Santa Makes a House Call

Sneaky parents we are indeed. We asked Santa to make a house call to our family Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.

Boy was it awesome!

We had the kids answer the door.

Would they cry? Would they be excited?

Interesting,  indeed.

He and Ms. Claus made their entrance and sat on the couch.

They had a gift for each child.

Everyone was called up one at a time to sit on his lap and tell Santa what they would like for Christmas.

Matthew told Santa all about his motorcycle. Or is that his cousins motorcycle? Who knows.

Luke told Santa he wanted a train set.

Sad thing is, Mom and Dad had already bought his gifts.

Long story short, he just showed interest in a train set. No train set under the tree this year. (But this morning he still said it was the best Christmas ever!)

Guess who is getting a train set for their birthday?

Nicky was so nervous to sit on Santa’s lap. He sat next to me until his name was called and he rehearsed for 10 minutes exactly what he was going to tell Santa he wanted.

He sat there repeating under his breath 200 times, Star Wars Legos and a Darth Vader. Star Wars Legos and a Darth Vader. Star Wars Legos and… you get it.

He threw in a trick for Santa. AFTER he told Santa Star Wars Legos and a Darth Vader.

Crazy kid!

Anthony was a champ. I reminded him that if he did not believe, he was gettin’ nothin’ for Christmas.

He believes.


They read Christmas stories to the kids.

They talked about the birth of baby Jesus.

They sang Christmas songs.

Some watched from afar.

When it was time for him to go, he was like a rock star.

I have no idea where my husband was for this picture. I was certain he was on the couch with us. It was kinda hectic.

(Wondering where Garrett is? At his dad’s. Remember, we are a blended family.)

Merry Christmas to all and I hope you have everything you ever wanted. And a train set to boot.

I am not affiliated with Santa For Hire DFW nor am I being paid for this. Check them out if you want Santa to swing by your house next year. It is rather affordable, especially if multiple families split the cost.   In that case you’ll spend less than you would at the mall getting pictures. Our kids had a blast.


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    Beautiful pictures of the kids and Mr. & Mrs. Claus. That must of been so exciting for them. They will always remember this…Merry Christmas! Love your blog.


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