Top 5 Mom Ideas This Week (2/17/13)

Our Mommy Solution and Resource linky party last week had 160 posts full of mom advice, tips, pointers, projects and ideas! I get so many ideas from the things you guys share.

Today I am highlighting the top 5 resources that were shared last week. This means these posts had the most clicks on the linky party. Don’t forget to also check out my Mommy Solution Pinterest Board. It is full of awesome mom advice from my readers.   By the way, did you know that participating in linky parties is exactly how I grew my blog two years ago? Make sure you check out my list of the linky parties you want to make sure you are participating in each week. Party like a blogger and share you projects all over the internet!

Also remember, just because your idea is not listed below does not mean we didn’t love it. We regularly share your links on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and in my newsletter. We are also going to begin pulling the ideas you share in these linky parties to create themed roundup posts. So hang tight and keep your eyes peeled, I am sure one of your posts will be shared soon!

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 advertising poll

1.The most clicked post from last week’s party  is not one of my favorites. Yes, I said it. I guess I should say it appears to have an ending I am not surprised by. I am going to take this opportunity to take a negative and make it positive.

Laurie Turk from Tip Junkie recently released an online workshop sharing her secrets about how she makes $12,000 a month from Google Adsense. She has grown her site to 7 million pageviews a month and makes passive income from Google’s ad network. Well, apparently some bloggers are skeptical of this.

I personally have reviewed Laurie’s online program and I can tell you that it is full of an overwhelming amount of blogging insight. Even after blogging for almost 5 years I learned tons!

Debi from So Sew Easy shared her skeptical view and also wondered what her readers thought about advertising on blogs. She took a poll from her readers and then also spent some time researching advertising options, placement, etc. In her more recent blog post (which was the most viewed at our party last week) she shares that after implementing what she learned from her research, her advertising revenue went from $3.31 to $112.59 in just a few weeks. I think if she had Laurie’s program she would see even more of an impact and I think that is why I have a beef with the post. How can you be so skeptical if you have not even laid eyes on the program to see what you can learn? There is so much to learn about blogging no matter how long you have been at it.

In the end it is good to see that readers overall understand advertising on blogs. There is a small amount who say they hate it, but I wonder if they watch TV, because Lord have mercy, there are tons of ads on there. And on my Yahoo email, and on the local news websites, and….. I think I can stop there.

But here is the thing, as you increase your pageviews, you increase your revenue. Strategies for this can be learned in Laurie’s course.   Writing a post that is a hot topic (like making money blogging) is going to increase your pageviews. Linking it up at linky parties is also going to increase your exposure (pageviews) which can also increase your revenue. Placing your ads in key spots increases your revenue.   I can say after all of those efforts I am not surprised of her increased earnings- she is working smarter!


 organize and sort mail

2. Do you struggle with organizing and sorting your mail? Rosa shares with us the system and methods she uses. Love this!


bacon in the oven

3. Have you ever tried cooking bacon in the oven? Love this time saving tip.

kitchen germs

4. Do you worry about cross contaminating germs in the kitchen? I am a freak about it. Here is a great post with tips on how to decrease the germs.

origami heart

5. I know Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but it is not too late to make an origami heart and give it to someone you love. I am going to get our 5th grader to follow the tutorial this week during homeschool. I think he would get a kick out of it.

You can check out all 160 ideas HERE. If you are a blogger come on over on Wednesday’s and linkup your latest and greatest ideas! (The post actually goes live Tuesday night. Sssshhhh!)


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    I think a discussion on Adsense is an important one for bloggers to have. I have no doubt Laurie makes $12,000 a month on Adsense. The thing is ~ she is not alone! There are so many testimonies from people who make 6 figures off Adsense.

    I hope So Sew Easy will take the time to do some more research. She can easily be making over $100 each month with Adsense. There are TONS of resources out there that can help her with ad placement so she can start realizing ad revenue {hint: “a couple near the middle and a couple near the bottom.” are NOT great places for ads.}

  2. says

    I really hate that pay for links (which all ALL over the blog in question on #1 by the way… every little underlined word on that site is a paid link and this author is maximizing those earning by doing her research so she uses the right words that advertisers are bidding on) but just because there is a disclosure that a link was added for a company does NOT mean the writers words are a con as so sew easy is saying and her readers are saying.

    If you are blogging for fun more power to you. But, if you have decided that you are a journalist and need to put some money into the household coffers then I suggest you save your money on a blog design right now and get Laurie’s course! I made 500 dollars from Google adsense in December from my own knowledge after almost 6 years of writing for a living on my own little slice of the web. Got the course in January and made $900 dollars! My traffic is up, my newsletter subscribers are up, and my little side business is now making me real money. I am on course to make 1200 this month from Google adsense and it is from what I learned in Laurie’s course!

  3. says

    There is money to be made and if you want to make it, I say go for it. I make money blogging and pay taxes to the government. It is a recognized job which allows me to stay home and be available for my family. I’ve been blogging for 6 years and I am always trying new things to make more money. I like making the most money possible (duh) and have avoided buying anything to help me make money. That always seems counterproductive to me.

    Last year I made good money blogging with little effort. When I heard what Laurie pulls in each month I wanted to learn more. I researched it and found that a lot of bloggers that I know and trust were buying her program and trying it. Guess what? So am I! It has taken me over a month to get started on it due to time but I’ve already been inspired to make changes on my blog and have done it. I can’t wait to keep walking through her steps as my time allows so that I can work smart and not harder!

    Ads are everywhere, nothing is free. For years I have been avoiding ads on TV and I can block them out on blogs if I so wish. Again there is money to be made, decided if you want to do it and go for it. If you don’t want to make money blogging or have ads, don’t do it. Most important is to make your blog yours. Blog what you like and the rest will fall into place.

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