Activities for Kids: DIY Magnet Play

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My kids love to help me in the kitchen.  Whenever I start to cook they are right by my side trying to help.

I love when they are able to help but sometimes there are things that they can’t or shouldn’t get into just yet.  Sometimes I’ll turn on some cartoons for them to watch, but ultimately they wander back into the kitchen to find me.

So when I was at Joann’s a few days ago I saw some wooden shapes on sale.  I knew they would make the perfect activity to keep the kids entertained while momma cooked. (While you’re here check out all of our activities for kids!)

Here is how I turned some wooden shapes into easy magnets.

DIY Magnet play

The kids thought the wooden shapes were cool before I added the magnets to them so they were thrilled to see they stuck to the fridge.  And they were so easy and cheap to make.  Its a crafts that doesn’t take long to do but is so much fun when its done.

easy magnets

The shapes were less then 50 cents each so I grabbed a couple.  I also picked up a package of self stick circle magnets.  I peeled off the paper on the back of the round magnet and attached it to the wood.  It took me less then 2 minutes to make magnets out of all the shapes we had bought.

easy diy magnets, great for toddler play

I’m lucky because my fridge is next to the stove but its far enough away that they kids are out of way.  My three year old daughter really loved the magnets.  She kept moving them around and telling little stories about each one.

I need to go back to the store and buy more so that we can make a matching game out of it as well.  This would also be a great educational resource if you buy the wood letters or the numbers.  This simple activity for kids is just so versatile and it allows momma to get dinner ready without many interruptions!

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  1. This is a great idea! Our local craft store has some wooden shapes like this, and I have magnets on hand…I think I’ll give this a try! We have Leap Frog magnet sets, but it seems my boys are tired of those for a while so this idea will help to add another set in the refrigerator magnet rotation! 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  2. My grandson loves to play with the magnets on our fridge. Ones as cute as this would really catch his attention.

  3. Great idea! I love the idea of doing this with wooden letters. I kinda hate plastic magnetic letters. (I don’t know why, I’m just weird). But the wooden letter set we have was expensive! I bet I could buy wooden letters and add my own magnets for way cheaper. So glad you thought of that for me. 😉

  4. Marcia Lee says:

    Pre-schoolers love to play with magnets on the fridge & this is a quick & easy way to provide interesting shapes or bugs or animals, whatever you pick out. Depending on your choice, it can even give an opportunity to teach new vocabulary, or fun science facts.

  5. I bet you loved listening to her stories! What a great tool for sharing and growing her imagination.

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