25 Easy DIY Dog Houses You Can Make

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Do you have furry friends in your house? We have two and they are very important members of our family.

Dogs are great companions and have proven to be perfect for our boys. They love them, walk them, help with feeding them, and Matthew even spends some time making movies of them. They are true stars of our house.

Many people with pets are looking for the best place for their furry friends to rest. Whether it is the best indoor or outdoor spot it is important that your dog has a place all their own. Dog houses are really essential whether they are upscale or just practical and plain. Dog houses are great for your pet to find shelter, relax, and be who they are…dogs.

If you are looking for some great DIY’s to get some ideas for your dog then check out these 25 easy DIY dog houses you can totally make!

25 DIY dog houses you can make

25 Easy DIY Dog Houses

Where is your dog camping out these days? Have you ever made him a dog house?

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Does He Look Part Poodle? 

25 Easy DIY Dog Houses You Can Make

Try your hand at these easy DIY dog houses you can make for your puppy!


  1. What a fantastic collection of dog houses! I haven’t had a dog since I was little but I know what great companions they can be – it’s lovely for them to have a place just for them 🙂 Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  2. I don’t have a dog but if I did, I’d definitely have to make one of these cute doghouses! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Share The Wealth Sunday!

  3. Thank you for the list! I’d love for my son to work on one of these! Pinning to share and to save. Thanks for linking up with us for Snickerdoodle Sunday!

  4. What a great collection of dog houses! Fun post for us dog lovers 🙂
    Sinea ♥

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  6. Soopa cool girl! What a fun family project, congrats on your feature at #HappinessIsHomemade this week!! ??

  7. Glad I found this site thank you sharing this list of dog houses.This is perfect!

    Cheers for us dog lovers 🙂

  8. This is why I’m getting a puppy so I can have a dog and so I make stuff for him and have cute stuff

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