Does This Appeal to You

There are five acres a little over an hour east of the DFW area that sit in a slow-paced town.




No Starbucks.

We drove through downtown and I do not even see a coffee shop. But there is a hardware store.

The closest Target is about 40 minutes away.

No shopping mall.

No grocery store on every street corner.

But there is this….

The interstate is 12 miles from this sunset.

Thank goodness there is WiFi.

And Dairy Queen.

My husband begs to move out here.

The thought of isolation is not exactly appealing to me.

After all, the city is what I love.

One really big catch…

My children beg to move here as well.

What about you? Are you a country girl or a city girl?


  1. Margot C says

    In an instant, and I lived in New York City for over 25 years (loved that) and live in the suburbs now. This would be heaven. Do you like to garden?

    • says

      Margot- my husband keeps telling me this would be a great place to have a garden.

      I did try my hand at organic gardening this summer and have really enjoyed it.

  2. says

    We moved from the St Louis suburbs, with a Wal-greens and a Starbucks everywhere you turned, to a small town eerily similar to the one you describe. We have a Subway and a Dairy Queen and a few local restaurants. There are antique stores instead of a Wal-Mart. There are are many bars as there are churches. To me, there is value and serenity here. The hustle is replaced with a slow-down of life. We moved here two years ago, and while we still visit the “city” often, we all take a deep breath and say “Ahh, home sweet home” every time we see our little dot on the horizon come into view again. It’s nice to visit the city, but it’s so much nicer to get away. It’s probably not this way for everyone, but it is very much so for my family. :)
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      I lived in the country from the age of 11 until I graduated. A town of about 5,000 people. Lots of gossip… and a Dairy Queen. I still love Blizzards, but not the gossip. :)

      I moved to the city soon after getting a job in Dallas in my early twenties and have lived here since. Well, really we are in the Suburbs, but still, pharmacies and grocery stores galore within walking distance.

      Driving to town to get gas is not appealing to me. But it sure is beautiful and peaceful. We shall see….

  3. says

    I too have a husband begging for the country. I too am more of a city girl. I love the idea of the country, chickens, cows, big garden (although I don’t have a green thumb so I really don’t know if I could ever pull of a garden). Then I get to thinking, what would our vehicle gas bill be each month? how much time of my day would driving back and forth to soccer games eat up? (right now it takes 2 minutes to drive to the field). What about my winter workouts at the Y? and running with friends? I guess however if we were to move to the country we would work this all out somehow. Still …..

    • says

      Victoria- I have suggested maybe we just make it a weekend getaway location. KWIM? Like, maybe we build a barn and get an RV or something.

      I still dream of having a loft in downtown….. a girl can dream, right?

      All kidding aside, I know there are great qualities of country life. I just don’t know that I am cut out to live that life permanently. Does that make sense?

  4. says

    I do hear you on the gossip, so far I just stay out of it, but I know it’s probably going to always be there. My mom grew up in a small town, and the city life is definitely for her! She’s always on the go, and she hates to sit still for too long. I make sure she comes to visit us often so that she doesn’t have a choice, even if only for a few hours. :)
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  5. Sunnie says

    We just bought a little farm out in the country from the city. I love it out here! The neighbors are great, if somebody needs something they are quick to help, it just goes back and forth. We have satellite internet and directv. We have a new rescue horse, and three llamas. YOu know, I never heard my girls say thery were bored once this summer! ITs a great place to grow a big garden! The girls go to a tiny school with 10 students, lost of people homeschool. And I really think its a great place to raise kids, they;ll grow up to be marry another country kid. Kids that arent afraid to work. Do it!! We couldnt be happier out here!

  6. Sunnie says

    Youll have gossip anywhere, its the way ladies are. ANd if you dont have to commute everyday the gas isnt so bad, make sure you head to the grocery store, make a menu plan and list, get everything for the week. Then your not going to the store every other day, saving that way. Now when we go into the city we get frustrated from traffic and jerky people.

  7. MIndy says

    I grew up in a small town 80 miles east of Dallas. I think it is pretty close to heaven. Form the past 20 years I have lived in big cities, including Boston, San Francisco, Detroit and New Orleans. I have enjoyed being a city girl, but I am longing to head back to a small Texas town where everyone knows my name.

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