Weekly Meal Plan 104

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Here is what I am feeding my family this week.

4 Bean Goulash– I made this name up. Last winter my mother-in-law emailed me a recipe with taco seasoning, 4 different beans, elbow noodles and hamburger meat. It is a recipe her cousin in Florida makes and she says it is amazing. We love beans. I have a feeling this is going to be delicious. I will take photos and share the recipe tutorial soon.

Autumn Chicken– we went to a bridal shower this weekend and guess what I gave her? A beautiful crockpot and a crockpot cookbook. I honestly had to convince myself that I needed to give this cookbook as a gift and not keep it for myself. It is a cookbook put out by the Crockpot company and full of amazing recipes! This Autumn Chicken was one of them. I will share step by step pictures with an easy recipe tutorial for this soon. And I think I am going to go and get myself a copy of this cookbook.

Easy Italian Pasta Casserole– this was yummy!

Girl Scout Stew– five ingredients, one of which is rice. My kids could eat rice every day.   Sounds delicious.

Lentil Tacos– I have never made lentils before, but I have had a bag of them in my pantry for at least 6 months. Well, if I am going to try a new food I want to use a recipe from someone I trust. So I am trying a these tacos from my online friend Tiffany over at Eat at Home. I am going to use crispy shells instead of flour because I already have them in my pantry.

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up!


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