Mothers Day Crafts: Handpainted Flower Pots for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is the perfect time to let your little ones artistic side come out.  I love making homemade presents for my mother and mother in law, they are always so much more fun to give and receive.  This year I got both of the kids involved in the fit making process. (Make sure you check out all of our Mothers Day Crafts for more ideas.)

My mother in law is a big fan of gardening so we made some hand painted flower pots for her.  This was such a fun activity for kids that I’m sure my mother in law will love always.

Activities for kids create a custom flower pot for mothers day

To create your own hand painted flower pot you will need:

  • A clay pot
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint markers
  • Paper plates
  • Paper to cover table

Activities for Kids Creating a monthers day gift

How to Make a Handpainted Flower Pot for Mothers Day:

We laid down a piece of paper and put our paint on some paper plates.  We had originally wanted to put hand prints all over the clay pot but the kids had a different idea.

Activities for kids painting flower pots

They had so much fun just making swirls with the paint and the brushes that we got very few hand prints on our pots.  We didn’t mind and I’m sure my mother in law will love them as well.

Activites for kids creating a custom mothers day gift

After the paint was dry I used my paint marker to write a simple to and from on the top of the flower pot.  We did manage to get some hand prints on the pots!  If your flower pot is going to be used outside I would spray it with a sealant to keep the paint from running.  Our pots are going to be inside so I added a bunch of fake flowers to them.

Activities for kids creating custom flower pots

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  1. Very cute!! I know my kids would love the chance to make these.

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