Hand Print Art: Y is for Yak

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Hi everyone! Today’s hand print art alphabet post is a ‘Y is for Yak’ craft. Not sure what a yak is? It’s a herd animal that belongs to the same family as cows, buffalo, and bison. They have long, shaggy hair including a long, bushy tail and horns that are curved. They are usually dark brown to black, but sometimes they can be white and brown. I told my preschooler that it has lots of hair so it can stay warm in the Winter – like a jacket! She learned that they live in the mountains. I also told her that some are ‘workers’ that are often used for carrying heavy things across the mountains.

What fun facts do you teach the kids about this large animal? Don’t forget to check the end of the post for even more letter ‘Y’ learning activities for preschoolers!

Hand Print Art: Y is for Yak

Supplies Needed:

Hand Print Yak Instructions:

First, have the child paint their hand with either brown or black paint. Make a print on a sheet of construction paper. Repeat with a second handprint placed next to the 1st one. You may omit the thumb or overlap it with the 1st print. The thumb from the first print creates the tail.

Hand Print Yak

Turn the page so the fingers are pointed downwards. Make a third print, but with just the palm painted and placed at the top-right of the handprint you made that doesn’t have the thumb showing. Let dry.

Draw or paint 4 short legs under the fingers. The fingers represent the shaggy hair. Draw black hooves.

Add a fluffy hair-do if you’d like. Draw the curved horns and ears from this. Make the nose area with nostrils and a mouth.

Hand Print Yak

Write ‘Y is for Yak’ next to it.

Can you believe there’s only one more post for this series to go after this week?! It’s a fun zebra craft so be sure not to miss it!

Hand Print Art: Y is for Yak

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  1. I love hand print art! Easy to do, and cute results! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up with Idea Box, hope to see you back in the future!

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