How to Make a Princess or Mermaid Halloween Costume #31DIYcostumes

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I must admit-  I just LOVE little girl costumes and clothes!!!  There is just so much you can add for a little girl costume that makes it look even more cute than it already is.

Day 8 is nothing less than precious.  Today I am sharing three costumes, but they are all the same concept so you can really make them however you want them to look.  You can make a princess costume or a super cute little mermaid costume.

This is a no-sew costume and is actually pretty simple since, well let’s face it, I cannot sew.  Mainly for this mermaid costume all you need is tulle, and a lot of it, some elastic, fake flower to use on the costume itself and you will also need a crochet elastic tutu waistband.  You can make these or you can also find them on Etsy or Ebay.  This costume will take you somewhere around five hours and is so worth the outcome.

Like other DIY Halloween Costumes you can make this one your own.  So if you think the mermaid costume is super cute, which I love, then you can do this one.  If you are wanting something more along the lines of princess, well this would be super easy too. It uses the same concept.

Head on over to Tater Tots and Jello to see her detailed tutorial on how she made her Mermaid costume.  You will see photographs explaining steps as well as the tutorials for the princess costume and other cute dresses like this one.

DIY Halloween Costumes Mermaid or Princess Costumes

Again, you can go here to see the mermaid costume tutorial and do not forget to head over to Pinterest and pin this oh so cute little Mermaid costume.  You will then be able to reference back to it when the time comes.

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