Fill up the Chevy Malibu Trunk!

Typically I drive a Suburban and I am spoiled with trunk space.

No worries- the Malibu got the job done.

I’ve shared with you guys before the items my family goes through quickly. So, what a great idea to load up on these items (and more) at the store yesterday. I also needed some storage containers because it is that time to purge clothes at our house.  The trunk of the Malibu totally handled it! 

This car rocks and was certainly made with busy mom’s in mind!

Crystal & Co. Fill Up Your Trunk! from Crystal VanTassel on Vimeo.

Make sure you check out the Gotta Love Chevy DFW site where you can see the other DFW Mom Squad videos as well!

Tell me, what are the features you want to see in a car?


  1. Angelia Sims says

    Matthew was too cute in the cart by himself at first! It was cracking me up.

    Seriously that trunk rocks! I can't believe it fit all that stuff in there. :-)

  2. Cow Town says

    I can't believe how much stuff fits in there either! I think this is my fav video so far. I love that the twins were BOTH asleep and were soooooo excited to be shopping at first. They came around though.


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