The Best of Crystal & Co

We have lots of new readers here at Crystal & Co. I am thrilled to know you are reading this stuff… that just pours out of my head and into the web-sphere.

Looking for a best of list? Maybe you are new and want a quick recap of all the best. Maybe you are a loyal long time reader, but just want to be reminded of the super funny or crazy stuff that has taken place at Crystal & Co over the last two years.

The Best of Crystal & Co: (in no particular order)

Egg Cracking Fun– oh I have no idea how I survived the twins being two years old. They are four now. I lived. They lived. Praise God!

Crystal’s Life in Stacks– I live a crazy, busy, often times whirlwind kind of life. And all the stacks….

Dear Mom– A letter to my mom and every mom out there as we learn the true value in a mother’s sacrifice to raise her children. It only took me 32 years, but finally I get it!

My Soap Box– Well, the title says it all… but to be a little more specific topic is regarding dyslexia and our public school system and glimpses of our journey with Anthony. (with dyslexia resource links)

Introducing Matthew– the last of the Mohicans arrived… and he has changed my life forever.

Dear Laundry– I like to write letters, can you tell? My laundry and I do not exactly get along.

Grandmother, Happy Birthday– she has been gone for three years, but never forgotten. A woman of much wisdom.

The Traveling Cradle– the adventures of our family cradle.

Pirate Birthday Party Invites– a tutorial post on how to make them. Super cute and fun!

The Birds and the Bees– the day my eleven year old asked me if I was a virgin and my attempt to use logic and reasoning back fires on me!


  1. Holly says

    Thanks for coming over to 504 main…I love this idea of the list of posts…I am all ready to read Dear Mom and Birds and Bees.

  2. Ashley says

    This looks like a fun board. I can't wait to go read some more. I have five children aged 5, 3, 1 1/2 and 3 month twins. Looks like I'll find some great tips here!

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