How to Throw a Dinosaur Themed Birthday Party

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Kids have been fascinated with dinosaurs since…the dinosaur age, I suppose! That keen interest means it makes a terrific birthday party theme for boys and girls. A wide spectrum of colors work readily for this theme; it’s an easy party to make age appropriate because dinosaurs can come with cute faces in bright colors or with more ferocious features in earth tones.

As with any party, you can keep things simple or build all the way to extravagant. Whether you use fun dino figures, incorporate educational information or plan an exotic dino hunt, these ideas will help you get started.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

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VENUE :: Most birthday parties are hosted from home. Especially with a dino theme, activities can take place outside—but think through how you could shift things in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.  A nearby park or local museum might offer alternatives.

INVITATIONS :: Ramp up excitement for your party beginning with the envelope!  Inside, let a dinosaur shape hold details. There are many printable/ready-made dinosaur invites available.

DECORATIONS :: When guests arrive, pull them into the party atmosphere by greeting them with something dinosaur! Oversized dino footprints (paint/ chalk/tape/ foam cut-outs) can lead the way from front walkway right to the dessert table.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas Cardboard figures are not difficult to make and look quite impressive to small fry. Include flying pterodactyls over the table and let dinos roam the table. Plants and wood textures add dimension. Banners that look like a dino skeleton, leaves, or fabric strips in party colors, add to the festivity. Dinosaur masks, feet, tails and socks add color and fun for kids. They multi-task as decorations, activities and take-home favors so consider at least one of these options to make things easier on yourself.

ACTIVITIES :: Coloring/activity sheets will keep guests busy while waiting for everyone to arrive. Simple games such as pin the horn on the triceratops remain popular with kids. Decorate glider planes as pterodactyls; go outside to fly them. Dino feet (use foam/felt/cardboard/heavy paper) for everyone will generate an amazing amount of laughter and stomping. Have a dinosaur hunt using baby dinos in colored eggs or plastic figures. A popular variation is the dino dig; hide the treasures kids love to dig in sand. Make a volcano by prebuilding a craft-dough mountain topped with baking soda. Adding vinegar causes a delightful eruption.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas FOOD :: Name choices mean everything! Meat dishes are for carnivores while veggies appeal to herbivores. Breadsticks stand in for dino bones. Round fruits are dino eggs. Sugar cookies with (toy dino) footprints make great fossils. Use your imagination!

FAVORS :: Dinosaur mugs or embellished bags can hold dinosaur eggs, aka round candy, stickers, small plastic dinos or other small gifts. If you’ve included dinosaur masks or other features, they will serve as great take-homes. Remember to have a camera ready to capture party animals and their antics; you’re going to have a great time! For visual inspiration and even more ideas, check out my dinosaur theme board.

What would your child love to see at a dinosaur themed birthday party?

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  1. D is for Dinosaur was our most popular unit in Preschool last year. These party ideas will make it even BETTER this year. (I’ll team it up w one of our classroom birthdays)
    Thanks so much, Crystal


  2. Dinosaurs is a fun party theme. These are some great ideas to make the party fun.

  3. So fun! I bet my grandsons would love a dinosaur theme birthday party. Thanks for linking up to Tips and Tricks.

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