Thanksgiving Preschool Printable (P is for Pilgrim Do a Dot Worksheet)

This week we are jumping out of order for our preschool letter worksheets for a fun Thanksgiving do a dot printable that will be perfect for your little one as you discuss being grateful and the story of  the first Thanksgiving.

Matthew loved doing this today.

You Will Need:

p is for pilgrim printable for preschoolers

We pulled out our alphabet flipbook and talked about the letter Pp.  (Click on that over there. I teach you step by step how to make your own flipbook on the cheap!)

We made the Pp sound.

We said P is for Pilgrim and P is for Paint.

p is for pilgrim p is for paint thanksgiving printable

Matthew used his orange do a dot marker to mark each of the p’s on the printable- both big and small.

p is for pilgrim thanksgiving printable

Then we counted how many Pp’s he marked. Super fun!

thanksgiving do a dot printable

He loves doing these do a dot printables. They really make learning fun!

Preschool Thanksgiving Books:



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