Pouty Face

This is the face that just kills me inside. The face that means hurt feelings.

Any of my children can do this to me and it absolutely guilts me.

toddler pouting

Early last Saturday morning we had gone to the baseball field for pictures. Individual pictures and team pictures.

Lenny is coaching the twins team; as Nick, Luke and Lenny gathered in line, Matthew wanted to as well.

Matthew patiently waited for his picture with the bat just like everyone else.   Momma’s camera just was not going to do the trick.

He was so sad when he did not get his picture made.

Momma Bear actually stood there for a moment wondering if it would be ok to ask the photographer for just one quick picture. Just let him stand on that stool too for a second.

One little bitty shot.

Matthew was clearly sad.

attentive father

Daddy tried to explain.

With arms folded, pouty lip in place and mad eyebrows to boot,  Matthew just did not understand.

That face melts me.

No worries. Pouty face disappeared once the group pictures came along.

His yellow stripe shirt is not very incognito is it?

Matthew, I adore you.


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      I was pouting and with tears…because I could feel the disappointment. But, I was in such laughter seeing hiding with the team picture. This make a wonderful childrens book, Crystal. I ove it…it would be a wonderful short story for new reader level. I love the expression…the same I had in that picture when I was two years old. Kiss them for me……

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    I think I would have asked if he could stand on the stool and have asked if the man taking the pictures would either have taken one with his camera or used my camera and took one for me as it would have only taken a second. But the group picture is nice as well and I hate those faces to it made me want to pout with him and when I shared the story with my son Charlie he said that was not fair.
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      Glenda, it absolutely hurts to see our children sad. Unfortunately. I also understand that we are not going to get a yes every time we want it. A hard lesson for me is teaching my kids how to take no gracefully.

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