Blogger Appreciation Day- September 2010

It is that time again… to review where some of my blog traffic is coming from.

Here are the top 10 sites that sent traffic to Crystal & Co. during the month of September.

Org Junkie– sent me 724 visitors! I did a guest post on her site at the end of August and in turn some of her readers visited my site… and are still visiting! I also submit my weekly meal plans every Monday to her site.

We Are THAT Family– sent me 580 visitors! Every Wednesday I link up at her site and share my latest crafty idea, nifty tip or helpful pointer that I have. In turn, her readers visit my site.

Eat At Home– sent me 123 visitors! My favorite recipe site. I did a guest post on her blog in September sharing the Peanut Chicken recipe I’ve become addicted to.

Tip Junkie– sent me 102 visitors! Any crafty tutorial that I share with you guys, I also share it with her. Some of my projects have been featured on her site and in turn her readers hop over and check out my site.

House of Grace– sent me 57 readers. She has this awesome weekly link up where people share the thrifty things they have found at Goodwill, yard sales, resale shops, etc. I’ve been sharing some of my thrifty finds over there as well.

Creative Party Place– sent me 49 visitors. Super cool site if you’re planning a party! Check it out. For real. Ideas galore for birthday parties, showers, holiday parties, etc. I’ve submitted all of my cupcake and birthday invitation tutorials over there and people are checking out my site!

Twinfinity– sent me 39 visitors. The author of this blog is part of my Twins {& MORE} Board. Once a month she guest posts on my site and give twin tips. Super cool site she has over there! Make sure you check her out.

Multiples… and More!– sent me 38 visitors. I am on their blogroll as a mom of twins. If you are expecting multiples, know someone who is, or if you already have multiples this is a great networking site!!! Check it out!

Goldylocks and Her 3 Bears– sent me 22 visitors. She is also on my Twins {& MORE} Board and guest posts once a month on my site to share twin tips. You’ve gotta check out her super cute identical twin boys!

Dining with Debbie– sent me 21 visitors. Great site for weekly recipes-lots of great crockpot stuff too! You can link up your recipes as well.

The rest of my traffic comes from an accumulation of direct readers who land on my site by typing my URL into their browser, readers who subscribe to my daily email feed, sites which I share my giveaways on, Google searches, social networking sites as well as blogs that I regularly comment on.

Social Networking Numbers:
Facebook sent right under 100 visitors to Crystal & Co.
Twitter sent 37 visitors to my site.
I like to share this because most bloggers rave about Twitter. I’ve found that Facebook has really helped me build a community.

Those who are bloggers, I love to share all of this to help you see that participating in link ups, as well as commenting on sites, guest posting and developing relationships in blog land really do help to build your blog and your readership. You can share your Blogger Appreciation over at 3 Boys and A Dog as well!

Thanks for a fantastic September- those who read Crystal & Co., it honestly means a lot to me!

Cheers- to a fantastic October that is underway!


  1. Crystal says

    Tara- do youhave Google Analytics installed on your blog? It is a free tool that really helps you see where your traffic is coming from, what your daily, weekly, month stats are, what posts are being read the most, how long readers are staying on your site, etc.

    Let me know if you need help.

  2. TornadoTwos says

    Wow, you get a ton of visitors! This reminds me to check my Google Analytics, haven't looked in awhile.

  3. Canadian Mom of Twins says

    Wow you are a popular mama! Congrats on all your traffic:) I am just stopping by for a visit from S.Leopard Tribe :)

  4. Anonymous says

    Now and then I'll stumble across a post like this and I'll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.

    – Joslyn BURKHART

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