that are the size of a deck of cards. Or smaller. I think if I broke out a 1990’s video camera my children would laugh and a game of 20 Questions would begin.

If I only had a picture of the old VHS player we had in our living room growing up. It was huge and archaic. And what about that little rewind machine?

All silliness aside, the twins do have an old TV in their room that has a built-in VHS player in it. They have about 20 old VHS movies (Scooby Doo, Jungle Book, Gumby, etc.). I never have to worry about them scratching the movie, but after time they start to drag when we watch them. They do wear out.

About Yes Video

How have you preserved your family memories? Do you have a stash of media that needs to be transferred? Did you know that VHS tapes start to fade over time? Transferring these VHS videos to DVD could certainly be a wonderful holiday gift for yourself, or for someone on your holiday gift list. Yes Video is a mommy solution and they can help you transfer all of the old media (VHS tapes, slides, 8MM video, photos, etc) as well as new media (digital, SD cards, etc) to DVDs or HD quality to Blu-Ray.

Don’t know what is on those videos and don’t have a machine to review them on? No worries. The great thing about YesVideo is you can send your media in for a transfer and then edit online and order DVDs later. This is a great way to see what you truly have captured on video in the past and organize the home movies to your liking for the perfect DVD.

Discount Code

Now through December 31, 2011, use coupon code TRANSFER15 and save 15% off your entire order. Only good for online orders on  YesVideo.

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Tell me about your favorite holiday memory that needs to be transferred to DVD. Is it currently on VHS, slides, film, etc.? I would love to hear about it.


Feel free to read my disclosure statement.

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