Weekly Meal Plan 164: Orginization is NOT a Must

I said it. You do not have to be the most organized person in the world to get dinner on the table.

A few weeks ago I was on a business call. They mentioned my meal planning eBook and said you must be the most organized woman in the world. You have many kids and you homeschool and you meal plan.


My family is laughing right now if they are reading this. They know I am not organized. I was before I had a houseful of kids- not anymore!

I am an average mom and meal planning is successful at my house because it is a necessity and I make it as simple to follow as possible with little rules! Get my eBook that teaches you how to meal plan in five simple steps. For the next 90 days it is exclusively available on Amazon.

Here is what I am feeding my family this week.

puerto rican stew

Italian Crockpot Chicken– so easy. Served over noodles with a dinner salad.

Puerto Rican Stew– yum! All in one meal. Might serve with cornbread.

Crockpot Sunday Chicken Dinner– we love this. It is like roast with carrots and potatoes, but it is with chicken instead. I could eat all of the potatoes.  Served with rolls and a salad.

Bean and Cheese Tostadas served with rice.

Hot Dogs– with chips and fruit.

Leftover Buffet– use ’em up!

More Recipes:

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