Never Have an Icy Windshield Again

Winter in Texas does not mean tons of icy windshields, but in other parts of the US, it certainly does.

Want an easy solution to keep your windshield from icing up?

Mix together three parts white vinegar to one part water.

Pour it over your windshield and you’re good to go!

What is your trick?



  1. Rosey says

    We have this spray that instantly melts even the thickest ice, and I love how it works but wonder about how good/bad it could be for the environment. I’m going to try your way, that I know is environmentally sound. Thanks for the tip!

  2. says

    Great tip. Are you saying that you should pour it over your windshield before or after the icing occurs? It would be easy enough to mix this in advance and keep it in the trunk. I had the ice scraper out this morning for the first time this year.
    My trick for keeping the windshield clear is to park my car in the garage. That backfired today when my windshield iced up while I was shopping in the mall.
    It hasn’t been much of a Winter so far this year, but I sure am ready for Spring!

    • says

      Doing it beforehand will keep your windshield from icing up.

      Pouring the solution on your windshield once it ices up will help melt the ice.

      Carrying it in your trunk is a great idea as well, but you could also put the solution right into your windshield wiper solution area under the hood.

      Thanks for reading, Greg!

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