Easy Recipes: Spaghetti and Meat Sauce in the Crockpot
Spaghetti is an inexpensive meal and very easy to make. I love to make it in the crockpot. This recipe makes enough to have leftovers for another night of dinner or a very filling lunch later in the week. I do also have an easy Crockpot Spaghetti and Meatball recipe here on my site as well, but sometimes we are in the mood for meat sauce instead of meatballs. What about you guys?
  • 1 lb ground Italian sausage (you could also use hamburger meat and just add Italian seasonings to it)
  • 2 (24 oz) jars of your favorite spaghetti sauce (or use homemade if you have it)
  • 2 lbs spaghetti noodles
  • Optional: shredded Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese for topping and garlic toast
  1. Add the meat to the crockpot. Use a spoon (or your hands) to crumble the meat up.
  2. Put the lid on it and cook on high for about 2 hours.
  3. Once the meat is thoroughly cooked, add the two jars of spaghetti sauce.
  4. Stir well and pop the lid back on it. Cook on high for another 2-3 hours.
  5. When your sauce has about 20 minutes left of cook time, or you've moved it to the warm setting, bring a large pot of water to a boil and cook the spaghetti noodles according to the box/bag directions.
  6. Serve the sauce over the noodles and top with a bit of cheese if you like.
Variation: you can add the crumbled meat (raw, obviously) and spaghetti sauce all at one time, but it needs to cook for a minimum of 6 hours on high or 8-10 hours on low. This would be the best option if you're not going to be home during the day and you just need to dump it all in the crockpot at one time and head out the door. Ensure your crockpot can stay on the warm setting once the sauce has completed its cooking time. I also like to serve spaghetti with garlic bread. While my noodles are boiling I like to take regular sandwich bread (since we always have that on hand) spray butter on it and sprinkle with a bit of garlic salt. Pop it in a 350 degree oven for 12-15 minutes until toasty.
Recipe by CrystalandComp.com at https://crystalandcomp.com/easy-recipes-spaghetti-and-meat-sauce-in-the-crockpot/