Cutest Pencil Holder (Valentine Printable)

We are having so much fun creating kid Valentine crafts.

Yesterday my friend Kim and her kids came over. They homeschool too and once a week we get together for the kids to play and hangout and Kim helps me organize different areas of my house. She is amazing at organizing and can optimize space like I have never seen anyone do before. ! I tell her all the time she should start a business.

Her daughter is 9. Skylar is the only girl in the mix of Kim’s boys and my boys. I wanted her to help me make these super sweet pencil holder Valentine cards. She was totally up for it!

Here is how we created them.

kid valentine crafts (pencil holder printables)

You Will Need:

Gather up all of your supplies.

There are four Valentine cards to each sheet to help save on paper.

I grabbed my festive Valentine pencils at Target in the dollar bins. I loved the sparkly glitter!

kids valentine crafts

Use the paper cutter or your scissors to cut out the cards.

free valentine printable

Let the kids write who the cards are to and from.

Doesn’t Skylar have gorgeous nails?

kid valentine crafts

Now this job is for an adult. Use the X-Acto knife to cut slits for the pencils.

There are two black lines where you need to cut the lines.

pencil holder valentine

Slide the pencil through the slits and you have a simple, affordable and perfect Valentine card to handout at school or Mother’s Day Out!

We’re going to have a Homeschool Valentine party and exchange with friends. I plan on printing some of these!

free valentine printable

These are perfect for parents who are on the hunt for non-candy Valentines!

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