How to Make a Ninja Costume #31DIYCOSTUMES

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Can you believe we have already gone through 9 days of awesome DIY Halloween Costumes?  There have been some scary costumes, pretty princess costumes, and some very creative costumes.

It’s day 10 and what better to talk about than a Ninja Halloween costume?  What boy at some point in his trick-or-treating life doesn’t want to be a Ninja?  Something about a Ninja has “boy” all over it, right?  Add a fake sword or some type of interesting thing to swing around with this costume is any boy’s dream.

Plus, this costume is pretty simple and you can more than likely find everything you need for it around your home somewhere or in your sons toy box.

This costume is also a no-sew Halloween Costume and all you are going to need is some black sweat pants, long sleeved black shirt and a ski mask that has the spot for your little ones eyes to look out of.  Add some extras by making some throwing stars out of card board and you can paint them silver so they look real.

Head over to the  Train To Crazy to see exactly what she does to make this Ninja costume.  She says it only cost her $13 for this little Ninja.  But I am sure you could find most of this in their closet and toy box.

DIY halloween costumes: how to make a ninja costume

See how easy this Ninja Costume looks.  And you can even add a belt or sash of some sort to add some extra cuteness to it.  Head over here to check out this Ninja Costume.  And don’t forget to pin this costume idea to your Pinterest board.

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  1. Katherine G says:

    What a creative costume idea.

    1. Thank you, Katherine. I love that it is a no-sew costume!

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