Warning: Singing Momma in the Car

Ever use an iPod in the car?

Warning: Momma Singing in the Car from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.


  1. Kelli says

    This is hilarious! None of the kids have seat belts on, mom is playing patty-cake while sitting behind the wheel… good thing you captured the trees out the window a couple times so we could see that you were NOT driving during the taping of this video. ROTFL!

  2. Lindsay says

    Yes, I was concerned that you were driving while filming. However, I noticed the trees eventually. I have used my iPod in my car before. It's pretty nice.

  3. ♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ says

    That is so cute. I was hoping you were not driving at the same time LOL. I was thinking WOW now that is a multitasking mom. LOL

  4. Simply Stacie says

    I didn't even know that cars came with USB ports! I am so behind!! I need to get me an iPod (and a car with a USB port LOL!)

  5. Mama Motivated says

    Im a honda odyssey driver. I wonder if the new models have usb ports? Hmmm… I dont have an iPod so I dont guess it really matters lol! But still a nice thing to have if you do. Glad to notice you werent in motion while this was being done 😉

    Shanaka @ Thrifty Mama B

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