Crockpot Hotdogs

Have you ever cooked hotdogs in the crockpot? It is perfect for occasions when you’re serving a crowd, like a birthday party, etc. It is also perfect for a busy night during the week (or weekend).


– Hotdogs – Hotdog buns – Mustard – Ketchup – Relish

Toss all of the hotdogs into the crockpot. Lay them flat if you can, trying to keep them in a layer.

For the two 20 hotdogs I cooked, I set them on high for 4 hrs. Then they moved to warm automatically until we were ready to eat.

About 25 minutes before we were ready to eat I heated up some tater tots and curly fries in the oven.

Dress up your hotdogs just like you would any other time you cook them. I like mustard and ketchup.

I also like shredded cheese and sweet relish.

Plate the hotdogs up with the fresh fruit and tater tots or curly fries.

Give this recipe a try! Tap the link below for the full recipe details.